Thursday April 14, 2011

Election 2011

Border Delay Causes Medical Emergency

Seniors stranded on overheated bus

Submitted by the Gwen O'Mahony Campaign


wen O'Mahony received two disturbing reports of an incident that occurred yesterday at the Abbotsford/Sumas Border crossing.


"What happened compromised the health and safety of individuals aboard a tour bus and resulted in the necessity to request the aid of paramedics," said O'Mahony.


"This bus, for reasons that are at the moment unknown, was unreasonably detained at the border. The bus driver was asked to pull over and turn off the engine (this meant the Air Conditioner was not available) and wait. Over the course of roughly a two hour wait, the bus became hot and stuffy."


O'Mahony went on to say that "people reported difficulty breathing and eventually one senior did indeed require medical attention and during this time, not one border guard inspected or boarded the bus. This is a serious issue, while I agree that our borders require monitoring and protection, I cannot comprehend how a bus full of seniors could be deemed a threat."


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