Friday April 29, 2011

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Anti-Abortion Fight Takes Wing

"Graphic images confront Chilliwack residents" today

Submitted by Stephanie Gray, CCBR


he Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) plans to re-open the abortion debate this weekend—and it will be hard to ignore their bloody message. CCBR intern and former Chilliwack resident Jonathon Van Maren, with a small group of  pro-life volunteer will be displaying 3x4-foot images of dismembered first trimester foetuses in front of the Chilliwack Courthouse. They will be there starting at 11am today, Friday, as well as Saturday.

“Just because Chilliwack doesn’t have an abortion clinic doesn’t mean children from Chilliwack aren’t being aborted in Vancouver or elsewhere,” said CCBR’s executive director Stephanie Gray, also originally from Chilliwack. “Abortion is a reality in every community, and our aim is to expose that reality for what it is: an act of violence that kills a baby, so that it becomes unthinkable.”

CCBR intern Jonathon Van Maren concurred, stating that “While Chilliwack is considered the ‘Bible Belt,’ statistics show that there are a shocking amount of abortions that happen amongst people who identify themselves as religious. Only when abortion becomes unthinkable will people refuse to consider it as an option.”

Graphic signs like these ones have been used in a campaign labelled “Choice” Chain, which has taken place all over Canada in the past year: Calgary, Ottawa, and Vancouver, to name three. While these demonstrations often face fierce opposition from abortion advocates, the group claims they have also proven effective in changing hearts and minds—one young woman gave birth to a baby boy earlier this week after cancelling her abortion as a result of seeing “Choice” Chain images in Calgary last August.

For more information contact Jonathon Van Maren (604-703-6576 cell) or Stephanie Gray (403-200-0777 cell).

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