Friday April 8, 2011

Election 2011

Mark Strahl: SARA Act Unworkable

Farmers and their jobs at risk over Salish Sucker

Submitted by the Elect Mark Strahl Campaign


ocal Conservative candidate Mark Strahl hosted a meet and greet event at the Agassiz Agricultural Hall on Wednesday night. About 50 area residents came out to talk about the election and local issues with him.

"It was a great crowd with just one days' notice," said Strahl. "They were very engaged and asked a number of important questions about military investments, agricultural policies and the Species at Risk Act (SARA)."

Strahl committed that, if elected, he would work to bring common sense to SARA when it is reviewed in the near future. He cited the controversy surrounding the proposed measures that may be implemented to protect the Salish Sucker as a good example of why the law must be changed.

"When the Liberals introduced SARA, Conservatives warned them that it was unworkable and would put communities, farmers and jobs at risk," said Strahl. "Residents of the District of Kent and Chilliwack have now seen that we were right - the law does not allow for common sense to be applied and forces communities and governments to take actions that are completely irresponsible. It allows third parties to use the courts to overrule all levels of government who are trying to act in the best interests of their citizens."

Strahl also reiterated the Conservative government's support for supply management and a vibrant agricultural sector. Strahl will be hosting similar meetings in Hope, Lytton, Lillooet and Cache Creek this week, and will be visiting other communities next week. He will be back in the Agassiz-Harrison area in the near future.

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