Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018 


First Lady

ADTS Laura Lang Bursary begins to assist women in school

Patti MacAhonic, ADTS/Submitted photo


Marti Rogers receives the new $500 bursary she'll be using to further her studies at UFV.

nn Davis Transition Society (ADTS) has renamed our long time bursary in memory of a wonderful therapist who was with us for many years. The bursary is re-titled "The Laurel Lang Memorial Bursary".

For most of her working life, Laurel Lang worked as a flight attendant in the Northwest Territories. It wasn’t until she was 40 years old that she decided to go back to school to pursue her love for counselling. In 2007, Laurel was hired by ADTS.

She was beloved by both her clients and fellow staff members for her thoughtfulness, her generosity and her positive spirit during her time with the ADTS. In 2015, Laurel passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. See more here.


  Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018  


Up In Smoke

Legal grow show barn leveled

Ian Josephson, Fire Chief/Google image


A legal grow operation structure burned to the ground.


t noon today, firefighters from Chilliwack Fire halls 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 responded to a reported barn fire located in the 51000-block of Holt Road.


Firefighters arrived on-scene to find smoke coming out of a 20m X 20m barn. The barn was heavily fortified and had been converted into a grow op.


Fire crews set up a defensive fire attack and prevented the fire from spreading to an adjacent house. Later, an excavator was brought in to assist fire crews with the overhaul and extinguishment.


The barn was completely destroyed.


There were no firefighter injuries. Cause of the fire is under investigation by the Chilliwack Fire Department and RCMP.



  Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018  


Black Diamond Studs

Sarah Scouten returns to Harrison with her band November 3

Byran Cutler, HFS/Handout photos


Sarah Scouten and the Block Diamond Studs will be at the Harrison Memorial Hall Saturday, Nov 3.


n Saturday November 3rd, alt-country and country-folk singer Sarah Jane Scouten will be returning to Harrison with her band the Black Diamond Studs.


The concert will begin at 8:00pm on Saturday, November 3rd inside the Harrison Memorial Hall. Doors will open at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at harrisonfestival.com, by calling 604-796-3664, or at the Agassiz Shoppers Drug Mart.  See more here.



  Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018  


Block Went Black

Two flee after their van takes out a wooden street pole

Staff/Voice photo


A chunk of telephone pole is trapped underneath a van which lifted the front end off the ground.


section of a wooden telephone pole at under a van after it was entirely sheared off in the 9400-block of College. A loud bang was heard followed by a blackout which lasted for hours.


Reports from residents on-scene were that a male and female fled at the time the accident happened.


An RCMP K9 unit was brought in to try and track down the driver and passenger. If anyone knows anything they can contact the local RCMP at 604 795 4611.



  Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018  


Hardened Points of Entry

Veterans say Conservatives are against Super Annuity as well as Liberals

John Labelle, VAC


n 1965/66, the CPP plan was introduced to provide another source for an "income security" program to supplement the Old Age Security pension plan. The end result was a breach of our enrollment contract with an unfortunate claw back system to our Military/RCMP Veterans Annuity.

Unfortunately Prime Minister Harper refused to accept the successful vote of Bill C-201 and directed that the bill die on the order table. Veterans have planned for their financial future and have fully paid for all their pensions. In their Golden Years this financial situation now affect the welfare of their Families.

Sir, all Canadian Families in Canada has a Veteran that served in Canada's Forces. They were all prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice for the security of our Country. This is your opportunity to advise our Families that as a Family Man and the future Prime Minister you will personally answer Canada's Veterans and promise to take action to terminate this CPP pension claw back during the first session of Parliament.



  Monday, Oct 29, 2018  


The Best of Chilliwack

Craft and Vendors Bake sale Dec 1

Troy Stevens, St Thomas Anglican Church


e sure to visit the 5th Annual St. Thomas Vendors Fair to discover local treasures and holiday gifts showcased by local home-based businesses and artisans. There's also a bake sale (these treats are amazing) plus a raffle.


As always admission is FREE but we are collecting items for the food bank. So stop on by and say hello and bring a friend or two. Connect with organizers on Facebook here.




  Sunday, Oct 28, 2018  


Between Two Worlds

Proportional voting serves the community better

By Myrtle Macdonald, B.Sc., U of Alberta, M.Sc.A., McGill University, Author/Voice file photo


live on the border between two constituencies. In both the ethnic and religious views are always conservative so it is never possible to gain a voice for the NDP or the Green party. With which alternate proportional method would we get a voice??


