Friday April 27, 2012

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The Magnificent Seven

Chilliwack officers nominated for Alexa's Team   

Released by Lennae Durant, BCAA RSF/Voice file photo


lexa's Team removed 12,923 impaired drivers from B.C.'s roads in 2011, making the province safer for all road users.

On April 24, 2012, the BCAA Road Safety Foundation and ICBC honoured seven police officers in the Chilliwack area as members of "Alexa's Team" in recognition of their diligence in removing impaired drivers from the roads of our communities.


Cst. Greg Dykstra named to Alexa's Team.


Formed in 2008, Alexa’s Team has grown from 26 members to 355 R.C.M.P. and Municipal police officers from all corners of the province.  Since 2008, Alexa’s Team members processed 32,743 impaired driving charges or penalties against drivers in violation of B.C’s impaired driving laws.


To be nominated for Alexa's Team, police officers must have removed at least 12 impaired drivers from the road in the previous calendar year through a Criminal Charge investigation or the new Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) administrative process, in addition to issuing Administrative Driving Prohibitions, IRP Fails, and IRP Refusals.


This year, the BCAA Road Safety Foundation and the Middelaer family are pleased to welcome the Insurance Corporation of B.C. (ICBC) as a partner in Alexa’s Team. “We’re proud to be a part of this remarkable initiative that helps get impaired drivers off the road,” said Fiona Temple, ICBC’s director of road safety. “We’re committed to road safety to help prevent such tragedies – we want everyone to get to where they’re going and return home safely.”


Alexa Middelaer was only four and a half years old when an impaired driver killed her in 2008 while she stood with her aunt on the side of the road feeding a horse.


“The story of Alexa has inspired police officers to join Alexa’s Team,” stated Allan Lamb, President and COO of the BCAA Road Safety Foundation. “We are proud to be able to celebrate their diligence and commitment to enforcing impaired driving laws.”


2011 Alexa’s Team (Chilliwack)

  • Cst. Michael Sabulsky                UFVRD - Chilliwack

  • Cst. Reid Trustham                     UFVRD - Chilliwack

  • Cst. Greg Dykstra                       UFVRD - Chilliwack Traffic

  • Cst Roderick Cairns                    Fraser Valley Traffic Services

  • Cst Jim Halliday                         Fraser Valley Traffic Services

  • Cst Owen Hazlewood                  Fraser Valley Traffic Services

  • Cst Gord Standcumbe                 Fraser Valley Traffic Services

Total impaired drivers removed =225



“The 355 R.C.M.P. and municipal police department members of Alexa’s Team demonstrates a real commitment by the police to remove impaired drivers from B.C.’s roads,” stated Inspector Ted Emanuels, R.C.M.P. Traffic Services Operations Officer for the Lower Mainland. “Fatalities from impaired driving in R.C.M.P. jurisdictions dropped by 40 % in 2011, from 125 in 2010 to a historic low of 74.  This significant decrease can be attributed in part to the efforts of these dedicated police officers.”


“These are the men and women who are fundamentally responsible for making our roads safe,” stated Laurel Middelaer, mother of Alexa. “They have delivered on their promise in an exceptional and meaningful way, and we are proud to be recognizing their excellence today, in honour of our daughter, Alexa.”


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