Friday, August 17, 2012


City Hall News
Boil Water Advisory

Little Mountain area residents on alert after ecoli found in reservoir

Released by Janice McMurray, City of Chilliwack


he City of Chilliwack has notified residents of the Mount Shannon area on Little Mountain of the requirement to boil their tap water prior to using it for drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing ready to eat foods, washing dishes or making infant formula.


On August 16, 2012, the City of Chilliwack’s weekly water quality testing program indicated that the municipal water supply did not meet acceptable drinking water quality standards due to bacteriological counts (ecoli) detected within the Mount Shannon zone 2 water supply reservoir. This is likely due to the extended period of hot weather which creates an environment that encourages the growth of such bacteria.


The City is taking immediate action to bring water in this supply back to acceptable drinking standards. This action will include chlorination and flushing of the water system. City staff estimate that it will take approximately 4 days to complete the work necessary to bring the water in this area back to the standards required to make it safe for drinking.


All residents living in the area affected by the boil water advisory have been given a written notice delivered to their home. The City is recommending that residents of the affected area boil water for 2 minutes at a roiling boil and then allowing the water to cool before using. Residents who have not received a written notice may continue to consume water directly from the tap.


Please continue to visit the City website at and listen to Star FM 98.3 and other media for regular updates.



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