Some years ago the NDP won 38% of the votes in BC but only elected two MLA's. That was a serious injustice. It reflected the homogeneity of political opinion all over the province, but ignored the opinions of 38% of the voters. Which proportional voting method could best correct this weakness??



  Sunday, Oct 28, 2018  


Better Late Than Never

The best part of losing is reading about the winner

BCLC /Submitted photo


Darcy Hickey hold his winning cheque.


amloops’ Darcy Hickey has more than a million reasons to smile today. The latest Lotto Max winner in British Columbia matched all 7 numbers to win a $1 million Maxmillion prize from the July 6, 2018 draw.

“I was at Northills Centre and was using the self-checker and was scanning 20 tickets and it was like Free Play, $1, $20, and then $1,000,000?!,” recalled Hickey. “I was in absolute shock. I didn’t think it was real.”  See more here.



  Sunday, Oct 28, 2018  


Rosedale House Fire

Blaze started in the workshop

Staff /Google image


Firefighters worked for three hours to extinguish.


n Friday, October 26, a home in the 51000-block of Old Yale Road in Rosedale was heavily damaged by fire was noted to have started in a 100' x 60' workshop area before spreading to the house.


At that point residents managed to evacuate without anyone being hurt.

Because it was so far off the beaten path, it took firefighters a few extra minutes to arrive on-scene but by then the blaze was firmly established in the workshop and crews tried to save the home. See more here.



  Saturday, Oct 27, 2018  


Hitting the Ground Running

Ebus begins service Oct 31

Ebus /Website image


The routes go from Vancouver to destinations along the way to the Okanagan.


n an effort to support the travel needs of BC and avoid an interruption of service to the communities, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be starting our service on October 31!


Our website and reservation system is currently being updated and online bookings are live now!


Our stop locations will be:
Richmond: River Rock Resort & Casino (adjacent to Bridgeport Skytrain)
Vancouver (centre): Exact location to be determined (passengers who have booked will be notified by phone)
Surrey: Fraser Heights Recreation Centre
Abbotsford: Abbotsford Airport
Chilliwack: Husky Truck Stop (7620A Vedder Rd)
Hope: Hope Visitor Centre
Merritt: Husky Truck Stop (3999 Airport Rd)
Vernon: On 32 Ave approaching 31 St (next to the Clocktower)
West Kelowna: Bookings available soon
Kelowna: Kelowna Airport
Kamloops: Exact Location to be determined (passengers who have booked will be notified by phone)

Ebus BC will be a fully cashless operation; we will accept credit and debit cards only.

All fares are non-refundable and non-changeable. All Ebus passengers who book online save 5%! Book online and learn more at Ebus here.



  Saturday, Oct 27, 2018   


Something Pumpkin This Way Comes

Keeping your kids safe this Halloween

Cpl. Mike Rail, Chilliwack RCMP/Handout photo


A RCMP jack-o'-lantern that could only have been done with alien technology.


ith jack-o’-lanterns carved, and trick or treaters preparing to haunt the roadways of our communities, the RCMP remind ghosts and goblins to have a safe and fun evening.


“Make no bones about it, Halloween is an exciting time for children of all ages,” says Corporal Mike Rail spokesperson for the UFVRD. ”We encourage parents to talk with your kids about being safe before starting out for the evening, and remind motorists to slow down and be watchful for pedestrians.”


“Kids look forward to wearing costumes and ‘trick or treating’ at Halloween,” says Sergeant Darren Rennie of the Agassiz RCMP. “Talk to your children about being safe before they go out and, drivers remember, to slow down and be diligent on this spooky night." See more here.


  Saturday, Oct 27, 2018   

St Thomas Annual Sale

Keeping your kids safe this Halloween

Cpl. Mike Rail, Chilliwack RCMP/Handout photo


At Thomas Anglican Church

St. Thomas' 5th Annual Vendor's Fair 46048 Gore Avenue, Chilliwack
Doors open at 10am-4pm

e sure to visit the 5th Annual St. Thomas Vendors Fair to discover local treasures and holiday gifts showcased by local home-based businesses and artisans. There's also a bake sale (these treats are amazing) plus a raffle. As always admission is FREE but we are collecting items for the food bank. So stop on by and say hello and bring a friend or two. For a complete list of vendors go here.



