Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Hungry Heist

Store staff subdue struggling shoplifter

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A suspect is arrested for trying to steal food Saturday.


t around 10 A.M. Saturday, employees at IGA on Yale Rd. spotted a man stealing food. When confronted, the suspect put up a struggle in a bid to escape, but staff managed to subdue the man and held him down until RCMP arrived.

He was subsequently arrested, handcuffed and then treated at the scene by BC Ambulance paramedics prior to being taken away to jail.

The suspect was limping and appeared to be suffering from some kind of ankle injury which apparently happened during the take-down. No staff were injured in the course of the arrest.

Hunger drives people to do things they might not otherwise have engaged in. This snapshot is a sad social commentary with an underlying factor of hunger.

Supermarkets like IGA donate items to the Salvation Army Care and Share Centre on Yale Rd who can assist with food, so there's no reason to steal it.

Now all this guy gets for his trouble is jail food.


The Salvation Army Care and Share is located at 45746 Yale Rd. Chilliwack.  Phone: 604-792-0001

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