Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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Hero Dogs

St John Ambulance needs people and their pooches to visit the elderly 

Submitted by Ursula Reeve, St John Ambulance, Chilliwack


y volunteering for the Therapy Dog program and sharing your dog’s loving and accepting nature with someone who's day will be brightened by this simple but generous act, you are making a difference in your community.

You help the great volunteers at St. John Ambulance comfort the lonely, the sick and the elderly, with your visits. You know that the petting, affection and regular visitation of a dog can make a big difference in the health, both, physical and emotional, of a hospitalized person.

The program is unique in that the same dog and handler visit the same place and people on a regular basis.

What exactly do the dogs do?

They do what animals have been doing for centuries; offering unconditional love and friendship to the sick, lonely and helpless. Dogs are non-judgmental.


They are undeterred by human frailties and accept human illness, handicap or disfigurement, confusion or tears.


They calm the distressed, distract the pain-ridden, and comfort the despondent.


Many theories exist regarding the bond between humans and dogs, and every day the work of the therapy dogs adds to this mystery.


New challenges in various fields regularly happen, as the service we provide extends into hospitals, palliative care units, senior residences, nursing homes, special needs schools, psychiatric hospitals and women’s shelters.

The next Orientation date is scheduled for September 20, 2012.C

Please contact the office for more information about the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program at the Chilliwack Branch: #202 - 45928 Hocking Ave. Phone: 604-792-1338 Fax: 604-792-1280 or via e-mail to Ursula, the Unit Facilitator here.


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