Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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Easy-Bake Oven

Woman suffers minor burns in kitchen blaze

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A Chilliwack firefighter checks the kitchen where a stove fire occurred Monday.


n oven fire in an apartment unit in the 45000 block of Patten Ave. on April Fool's Day was no joke. According to neighbours, the quick-thinking tenant put the fire out herself before it travelled into the structure, where it could have done more damage.


"I thought someone was pranking on April Fool's Day," said one tenant waiting on the street.


The blaze which broke out around 8 P.M., sent residents scurrying for the street, many in just their pajamas. City of Chilliwack firefighters arrived en force within minutes. Crews entered the apartment and ensured the fire was out, then vented the building before allowing any residents back inside.


BC Ambulance paramedics treated the resident on the scene and CFD later determined the fire's damage was light enough she could return to the suite.


For tips about what to do if you have a kitchen fire, go here.





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