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Alert Chilliwack cop saves structure from serious damage  

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A Chilliwack RCMP officer on patrol spotted flames early Monday.


If it wasn't for a watchful Chilliwack Mountie, Shaw Cable may have lost their offices early Monday.


While on patrol at around 4:30 am, the officer spotted flames outside the building in the 9200 block of Nowell Ave.


The fire, which appeared to have started in the bark mulch, travelled up a nearby shrub and through a  glass window that had shattered from the heat.


While waiting for the fire department to arrive, the officer grabbed the extinguisher from his car and put out the fire.


The City of Chilliwack firefighters gained access to the structure using hydraulic jaws to remove the window bars, and then checked the interior to ensure the fire was out.

It hasn't been confirmed, but a flicked cigarette may have been the cause.

A firefighter on the scene told the Voice that bark mulch fires begin happening around the Easter long weekend. It's a good idea not to flick cigarettes out the window.


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