Wednesday April 11, 2012

On The Road

ICBC Loves Local Effort

Chilliwack Volunteers log 1500 hours watching for speeders

Released by ICBC


n recognition of National Volunteer Week (April 15 to 21), ICBC is thanking the more than 100 volunteers in Chilliwack for their continued support in making the community safer for everyone. Throughout the Lower Mainland, over 2,200 volunteers spent approximately 100,000 hours delivering road safety programs in 2011.

"It’s amazing to see so many British Columbians volunteer their time and come together to better their own communities," said Kevin Falcon, Minister of Finance. "National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity for all of us to express our appreciation for their tremendous commitment to road safety and making British Columbia a safer place to live."

"These volunteers care passionately about the safety of their neighbourhoods," said Mike Weightman, local ICBC road safety coordinator. "They work tirelessly to help make Chilliwack roads safer for everyone. Their dedication is remarkable and truly appreciated. On behalf of all our customers and everyone at ICBC, thank you. You are truly making a difference."

In 2011, Speed Watch program volunteers in Chilliwack contributed over 1,500 hours to help reduce speed-related crashes in their community. With the support of volunteers, speed-related crashes have steadily decreased in B.C. over the last five years. Volunteers use radar and speed-reader boards supplied by ICBC to show drivers how fast they’re actually traveling. Research shows that it works – over 70 per cent of drivers traveling 10km/h over the speed limit slow down when they see a speed-reader board.

In 2011, Stolen Auto Recovery program volunteers in Chilliwack scanned over 28,000 licence plates to help identify stolen vehicles. Each year, volunteers help recover hundreds of stolen vehicles in B.C. These volunteers also handed out over 100 notices resembling parking tickets onto the windshields of vehicles, many with valuables in sight, offering common sense tips to the owners to protect them from becoming the victim of auto crime. With their support, in Chilliwack, we’ve seen an astounding 72 per cent decrease in vehicle thefts and 65 per cent decrease in vehicle break-ins since 2003.

To learn more about how you can get involved and help keep your community safe, contact your local road safety coordinator, Mike Weightman, at 604-702-3837.


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