Monday, August 27, 2012


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We're Not Robots

Open letter to MP Mark Strahl regaring electoral boundary adjustments

Submitted by Myrtle Macdonald, Chilliwack


he criterion of "Federal electoral districts are redrawn to ensure that each riding has approximately the same population" I feel strongly, is wrong. The people in a constituency should have some common interest and natural crossroads of commerce and cultural activities.


Arbitrary divisions of boundaries means that strangers whom we never have any reason to see, are included with us, while colleagues a mile away are lumped in with strangers most or whom live 50 or 100 miles away. Distance is especially difficult now that gas prices have risen and train and bus services are almost nil.

The priority of "density of population" skews almost all services. There are fewer social workers, teachers, schools, forestry workers, doctors, buses, firemen, police and almost every kind of service the farther you get from Vancouver. There is no sense of equity.

There is much sense of helplessness. There is no way to communicate. Our voices cannot be heard. Our opinions are asked by mail, but the questions tend to contain more than one variable, so it is misleading to say either yes or no, and there is no space to address the matters clearly. This always happened in the past also, with Chuck Strahl's mail surveys. They were designed in Ottawa. There was no space to say why the questions were too complex to answer, but not once did they improve. I sometimes replied with "Yes, if . . , and No, if . . ." Superficially the answer might be yes. It is very frustrating to be treated as robots.

The MP should be our representative in Ottawa, not the other way around, the one who reports decisions made in Ottawa to us.


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