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Memo to the Beholden

Wild salmon activists continue  campaign

Released by Eddie Gardner, Salmon Are Sacred/Voice photos


Stó:lō elder Eddie Gardner took his anti feedlot awareness campaign to Superstore Wednesday.


very Atlantic farmed salmon that is left on the shelves of Superstore and other grocery outlets mean a step towards saving wild salmon. Atlantic-farmed salmon are grown in open net feedlots that have been playing Russian roulette with wild salmon as they use antibiotics in an attempt to ward off mutating European viruses.


They are losing this battle at the expense of wild salmon.

The Liberals more recently increased the danger to wild salmon by allowing Marine Harvest to leave those piscine reovirus-infected Atlantic salmon in open net pens on the Fraser river sockeye migration route. This represents a real and present threat to the wild salmon economy, which is at least 5 times bigger than the Norwegian aquaculture industry.  

The Aboriginal fisheries, sports fishing and ecotourism interests are clearly being undermined.

Consequently, this will have a devastating impact on the economy in Chilliwack with the resulting increase in pre-spawn deaths.

It is beholden to political parties of all stripes to take a stand for wild salmon. The open net feedlots must go in 2013.  We are racing against European viruses that have been given a head start. 

So far, only the Green Party of BC has the political courage and will to include in their election platform the systematic removal of open net feedlots from Fraser river wild salmon migration routes with a transition plan for the workers in this industry. Wild salmon are at a tipping point.  It is in our collective best interest to help them survive.

In the meantime, we continue with the salmon feedlot boycott to educate the public of the grave concerns to our economy, biodiversity, as well as serious health concerns regarding consuming Atlantic farmed salmon. 

For more information on the pressing issues related to the plight of wild salmon, watch on line:


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