Sunday April 8, 2012

2012 By-Election

Tax Tomfoolery

Liberals playing games with Carbon Tax 

Released by the BC Conservative Party


ohn Martin, BC Conservative candidate in the Chilliwack-Hope by-election, responded to a recent Ministry of Agriculture announcement that $7.6 million will be provided to the BC greenhouse grower industry as a one-time rebate in 2012 of the carbon tax. The money will be provided through grants administered by the BC Greenhouse Growers' Association and the United Flower Growers Cooperative

Martin stated, "This process is wrong on two fronts. Why should every other British Columbian pay for the carbon tax but greenhouse growers be exempted? Secondly, why does the government create a bureaucracy to collect the carbon tax and then to create a second bureaucracy to give the carbon tax back to greenhouse growers? Our greenhouse industry is going to be swamped with paperwork simply to get back carbon taxes they paid in the first place."

Martin continued, "It is quite clear that the government is desperately trying to buy votes in this upcoming by-election with taxpayers' money."

Martin concluded, "The BC Conservatives have a simpler solution: eliminating the carbon tax for all British Columbians. Anything else legitimizes the carbon tax, and a vote for the Liberals and NDP is a vote for the carbon tax."


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