Wednesday April 11, 2012

2012 By-Election

The Liber-Who Party?

The Libertarian Party of BC had more votes than Reformers in the 2009 elections

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n April 19, Chilliwack by-election voters will have an extra name on the ballot this time with Lewis Dahlby and the BC Libertarian Party (BCLP).


On April 19, Chilliwack by-election voters will have an extra choice on the ballot this time with Lewis Dahlby and the BC Libertarian Party (BCLP).


So who is the BCLP and what do they stand for?


According to the Libertarian BCLP website, their style of government is based on the ''libertarian non-aggression principle: that no individual or group shall initiate the use of force or fraud against any other, or as a means of achieving political or social goals. They are advocates for civil liberties, private property rights and street drug legalization. Ending government controls on economic activity and ending coercive taxation are some other righteous goals."


"Basically, we disagree with what passes for usual politics in BC. We don’t think it is right that on many issues, that we make joint decisions and then force everyone to go along with this. We think people are all different.... with different values and different goals in life. We would rather allow everyone to use their own property and time as they see fit, said BCLP Vice President Paul Geddes in an e-mail to the Voice on Tuesday.


"We don’t have grand schemes about how to spend everyone’s money. We would rather look for private, voluntary alternatives for many government programs. We think by letting individuals experiment and innovate that we’d be better off than forcing everyone into a one-size-fits-all program that might look good at the moment but then traps us in a system which is too difficult to adjust to individual differences."


What They Believe In

"Libertarians believe there is too much government interference in our lives. We want more choice in health care, education, car insurance, farm products and in many other areas of life where government regulations restrict voluntary capitalist acts between consenting adults. We seek to end the government monopoly in health care by allowing private citizens to make private, voluntary arrangements with the health providers of their choice."


Some of the basic principles the BCLP adheres to are;


On Education

We want to allow more experimentation in education by returning government funds to parents to allow them to purchase the education of their choice. We favour competition in car insurance.


On Farming

We think farmers and retailers should be freed from the marketing boards to provide the type of product that customers wish to buy.


On Taxes

We think taxes on productive citizens should be greatly reduced as we replace many services we get from government with private, voluntary and profitable alternatives.


On Drugs

We also seek to end government prohibitions on drugs and guns. Driving these activities underground gives an advantage to unsavoury dealers who don't care that their violence injures otherwise innocent bystanders.


In a Nutshell

Libertarians want a world where property is safe and citizens are free to trade with each other for mutual advantage.


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