Tuesday April 10, 2012

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Renegade Racers

Demolition derby at Old Orchard caught on video

Submitted by Anonymous, Chilliwack


n alert Voice reader took a video Saturday of people racing down the Fraser River shoreline at a high rate of speed then slamming into a junked recreation vehicle.


The clip shows "utter disrespect" they said in the e-mail.


"The Old Orchard road access to the river looks more like a dump than a shoreline. While I was there this visitor was driving a car into an abandoned RV which was ripping it into pieces."


In this captured video image the car is shown just prior to the crash and it comes as no surprise, but watch what happens after it hits here.


It's not recommended anyone try stunts like this. Not only does it endanger the people driving, but also puts other recreational users at risk and trashes the environment. According to witnesses, the car was hauled out of the water after. Please take out more than you went in with.


Thankfully, there was no report of any injuries.


Watch it on YouTube here. Please note that there is strong language used in the 1 minutes clip. No kids please.


Each year Fraser Riverkeeper organizes a Peg Leg Bar clean-up where volunteers pick up tonnes of trash left behind by careless individuals. For more information on the work Fraser Riverkeeper does around Chilliwack and the Lower Mainland, visit: www.fraserriverkeeper.ca


Fraser Valley Wastershed Coaltion work also to do riparian restoration on local rivers and streams. Lear more at: www.fvwc.ca


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