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Then Along Came Jackson

City recognizes Chilliwack man for heroic rescue

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Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz presented Cole Jackson with a Certificate of Recognition

for his heroic rescue in July.


ole Jackson was at the regular council meeting on Tuesday afternoon to pick up some well deserved recognition from the mayor and councillors for saving the life of an elderly man whose electric chair wheels caught a rut at the Young Rd crossing with a train bearing down on him.

Jackson made a split second decision to dart out from behind the crossing guard, and yard the senior from the chair moments before it was hit and demolished.

"We are just so happy to welcome you here to council chambers," Mayor Sharon Gaetz said. "I guess what we thought was we just wanted to take the opportunity to recognize a hero in our home town."

"I know that you probably aren't thinking of yourself as a hero, but I am pretty sure that the 92-year-old gentleman, and his family and friends, are very much wanting to thank you as well today."

"I wish I could give you a million dollars, apparently the taxpayers don't like that very much," Gaetz quipped. "But they will allow me to give you a certificate and we really wanted you to have this and we really wanted your 3-year-old daughter to know as well that we're really proud of her daddy, as I'm sure she is and we just want to give you a heartfelt thank you."

Gaetz then presented Jackson with a certificate of recognition.

"I'm very blessed," said Jackson when asked by the mayor how he felt. "I think the Lord looked my way."

"I think you had angels with you," Gaetz said.

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