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Everything you wanted to know about smart meters but were afraid to ask

Released by Una St. Clair, Exec. Dir. Citizens for Safe Technology


s promised, we refuse to allow BC Liberals to walk over our rights and freedoms as set forth in the Canadian Constitution and Charter.


The legal battles are moving ahead to the BC Court of Appeal, since the government controlled BC Utilities Commission has so far refused to implement a moratorium and bring the Smart Meter Regime to a full public hearing, which is the only decent and right thing to do given the many and serious problems and risks with this program unapproved rate increases, ridiculous costs of implementation, health risks to every living being, fire risks, in home privacy violations and unresolved risks to our whole electrical grid from hacking and cyber terrorism.

In our appeal, we point out the purposely misleading information put forth by BC Hydro and expose the truth that the average smart meter emits 14,000 wireless transmission signals in a 24 hour period, one signal every 6 seconds, and whole body radiofrequency radiation exposure from a smart meter can easily be 480 times greater exposure than a cell phone. Read the Appeal letter to BC Utilities Commission under "New Evidence" to understand the truth about Smart Meters.


Don't let BC Hydro pull the wool over your eyes with the misrepresentations of just 6 transmissions per day at less than a minute, or that smart meters are less exposure than a cell phone. Know the truth for yourself.

  • Read the Appeal to BC Utilities Commission here.

  • Read the Filing with BC Court of Appeal  here.

Human Rights Tribunal - Application for Hearing
We originally filed a request to the BC Human Rights Tribunal in September 2011 requesting accommodation of an analogue meter for those people with medical diagnosis. The Tribunal has now received a submission from BC Hydro's lawyers attempting to have the case thrown out and two submissions from CST lawyer setting forth the issues of discrimination. BC Hydro is trying to destroy any Human Rights support by specifically ignoring or belittling medical diagnosis and recommendations to avoid radiofrequency radiation due to health conditions.


The BC Liberals and BC Hydro are forcing, by way of intimidation and harassment, damaging microwave radiation onto the most vulnerable in our society, the weak, the ill, the elderly, the sick. This is a disgusting display of bullying and pure assault upon the foundations of an ethical and compassionate society. If we cannot protect those most vulnerable and at risk in our society, we have no right to state we are "civilized". We must all come together to fight for Human Rights in BC and stop this disintegration of our caring and respectful society.

  • CST Reply - Human Rights Tribunal here.

  • Risks for those with Medical Implants here.

  • Smart Meters Forced this Doctor to Leave Town. Read about it here.

  • Information for your Doctor here and Advice on Letter from your Doctor here.

Regional No Fee Opt Outs - Time for Action!
39 Municipalities have now voted to stop the forced application of wireless smart meters by way of choice or full moratorium. Local Councils are recognizing the health and cancer risk from microwave radiofrequency radiation exposure (WHO classified), and close to 2 million people to date are represented by the regional resolutions to stop forced wireless smart meters.

What needs to happen now is for local councils to support community driven Regional No Fee Opt Outs. Where the Municipality has voted for a halt, community involvement with local government support can maintain this area safe and secure from the hazards and risks associated with wireless smart meters.


Talk to your local council and MLA about implementing Regional No Fee Opt Out plans for your area. There is power and cohesion when communities and local governments stand firm and just say "NO" together.

  • 39 Municipalities Voting for Sanity here.

  • Smart Meters more of a threat than previously thought. See a video of medical evidence here.

We Will Find Ways to Stop This, With Your Help
Wireless Smart Meters are being pushed back or stopped throughout the US and other countries via legal actions. BC Liberals passed the Clean Energy Act without democratic process or normal independent oversight. This Act mandates Smart Meters as law, so our fight is even bigger than in other areas where no such law was passed. This law is unconstitutional and a violation of democratic, civil and human rights.


We are forced to use different legal angles to fight back to stop this violation of democracy by the BC Liberals who are forcing the unacceptable upon every man, woman and child by using bullying and intimidation tactics.

Now we are taking our fight onwards to the BC Court of Appeal, as well as back to the BC Utilities Commission, and continuing with the Human Rights Tribunal applications for accommodation one way or another.


But that's not all the legal options open to us; in fact, we are ready to launch another civil action that would protect and give back choice to every single family who wants to refuse wireless smart meters for any reason.


A recent judgment in the Ontario Court of Appeal has opened up a new legal avenue and we want to get this started right away in efforts to protect everyone .

But we need your help to keep these legal fights going! All of us at CST, and our partners at the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, are volunteers. That means every penny raised is going to solutions, not to our wages or salaries. If you believe these smart meters are worth stopping, then joining our legal power together through donations of all shapes and sizes is one way to take decisive steps towards solutions that will benefit everyone.

With your help, we will keep going, step by step without ceasing, until we regain the rights and freedoms so that we can live without fear of wireless smart meters in our beautiful Province of British Columbia. Let's work together to keep this land safe for our children and grandchildren! We can't pass on this mess in good conscience to our loved ones to fix!


So we are passing around the hat asking for donations to fight this challenge and make things right again! Sorry, we are not tax deductible yet, but working on it.


You can also mail your donation to Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, P.O. Box 28154, West Shore RPO, Victoria, B.C., V9B 6K8

Message from CST Volunteers:
We are hearing from so many of you already made sick from the wireless Smart Meters installed on or around your home. Ringing in the ears, headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, heart palpitations and irregularities, anxiety, painful joints and muscles, exhaustion, nosebleeds, vision changes - these are some of the most common symptoms.


These meters are actively sending wireless transmissions the moment they are installed, but not so frequently as when the full Smart Grid is activated. Many more will experience this microwave radiofrequency radiation sickness unless we can stop the program before full activation. Safety Code 6 is useless to protect anyone from the non-thermal effects of microwave radiofrequency radiation and our officials and government agencies hiding behind this outdated and obsolete standard will be held responsible for their non-action.

Keep speaking out, keep protecting your rights and refusing wireless smart meters on your property. Encourage everyone you know to sign the No Smart Meter Petition on our website. This is an ongoing Petition, and will be presented soon in the Legislature, so let's keep those numbers growing.

  • Sign Petition Here - If you have signed already, no need to sign again.

  • And now for a bit of fun! A song from our No Smart Meter Friends in Quebec! See Electro-Soup here.

Best wishes and heartfelt "thank you" to all of you supporting the legal and human rights efforts.


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