Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Mary St balcony barbeque blaze short-lived

Staff/Voice photos


A Chilliwack firefighter extinguishes a balcony fire Monday.


hick black smoke issuing from a fifth floor balcony of a highrise in the 9100 block of Mary on Monday sent a neighbour above into panic mode.

City of Chilliwack firefighters were on the scene within minutes of the 10 a.m. call, and BC Paramedics were on hand just in case. A firefighter doused the small blaze with some buckets of water.

According to witnesses, the fire began in a barbeque on the balcony and apparently spread to a chunk of wood underneath. The flames were large enough to scorch the concrete above as depicted in the photo below.

An irate resident said people weren't allowed to have barbeques on their balcony in that particular building, however that wasn't confirmed. Luckily, the fire was caught soon enough and there were no injuries.


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