Thursday April 21, 2011

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Rockin' The River

Kayak Festival at Tamihi features freestyle & whitewater competitions May 1




The Vancouver Kayak Club has its annual festival at Tamihi Rapids April 24. Organisers expect crowds of over 200 to take in the events on Sunday.

Tamihi Creek is one of the finest whitewater kayaking creeks in south west BC. It's open to the public and welcome to go out and see the festival. There will be a whitewater race and freestyle event.


Bring an umby on Sunday and a rain jacket, according to Environment Canada, clouds and rain will be rolling in for the day. It will be a balmy 15C.


About the Run of River Projects

Run-of-River projects are contentious issues and there is currently an application for a Independent Power Producer generation plant on the Tamihi River. Construction on the project could begin as early as next year.


As that is happening, CLoudworks wants to slam-dunk 3 more into the Statlu, Tretheway, Shovel and Big Silver (STSB) creeks in Harrison.


Opponents of the projects say the government is giving up our sovereign control over one of the province's most precious natural resources.


The IPP's (Independent Power Producers) want to build plants that can only generate electricity during peak periods of seasonal high water. It's also when BC Hydro's dams are full and they aren't in need of extra electricity. Hydro electricity can't be stored, so it will be sold to US companies like General Electric through Cloudworks. Consequently, when the province has energy shortfalls, BC Hydro will have to buy back the electricity from the US at a much higher rate then it was sold for.


Other worries are the projects will destroy fish and wildlife habitats by altering flows and causing a reduction in river currents will effectively ruin world class kayaking runs on the Tamihi and others in STBS area of Harrison.


Many are of the opinion that it's unfortunate, but it is understandable, that the Douglas First Nations are backing the Cloudworks three IPP projects in the Harrison because it will generate the band badly needed revenue an honourable endeavour to be certain. But all of these projects are coming down the pike at relatively the same time and overwhelming the public.


It's better logic to slow this process down to one river, one place as a tester and not several and more importantly retain full and unadulterated rights to our own natural resource and the option to pull out of the deal at anytime.


The Run of River IPP projects that Cloudworks slam-dunked into Harrison amount to nothing more than an American conglomerate with a tiny storefront facade, like Cloudworks taking what's one of our most precious resources.


The province will lose one of it's main natural resources forever if these are IPPs are allowed to flourish.


It's important that people get out there and support events like local kayaking and water sports in order to fight to preserve the watersheds.


For more information about this and to learn how to become involved in saving the rivers.


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