Friday April 6, 2012

Fed Gov't News

Streamlining the Army Supply Unit

Strahl: Canadian Forces will maintain a local presence

Released by Robert Pearsall, PA to MP Mark Strahl


s part of our Economic Action Plan 2012, the Government is finding modest efficiencies to balance military needs with greater value for taxpayer money.

Changes are coming to the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces that will among other things streamline the procurement of support equipment and spare parts and enhance human resources management. These changes will have an impact at Canadian Forces facilities in Chilliwack.

At this time, it is unclear what the specific impact will be. It is expected that any changes won't occur until 2013/2014 and as such not all the details are available. However, I am working very closely with the Minister of National Defence, the Department of National Defence and have been assured that the Canadian Forces will continue to maintain a permanent presence in Chilliwack as some personnel transition elsewhere to meet emerging needs.


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