Thursday April 28, 2011

Election 2011

Strahl Misses Yet Another Debate

Students grill candidates over college costs, jobs and lowering the voting age

Submitted by Diane Janzen Liberal Campaign


Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon students quiz candidates with moderator Rob Bogunovic.


ver 1,000 students at Chilliwack Senior Secondary attended what was supposed to be an “all-candidates” meeting (Wednesday), but the Conservative candidate in this Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon riding again did not show up.


Mr. Rob Bogunovic, the moderator introduced (from left to right in photo) the Liberal candidate Diane Janzen, the Green Candidate Jamie Hoskins, and the NDP candidate Gwen O’Mahony. Mr. Strahl was absent.

Questions of concern students asked  the candidates:

Other questions were related to military involvement in foreign wars, healthcare reforms, deficit reduction, social programs, and economic growth.


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