Wednesday April 27, 2011


BC Politics

HST Poorly Understood

BC Liberals say NDP still can't understand the new tax

Submitted by BC Gov't Caucus


n Question Period today, NDP Finance Critic Bruce Ralston claimed: "A single parent with three children with an income of $24,000...currently she receives $920 a year, but nothing if the HST is defeated. But in fact, the family would still receive $893 in federal GST credits and other credits, not nothing like the Minister just claimed."

Unfortunately it's Ralston who is confused about how the HST credit works.

The HST rebate is separate from the GST rebate or other federal rebates and would, in fact, not be received by over one million B.C. families if the HST is eliminated.

For example, a single mom with three children, earning $25,000, receives $920/year in HST credits. Those HST credits depend on there being an HST.

The fact that the NDP's Finance Critic still doesn't understand how the HST credit works demonstrates how important it is for the Province to continue providing clear and accurate information to all British Columbians on the HST.


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