Friday April 8, 2011


Conservative Job Creation Claims Not Realized

12-steps the government needs to take to make a better life for all of us

Submitted by Myrtle Macdonald, M Sc., Chilliwack


top feeling pleased about having created 500,000 jobs. Please tell us how many of the jobs are full time and how many of them pay more than a minimum wage.

The truth is that even if the pay is $20 per hour, if it is part time, the unfortunate person will not earn a living. Underempoyment is worse than unemployment. $20 per hour 40 hours a week for 25 weeks earns only $20,000 per year. That is below the poverty line. Yet most of these new jobs are seasonal or part time, and may only earn an income 12 or 15 weeks a year, not enough to pay rent, travel to work, telephone, clothes, steel tipped boots, food, etc.

Also what are you doing to curb the following serious injustices??:

1. Many layers of hierarchy in bureaucratic government and private sector. Every supervisor should have a service load so as to keep close to the grass roots and know what is going on in the workplace. Supervision is better done among peers than by paternalistic ivory tower people. A vast amount of money could be saved because many executives are paid $100,000 to $1,000,000 per year. Even $100,000 is too much.

2. Bonuses for executives. Many get $30,000 once a year, and that on top of a salary of $400,000 in one case I know of. $30,000 is more than most people earn by working hard all year!!! Many executives get a $1 million bonus. What are you going to do to put a lid on high salaries?

3. The unions have allowed a wide spread between annual, educational and experience increments. As a result employers hire inexperienced new grads with minimum education, and lay off those who are wise and knowledgable. Please do something about this.

4. Hospitals and many businesses and professions hire staff in casual employ. Then few if any benefits have to be paid. Staff get sporadic employment and feel very insecure. For example, ambulance paramedics.

5. Not enough full time Professionals are hired to cover round the clock and holiday duty. As a result many frequently are called back for overtime at time and half and even triple pay on holidays. That costs far more than hiring enough people in the first place.

6. There are a large number of professionals who deliberately choose to work overtime often, so that they can get rich. These people like it that way and are against reforms in the salary scale, which means the initiative for more sensible staffing will not come from them, and will even be voted down by many union members. It is up to you to correct this ridiculous inequity.

7. Downsizing of the bureaucracy can be expensive because severance pay is exorbitant. It is better to reform the system by transferring executives out of supervision into service roles. Some can be shamed into transferring out of redundant leadership roles. Instead of helping the people under them do better work they waste their time calling for more and more surveys and reports. Best Practices need hardly any improvements. They have yet to be implemented properly because of lack of proper funding and staffing. Some of the supervisors could be doing something practical by implementing them.

8. The counting of votes in the electoral system results in unjust elimination of some parties. For example The Green party won over a million votes but did not get a seat in parliament, although close to it in some cases. Even worse, some years ago in BC the NDP won 38% of the votes yet only won two seats in the legislature. Dumb dumb dumber electoral system!!. What are you going to do bring about justice? and logic?

9. The middle class continues to dwindle, and descend into poverty. I am a retired professional person 89 years old. I weep often because it is impossible to afford to visit my great grandchildren in Montreal and in Saskatoon. They can't afford to visit me either. For the last three years I have not earned enough to have to pay income tax. Our pensions have risen only pennies. I can never eat at a restaurant or go to a concert. I wear only second hand clothes and shoes. That is because the cost of living has risen greatly and HST has been added to many items not formerly taxed by GST and PST. Because of the recession, the price of oil has fallen. I own mineral rights and receive 1/3 the royalties I received in the past. However, no doubt oil company executives receive high salaries. Banks save billions. How come? So back to points 1. and 2. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.

10. We are beholden to corporations. They have enslaved us. Agribusiness is inhuman. Pesticides have destroyed normal grains, top soil, and run off into fish and wildlife habitat. Playgrounds and parks are poisonous to children.

11. There is no honorable research allowed to test the side effects of genetically modified grain and antibiotic ridden beef and chickens. It is criminal that these two aspects of our food are left off labels. We are blindly tricked into eating GMOs, pesticides and herbicides. Obesity is probably caused by these changes which have taken over, unchecked by government.

12. The family farm has been unjustly replaced by technology. Farmers can only live on the family farm if they have a job elsewhere to augment their income. What will you do to promote the 100 mile diet? We need farm ripened fruit not hard tasteless strawberries and cantaloupes from California and Mexico. We need a factory for freezing fruit and vegetables so that farmers in the Fraser Valley will grow something besides cedar hedges.

I could go on and on, pouring out grief and dismay. Please work hard to change this horrendous poverty and oppression by the rich.

If you are worthy of my vote you will write to me to ask for more info. There are many more suggestions I have to make for better government. Get me going about light railways, which cost a small fraction of the cost of rapid transit and could replaced long distance trucks.

Myrtle Macdonald, M Sc

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