Thursday April 19, 2012

River Cleanup

River Too High At The Peg

Cleanup switches from Peg Leg to Gill Bar April 21

Submitted by Karen, Fraserriverkeeper/Voice file photo


other Nature cancelled our annual Pegleg Gravel Bar Cleanup this year: The river is already up four feet, making access impossible. Strangely, nature also took care of the Bar. The road has been washed out for some time, making it equally impossible for illegal dumping to take place!

FRK will monitor the Bar over the summer and see if a cleanup is needed this fall, instead-we'll post news at our website when we have it. For our supporters who still want to participate in a cleanup this weekend, there is one taking place at Gill Bar, located at the end of Gill Road in Chilliwack.

It will take place on Saturday, April 21, starting at 9:00 am. This cleanup has been organized by local residents inspired by our success these past four years at Pegleg. Volunteers from Fraser Riverkeeper will join the cleanup.

Gill Bar is at the end of Gill Road. See Google Maps for directions.





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