Friday April 22, 2011

Election 2011 Voices

Veterans Rally Behind NDP's O'Mahony

Vets fed up with Chuck Strahl's singing and son Mark's hooky

Submitted by Joes Beauchene, Chilliwack/Voice file photos


f the Veterans are going to get any where with our issues, we must first start by getting rid of the Conservative arrogance that is so prevalent not only in our riding, but all across this great country.

Mark Strahl being absent at scheduled Town Hall meetings is a clear indication of this arrogance and is totally unacceptable. His obvious avoidance to meet and answer questions to his constituency is a clear indication that he is not qualified to be our MP.

If he is absent now at " All Candidates Meetings" he will be absent when it comes to our issues if elected. He is presently quoting the same party line lip service which his father was quoting when he was our MP. Mark Strahl is obviously not prepared to meet public and answer difficult questions.

Veterans at rally last fall to MP Chuck Strahl's office to protest pension clawbacks and other issues.

If Mark Strahl is elected, the term " Puppet " will again be uttered by veterans when it comes to Veteran issues. He believes he should be crowned rather than earn the honor of represent the Chilliwack - Fraser Canyon Riding. Lets make sure our elected official is qualified and fully aware that they represent a Veteran Community!!!!!!

The NDP are the only Party who have pledged they will go all out for the RCMP/Veteran issues. Its time we veterans unite and make sure our voice is heard. Presently there is is an unbelievable surge in popularity for the NDPs in Quebec and across Canada.

Gwen O'Mahony, the NDP representative was at our rally, she cares about our issues, and marched with us shoulder to shoulder at the rally last November. We will have genuine support in Ottawa if she is elected. Lets be part of this sudden rise of NDP popularity that is sweeping our country. Together we can make a change!


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