Tuesday April 3, 2012

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BCIT Heart of the Fraser film clip an eye-opener

Submitted by Wendy Bales FVRD Dir Area C for Tom Saare


rom the BCIT Rivers Institute on the Heart of the Fraser initiative, one of Canada's most important conservation campaigns aimed at protecting one of the most productive stretches of river on Earth.


This particular story focuses on a quest for knowledge - and the applied research now taking place aimed at quantifying the values of key off-channel habitats along this stretch - it features acclaimed river advocate and BCIT Rivers Institute Chair Emeritus, Mark Angelo, renowned river scientist Marvin Rosenau, and students from the BCIT Fish, Wildlife, Recreation Program.


This video is part of the broader effort to increase public awareness about the importance of the Heart of the Fraser, located between the BC towns of Hope and Mission, - this is an area facing extensive development pressures in light of its close proximity to greater Vancouver.


Hope you enjoy it. See the 5 minute clip here.


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