Saturday April 21, 2012

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Child of the Cloth

More moms reduce, reuse and re-diaper now

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About 70 mothers congregated at the Matheison Centre Saturday for the Great Diaper Change Challenge.


handful of sweet little babies can rack up tonnes of unpleasant plastic diaper waste that ends up untreated in landfills and the plastics can take hundreds of years to break down. Some moms are aware of this and want to be more environmentally conscious and have converted to cloth.

As part of Earth Day awareness Saturday, about 70 moms took part Saturday in The Great Cloth Diaper Change challenge where moms change babies all over the world simultaneously. The event was held at the Mathieson Centre on Wells Road in Chilliwack.

Cash donations were accepted with the proceeds going towards the Real Diaper Association or Gently Used Diapers for the Cloth for a Cause  which helps provide cloth diapers to needy families. Last year over 5000 babies were changed into cloth diapers in five countries.

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