Saturday April 16, 2011


Election 2011 Opinion

Where Have The Candidates Been?

O'Mahony has been boots-on-the-ground

Craig Hill/Voice


t has to be said, the only local candidate who didn't just jump on board the election campaign when it was called, was Gwen O'Mahony. Jamie Hoskins has become more involved since his candidacy announcement.


The local candidates did virtually nothing in the two-years prior to their campaigns, with the exception of O'Mahony who was out there at every community meeting, march, rally, protest that you can think of familiarizing herself with the issues.

I've had to chase all the candidates over the last two years, with the exception of Diane Janzen who was working as City Hall councillor. Occasionally I was able to garner a release or comment from Hoskins and Edwards. O'Mahony has always availed herself to The Voice.

All of the candidates with the exception of O'Mahony, and occasionally Jamie Hoskins, have been visibly absent for the last two-years. Janzen was busy at City Hall. and I can attest to the fact that she worked hard, contrary to what some of the other media think, however having said that, her knowledge of the issues is based on her City Hall experiences which cover Chilliwack proper and not the outlying regions which is under the jurisdiction of the Fraser Valley Regional District board.

If they haven't been around then how do they educate themselves on the concerns of the community? Where do they get their information? From slanted corporate media and yellow journalists?

From the Cohen Commission to the Legal Aid Commission, to the Waste-to-Energy meetings and everything else in between, including the gravel, salmon and Native issues. If we send a candidate to Ottawa who isn't familiar with the issues, then how can they properly represent us when they haven't been boots-on-the-ground and getting muddy in the trenches with O'Mahony and the rest of us who care about what's happening?

Today, it's my understanding that O'Mahony is meeting with Alexandra Morton and taking a tour of the CRV with her.

Take a  look at the photograph here of O'Mahony. I snapped it  at the Paddle for Wild Salmon last year. You can see the passion and pride and the gritty determination in her face.

The Voice has tried very hard over the last two-years to look at the issues starting at the top and and working down from there. But when those at the top aren't around, then where are they going to be for us when it matters in Ottawa.

When I vote, I vote for the candidate not the party. Remember that when you vote.


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