Sunday May 1, 2011


Happy Beltain!

Mayday poles celebrate a colourful history

Submitted by Sorcha Kincaid, Wiccan High Priestess, Chilliwack


I was reading The Voice this morning and saw your picture of a Maypole up on the header. I wanted to say thank you for putting this beautiful pagan icon up for everyone to see. I was talking to a few people I know and apparently Maypoles, May Queens, and other very pagan aspects of the season are a very active part of many communities.


It's funny how some people would be shocked to learn the origins of these traditions, yet I find them to be a sign of our continued connection to the planet and it's cycles. It certainly gives me a spark of hope that the pagan community would find acceptance and understanding from the rest of the city.

Anywho, just wanted to send this to you with a wish for a splendid Mayday (Beltain to me) and a sunny Sunday.


Editors Note: For more information on maypoles visit Wikipedia here.

Sorcha Kincaid is a practicing Wiccan High Priestess, mom and works in Chilliwack. She's lived in town for many years and loves the city and surrounding countryside.

You can contact her by e-mail here for more details. For more information on the local chapter of pagans visit:




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