Tuesday April 16, 2012

2012 By-Election

Conservatives Gaining Traction in BC

Polls indicate Liberal Party tanking across BC

Released by Jim Mitchell, BC Conservative Party


he latest Angus Reid Public Opinion Poll showed the BC Conservatives ahead in the Interior region, which includes Chilliwack-Hope.


The results were BC Conservatives: 32%, NDP 30% and BC Liberals in third with only 26%.

"This poll result shows that the BC Conservatives are the best choice for those people who want to keep this seat from the NDP," said John Martin, BC Conservative candidate in Chilliwack-Hope.

"Everywhere I go I speak to people who have abandoned the Liberals and are supporting the BC Conservatives - this poll is further evidence of that movement."

"The BC Conservatives are the only alternative to the two old-line, special interest parties. We are the only party that will scrap the carbon tax, fix the "catch and release" justice system and shut the door on the Liberal garbage incinerator. Please join with us and vote for the BC Conservatives on Thursday."



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