Tuesday April 12, 2011

Election 2011

Strahl Stumps In The Canyon

Forgive $40k rural doctor's student loans and no to long gun registry

Submitted by the Elect Mark Strahl Campaign


n Thursday, April 7th, he hosted an open house event in Hope in the evening, and left the next morning for a 16 hour tour which included stops in Hope, Lytton, Lillooet, Cache Creek and Ashcroft. This followed his April 6th meeting in Agassiz.

"We had a lively discussion in Hope, and followed it up with a great trip to the Fraser Canyon communities," said Strahl. "The people in each community are proud of the unique characteristics of their town, and want a government that respects and recognizes the needs of rural Canadians."

Strahl pointed out that the recent Conservative budget included measures to attract healthcare professionals to under-served rural communities by offering to forgive up to $40,000 in Canada Student Loans for doctors who work in those communities. Unfortunately, this measure, along with numerous others such as the provision to boost seniors' pension incomes and provide a

volunteer firefighter's tax credit was rejected by the Opposition Coalition when they forced the country into an election.

"I was also asked in each and every community whether I would vote to get rid of the long gun registry, and if I'm elected, of course I will," said Strahl. "NDP and Liberal MPs from rural ridings had a chance to stand with Conservatives to end the long gun registry in the last Parliament, but instead they stood and voted the way that their downtown Toronto leaders told them to."

Strahl will wrap up his initial riding tour with a visit to Pemberton on Tuesday.

"Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon is 29,999 square kilometers, and it takes a few days to get to every corner of it," said Strahl. "But it's important to reach out and connect with the people wherever they live, face to face.

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