Wednesday April 27, 2011

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Farmers Market Association Reaps $75k Government Grant

Chilliwack Farmer's Market opens June 25 at Minter Country Store 

Staff/Voice/Photos courtesy of Chilliwack Farmers Market


ast Week Minister of Agriculture Don McRae announced a $75,000 government grant to for the BC Association of Farmersí Markets (BCAFM).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

A recent BC government release called farmers "food and culinary experts" and  asked residents to support local farms.


The food sold at farmers markets is as fresh as it gets. Farmers are B.C.ís ultimate foodies, so most of the produce is picked that very day.


"This food comes out of the earth just hours before itís sold and you can taste the difference. Itís crisp, colourful, healthy and above all, absolutely delicious," said Minister of Agriculture Don McRae.

Visiting a farmersí market is an opportunity for British Columbians to meet the people who grow their food. Shoppers can ask farmers questions, learn new recipes, and give growers direct feedback about the food they enjoy. More than 125 markets in urban and rural communities across the province are connecting people with farmers and food producers.

ďOver 1,000 B.C. farmers sell their product at local farmersí markets. The $75,000 provincial grant will help us ensure that money spent on local food at farmersí markets stays in communities and continues to support farm families,Ē Said BCAFM president Bob Callioux.

Staff at BCAFM told the Voice in an e-mail that the money is for infrastructure and did not indicate that Chilliwack Farmer's Market will receive any money directly for local market improvements.

"The grant we received from the Gov't is for our Strategic Plan and core funding for the association for the 2011-2016."

The Chilliwack Farmer's Market is once again open June 25 to September 10 on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm in the parking lot at Minter Country Garden Store, 10015 Young Road North Vendors: 15 (15 selling primary farm product)

The local market has vendors that sell a variety baking, bath/beauty, candy/nuts, concession, eggs/milk/cheese, ethnic foods, flowers, fruits/vegetables/plants, meat/fish, organics, pet items, preserves, processed foods, groceries and garden stuff. There is also a selection of food and health-related items and arts and crafts.

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