Wednesday April 20, 2011

Election 2011

There's No Place Like Home

The NDP Pentagon War Room

Staff/Voice photos


hen Gwen O'Mahony, Chiliwack-Fraser Canyon candidate, clicked her heels together three times she landed on terra firma at her campaign office and she wore out a few pairs of shoes over the last year in the process.


O'Mahony was on the campaign trail pounding the pavement in one of Canada's largest ridings an entire year before the other candidates threw their hats into the ring.


Last weekend she welcomed a substantial group of supporters to an open house. Unlike other candidates' makeshift open houses, the NDP's campaign headquarters on Yale Rd. resembled the Pentagon with maps, charts and graphs splayed over the walls. Despite a war room-like scenario, the mood was light and casual as people relaxed and mingling over coffees.


"Now this is the way it's done!" said one enthused supporter referring to a map.


More on this later. See the photos below.



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