Wednesday April 13, 2011

Election 2011

Strahl Tours Riding

BC should have it's fair share of seats in the House

Released by the Elect Mark Strahl Campaign


hilliwack-Fraser Canyon is 29,999 square kilometers in size, and local Conservative candidate Mark Strahl is doing his best to visit as much of it as possible during the federal election campaign.


Strahl was in Pemberton on Tuesday, meting with local residents to talk about the Conservative campaign, and to hear their their comments and concerns about federal political issues.

"I am really enjoying meeting with people from all corners of the riding to listen to their perspective on politics," said Strahl. "Because of my experience and having dealt with federal concerns every day for the last 13 years, I feel that I am able to address constituent concerns and provide insight into the questions they are asking."

In Pemberton's meeting, there was broad support for the Conservative platform, including putting an end to the long gun registry, support for the resource sector and plans to crack down on crime. But concerns were also raised about the huge size of the riding, and especially the distance between Chilliwack and Pemberton.

"Our Conservative Government has been pushing to add more seats in the House of Commons for British Columbia, but our efforts have been opposed by the Liberals and NDP," said Strahl. "If BC was given its fair share of seats in the House of Commons, BC would not only have more clout in Ottawa, but individual ridings would be smaller which would allow for a greater connection between constituents and their representatives."

Strahl committed to making every effort to effectively represent the people of Pemberton if he is elected on May 2nd.

"It is important for constituents to know that their MP is accessible to them and to have a connection with them," said Strahl. "If I'm elected, I will be sure to continue the practice of a regular riding tour and will also make use of new technologies to ensure that the people in communities like Pemberton know that their voices are being heard."


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