Thursday April 14, 2011


Election 2011

Head-On With Harper

Jobs, health and cost-of-living for Canadians a top priority

Submitted by Richard Harrington, NDP


C tours and strong debate performances confirm that Layton is BC’s option to defeat Conservatives Mid-way through the federal campaign, Jack Layton has emerged from the leaders’ debates with surging momentum and his sights set on making significant gains in BC.


“British Columbians see Jack Layton as the only leader who can take on Stephen Harper,” said NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East. “In the final half of the campaign we’ll be driving home our message: in BC, New Democrats are the ones who can defeat the Harper Conservatives and provide real leadership on the issues that matter to British Columbians.”


Davies said Layton’s focus on generating jobs, improving health care, and making life more affordable is resonating strongly with British Columbians. She added that Harper’s decision to impose the HST on BC – fully backed by the Ignatieff Liberals – has become a flashpoint for voter disappointment.


“If the Conservatives and Liberals couldn’t be trusted to stand up for BC when it came to the HST, how can they be trusted to stand up for BC families after the election?” she asked. "That’s why British Columbians see Jack Layton and the New Democrats as the option to put our priorities first."


“Our New Democrat team is energized and ready to fight hard in BC,” she said. “In the final half of the campaign, we’ll be delivering a strong message in every corner of the province – you can trust Jack Layton and his BC team to put your family first.”


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