Thursday April 7, 2011

Local News

Abbotsford-Mission P3 Water Falls Through

Berge congratulates Mission council on making the right decision

Submitted by Cynthia Berge, Deroche. Voice file photo.


must admit I am a bit stunned that this victory came so easily. I am extremely grateful that council had the wisdom to listen to their constituents. I am certain there would have been a very heated battle had they not. Water is too precious a resource to commodify. I mean, really...who has the right to own our water? Nobody does. It is a human right that must be available to all. It is unbelievable that Canada did not say yes to the United Nations effort to recognize water as a human right. That, to me is unacceptable not only as a Canadian, but as a human being on this planet.


On a more positive note... Congratulation to all and thanks to Mission council!


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