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BC performing arts  provincials in Chilliwack May 26-30 

Submitted by Haley Smith, CACC


he Chilliwack Lions Club is very pleased to host the Provincial Performing Arts Festival 2013 in Chilliwack, in collaboration with Performing Arts BC (PABC).


Winners from among the 32,000 regional performers in cities throughout the province will travel to Chilliwack during the week of May 26-30 to perform and compete in “The Provincials."


“The week of adjudicated sessions, master classes, coaching, workshops and technique classes include dance, music and speech arts disciplines. These most promising young people (ranging from age 5 to 28) will be critiqued by North America’s finest adjudicators to receive further awards, and possibly the chance to compete in their discipline at the national level.


About 1,500 people are expected to visit Chilliwack that week, spending an estimated $400,000 in tourism dollars which will benefit our local economy while supporting the performing arts. Local residents are also encouraged to benefit from this rare opportunity by attending the competitions and honours concerts of BC’s finest young performers.


Many businesses and organizations have answered the call to support this important event with their sponsorship. Over $30,000 has already been secured –funds which offset the significant cost of hosting the Provincials. The local planning committee is still actively seeking corporate sponsorships, however, as well as volunteers to help with ticket taking, venue-secretarial, and dance-writing tasks, among others.


Interested organizations and individuals can contact Laurie Hirschman, committee chair, at 604 858-3178.



We work in concert with local and regional festivals to educate, inspire and stimulate students/performers and to cultivate a life-long passion for the arts.



•  To organize and operate an annual Provincial Performing Arts Festival.

•  To advance, promote and assist in the development of performing art festivals in communities in BC.

•  To provide performing opportunities for amateur performing artists.



•  To provide a forum for students of the performing arts--Music, Dance, Speech Arts -to perform in public before an experienced, skilled adjudicator, in order to receive training and opportunities above and beyond what they receive in their regular studies, by way of adjudications and critiques.

•  To provide a forum for the enjoyment, greater knowledge of and appreciation for the performing arts, by the performers and by the audience.

•  To identify those performers who may be deemed of special talents, abilities and capabilities as a potential "emerging artist."

·  To provide assistance to these performers by way of awards, scholarships and tuition assistance.

•  To nominate those students identified as potential emerging artists for further performance, training and competition opportunities.



•  Performing Arts BC is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to fostering homegrown talent in British Columbia.

•  Established in 1964, it is the umbrella organization for 34 local and regional performing arts festivals throughout the province. Over 32,000 performers of all ages participate each year in these festivals.

•  Each regional festival sends its most promising young artists between the ages of 10 and 28 (with the recommendation of an adjudicator) to participate in the annual Provincial Festival, also known as "The Provincials"

•  The five-day event includes special master classes, lectures, coaching, workshops, technique classes and adjudications.



•  The calibre of performances at The Provincials reflects the advanced level of instruction and the emphasis on achieving one's personal best.

•  We also offer awards, scholarships and tuition assistance. In addition, we nominate emerging artists for further performance, training and competition opportunities.

•  Above all, Performing Arts BC strives to celebrate achievement, stimulate the creative spirit and cultivate an appreciation for the arts.

• Performing Arts BC, along with its 34 member festivals, is a member of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals.




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