Monday April 9, 2012


Paving Paradise

Rosedale residents oppose Tycrop's McGrath Rd ALR rezoning application

Submitted by Susan Payne, Rosedale BC



The view from Susan Payne's Rosedale home where Tycrop wants to set up shop.


am hoping you are already informed to the new signage place on two properties south of the tracks on McGrath Road in Rosedale. It is the proposed new expansion site of Tycrop. One being 9760 McGrath road approximately 8 acre parcel.


I live across the street 9725 McgGrath road and do not want a manufacturing plant as my view every time I look out my living room window.

This field last year provided my cows with their winter hay, which in turn fed my family. This is prime rich fertile agriculture soil they are wanting to pave over.


The government keeps telling us we are at our max for pulling out of ALR. Out of the other side of their mouths they rape it. I
have a friend Diddy (you will see her posts and blog links) that is digging up info on the deeper political end of things, ie. how the announcement of the Tycrop expansion was mentioned one month prior to the application for rezoning and a few other discrepancies.


Please join my group on Facebook, "Chilliwack Gripes and Solutions".


Questions around this ALR issue will be brought up at the All-Candidates meeting Thursday April 12, 7 P.M. at Sardis Senior School, 45460 Stevenson Road.



Monday April 9 2012

A Letter From Jennifer Woodruff


I'm writing to you because I thought The Progress might find this story to be of interest. Susan Payne has already written you and I see her letter is online. I'm the "Diddy" referred to in the letter.

Right now, the ALR is a very hot topic in British Columbia due to the proposed development of ALR land in Delta for the Northern Gateway project. But did you know that there is an issue right here in our own back yard?

I have been made aware of an application by Tycrop to develop ALR land for the purpose of expansion. It's an interesting story and one which will be raised at the all candidates meeting this coming Thursday, April 12, at Sardis Secondary school by neighbours of the property and citzens concerned about the trend to develop arable land in the Valley.

Some time on the evening of Thursday, April 05, the ALR application sign was erected on the property in question. It was seen by a neighbour at 6 am, the following morning. It seems unusual that such an action would be pursued under cover of night, just prior to a long weekend. This has
transpired after repeated inquiries by one of these neighbours have been met with assurances by the City that the land was not available for development, due to its ALR status. In fact, she bought her property with this understanding, in January 2010. 


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