Tuesday April 16, 2012

2012 By-Election

Where Do The Children Play?

Skwah elder Gardiner supports NDP on environmental, treaties and wild salmon concerns

Submitted by Eddie Gardiner


t is good that we have a by-election in our riding at this time. We can now send a message to the Liberal government that there needs to be a change.

The Liberals have pushed forward the Yale treaty with callous disregard for the shared interest of Sto:lo people in the Fraser Valley who have had fishing spots at Yale and will no longer have access to those fishing spots if the Yale First Nation does not permit them.   

The Liberal government has teamed up with the federal government to create tension and divisiveness amongst the Sto:lo people. We need a government that will settle land claims with proper and full participation of all the parties who have a longstanding shared interest in the territory.

Laurie Throness is running under the Liberal banner and he is supported by former Conservative MP Chuck Strahl. 

The Harper conservatives would like to have someone in our riding who would be supportive of their agenda to push the pipelines transporting bitumen at great risk to the environment, and they are giving short shrift to public consultation.  

The provincial Liberals and the Harper government have something else in common. They both give full sway to unlimited expansion of open-net fish farming on the BC coast which exponentially increases the threat to the survival of Fraser River sockeye salmon and all it supports – Aboriginal fisheries, sports fishing, commercial fishing as well as food for seals, eagles, bears, whales, wolves, seagulls, and humans.

Gwen O’Mahony and the NDP are clearly giving the message that Supernatural BC deserves every consideration to responsible economic development that leaves a small carbon footprint and reduces the potential for environmental disasters posed be the Enbridge pipeline and the twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. 

Gwen O’Mahony is a woman of integrity and has proven her concern over the open-net fish farm industry’s threat to wild salmon by participating in the 2010 Paddle for the Wild Salmon.  We can count on Gwen to promote strong measures to reduce the pressures and stresses on wild salmon by supporting removal of open-net fish farms from the migration routes of Fraser sockeye salmon.

Gwen O’Mahony will listen to all Sto:lo communities to hear their issues, including the shared interests of all Sto:lo people in land claims settlements. 

Chuck Strahl, who supports the Liberals, promotes “the need for a free enterprise coalition.”   The current direction civilization is taking will lead to an unsustainable environment due to depletion of fossil fuels, timber and minerals creating green house effects, radical changes in weather patterns, hurricanes and rising ocean tides. What we truly need is “a pro-habitat coalition” and ethical, efficient and clean energy industries creating prosperity for all of us, not just the 1 percent. 

The NDP party would be good for British Columbia.


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