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Elections 2013

A Concrete Jobs Plan

Premier Christy Clark visits big industry in Chilliwack

Released by the Gov't of BC/Photo submitted by Chilliwack-Hope candidate Laurie Throness


Supporters and candidates in the foreground listen as Christy Clark talks about the BC Jobs Plan.


n Wednesday, Premier Christy Clark visited Langley Concrete's facility in Chilliwack to show how Today's BC Liberals are ready to build on the foundation that the BC Jobs Plans has created.


"Langley Concrete is helping drive economic growth in Chilliwack - that means economic growth for our whole province," said Premier Clark. "While this company and our Jobs Plan have been 'laying the foundation' for a strong economy, our platform, Strong Economy. Secure Tomorrow, will build on that."

Today's BC Liberals platform will accelerate the BC Jobs Plan with measures to drive growth across our most competitive sectors such as a 40 per cent small business tax reduction and a continuation of the $10 billion infrastructure program.

Under the NDP, companies like Langley Concrete suffered - high taxes and red tape meant investment and jobs were chased away. But today, Langley Concrete is doing great, creating jobs and finding new markets.

"The growth in our business over the last 10 years has been at an amazing pace and has positively rewarded both our employees and our ownership," said Jason Omelaniec of the Langley Concrete Group, an Omelaniec family-owned business. "When there is positive growth in the economy across B.C., there is a lot of demand for our sustainable concrete products to construct the infrastructure. We need to keep BC's economy growing to allow us to continue to grow as a company and employer."

The NDP's $2 billion Borrow, Tax and Spend trap poses a significant risk to B.C. just as the global economy is so uncertain. The choice for voters: Do we grow our economy, control spending and move forward to a Debt-Free B.C., or do we go back to the Have-Not B.C. of the NDP 1990's?


About the BC Jobs Plan

Strong Economy. Secure Tomorrow. Building on the BC Jobs Plan

Creating jobs is the best thing we can do to protect and secure a brighter future for B.C. families. Under Today's BC Liberals, unemployment is down, investment is up, jobs are up and communities are succeeding.

The BC Jobs Plan has three main goals:

a.. Work with employers, communities and post-secondary institutions to enable job creation.
b.. Expand the markets for B.C.'s goods and services, particularly in Asia Pacific and South Asia.
c.. Strengthen our infrastructure to get goods to market.

Over the past 18 months our BC Jobs Plan has shown some remarkable results:

a.. Venture capital investment grew by 71 per cent compared to the same period in 2011, the largest gain in the country.
b.. Over $80 billion in new investments currently underway in communities across B.C.
c.. Last year, we saw a record number of qualified tradespersons enter B.C.'s labour market and we added 700 more spaces this year.

The Jobs Plan is working. Our platform, Strong Economy. Secure Tomorrow, builds on that progress to accelerate growth in sectors across B.C.'s economy. Specific platform measures include:

Clean natural gas

a.. Remain world leaders in safe natural gas extraction.
b.. Be the home to 5 North American head offices of major Asian companies by 2020.
c.. One comprehensive, streamlined path for environmental assessment of LNG.


a.. Extend allowances, credits for new and expanded mines.
b.. Fully support any mining project that clears environmental assessment.
c.. Expand model of high school apprenticeships at operating mine sites.


a.. $20 million carbon tax relief for greenhouse and flower growers.
b.. Doubled funding for Buy Local campaign promotes 50- and 100-mile diets.
c.. 25% tax credit for growers on wholesale value of food bank donations.


a.. Work with coastal industry to balance unprocessed wood exports and wood supply for mills.
b.. Co-sponsor with forest industry annual trade missions to China, India, Japan and Korea.
c.. Work with industry to build Cellulose Filament research facility in Chetwynd.


a.. $3 million a year to upgrade rest stops, visitor centres across BC.
b.. Goal of three more international direct flights by 2014.
c.. New and safer trail networks to enhance tourism businesses.


a.. Open a BC Film office in Los Angeles.
b.. Post-production will qualify for Digital Animation or Visual Effects tax credit.
c.. Work with Ontario, Quebec to find alternatives to more film tax credits.


a.. Draw more of the world's best and brightest by working with federal government to expand nominee program.
b.. Expand Small Business Venture Capital Program by $5 million.
c.. Expand BC Training Tax Credit Program to include co-op and intern placements in small firms.


a.. Fund and partner to launch a unified aerospace, defence contractor cluster.
b.. Achieve fibre security for bio-energy, pellet and secondary manufacturing operators.



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