Thursday April 14, 2011


Election 2011

No "Hope" For Strahl

Tory candidate a no-show at meeting in Hope, BC

Submitted by Glen Thompson


t Tuesdays all candidatesí debate in Hope, tory candidate Mark Strahl was visibly absent. Since the start of the campaign Strahl has been accused of relying on his fatherís image instead of campaigning.


The short circuited nomination process ran only 4 days instead of the usual 4 weeks. This is very odd since most parties use the nomination as a free advertisement for their candidate.

It seems Mark Strahl believes his name alone, is sufficient to win. He skipped an interview with Global TV at the outset of the campaign and Tuesday he skipped the Town of Hope. Hope is the second largest population centre in the riding. Apparently Strahl was in the Pemberton/Whistler area which is as far away from Hope as one can get in the riding. The lure of watching the leaderís debate on TV must have been tempting as his opponents duked it out live in Hope. Could it be that after getting only 21 people to attend his last event in Hope he decide not to debate in Hope?

Gwen OíMahony has taken the opposite approach. Her nomination process was settled a year in advance. Rivals had plenty of time to challenge for the position. None did because sheís very popular within the riding association, not because opponents were side stepped.

Gwen took the Global interview on short notice. She allowed the press to come door to door with her in a poll that favoured the Tories. She participated in the all candidates meeting put on by the Rotarians who tend to be tough on NDP candidates.

The campaign is like a job interview, if you donít show up you donít get the job. Yesterday Ekps announced the NDP is in the lead in BC scoring in the high 30's while the Liberals and Conservatives have both dipped below 30%.


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