  Saturday, Oct 27, 2018   


A Truck Too much

Man injured in accident

Staff/Voice photo


A truck is wrapped around a pole Tuesday evening.


n Tuesday, Oct 30, a truck somehow slammed head-on into a metal lamp standard in the 46000-blk of Yale Rd. Oddly, the vehicle was right angle to a short driveway next to a small eatery. If anyone has info they can contact the local RCMP at 604 792 4611.



  Friday, Oct 26, 2018   REVISED


What Happened to 80 Votes?

Jones wants to know where they went, Mumford wants to know how it happened

Staff/Facebook photos


SD33 School Board election candidate Kaethe Jones (r) lost to Jared Mumford by 34 votes.

hat were very combative elections has taken a tumultuous turn with information now surfacing about a power outage at the Promontory School and Chilliwack Middle School voting stations that left two voting machines down for a short period of time on election night Oct 20. Apparently duct tape was used to hold one of the machines together. See more here.



  Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018  


Crafty Christmas

Huge sale at Heritage Park Nov 16-18

Jennifer Hickey/Submitted photo


Sale includes a selection of items for everyone.

he Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market returns to Chilliwack Heritage Park this November 16 to 18, 2018 for its 44th year of shopping tradition. Featuring 180+ artisans, this year's Market will continue to offer shoppers a wondrous selection of handmade gifts, all in support of the Chilliwack Community Arts Council's largest annual fundraiser.

• Creations by Rainforest Pottery
• Browsing jewellery designs by Susan Rind
• Charming Santas by Vicki's Creations

For more information,  visit here.


  Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018  


Hello, We Care

Telecare is offering "Listen Up!" Crisis Line Training course November 3

Bill Strom, Telecare Crisis & Caring Line (Abbotsford)/Website images


For a small course fee you can be on the way to helping people in the community in a big way.


lot of us believe we can multitask, but research indicates we half-task, meaning we split our attention between our screens and the people beside us. This is one reason we believe that listening well has become increasingly challenging.  See more here.



  Sunday, Oct 21, 2018   


Goodbye Sharon

Uber election doubles vote count over 2014 to elect new mayor Ken Popove

Staff/Voice photos


Sharon Gatez was upbeat despite losing to Ken Popove.

n 2014, votes for mayor and council totaled 68,116. In 2018, votes for mayor and council doubled totaling 136,796.

They say a week in a politician's life is considered a long time. After ten years as mayor, Gaetz (7,426 votes) was toppled by incumbent Ken Popove (8,432). Most people thought it would be a tug-of-war between Gaetz and the troubled Sam Waddington (6,988).  See more here.


  Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018  


Motorcycle Accident on Young Rd

Man left in serious condition after crash

Staff/Voice photos


A Harley Davidson sits at the side of Young Rd after a serious accident Monday. Below, the victim is wheeled into CGH.

ust prior to 12:30 AM a ride on a Harley Davidson went down in the 10000-block of Young Road.

Reports at the time were that the rider was unconscious at the time first responders arrived. Extreme care was used in moving the him to Chilliwack General Hospital.

The motorcycle was righted while medics attended to the man. Mounties were on hand trying to piece together what happened. It's not known the cause of the accident or if another vehicle was involved. There's no word on the riders condition.

If anyone has information they can contact the Chilliwack RCMP at 604 792 4611.


  Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018  


Drone Zone

LiDAR now used for forestry management

Timberwest/Submitted photos


Molly Hudson, TimberWest’s Manager of Stewardship and Engagement.

or forest companies, like TimberWest, the health of the trees and associated ecosystems are paramount.  From seedling to maturity, the trees must be monitored, and any problems addressed. 

The way in which this monitoring happens is changing dramatically through the convergence of new sensing technologies such as LiDAR, and the ability to deploy sensing technology using drones. See more here.


  Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018  


Hard Women

Call for Metalcoalypstick bands deadline November 17 for June 28-July 1 festival in Lone Butte


Jon Asher, Asher Media/Handout photo


Sugarwash a female punk/grunge band based out of Edmonton, Alberta will be one of the features bands.

eturning for its fourth year on June 28-July 1, 2019, Metalocalypstick Festival is a celebration of women as musicians. Taking place in the scenic community of Lone Butte, British Columbia, this 2 day festival brings in high quality metal acts from around North America each with at least one powerful female member. Camping while surrounded by mountains and great music, it is the perfect setting to enjoy a vast array of talent across metal, punk and hardcore. See more here.



  Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018  


Clear and Present Music

Fraser Valley Music Awards inspired bands

Aaron Levy, CIVL station manager/Handout photo


The Sylvia Platters released their new album called Shadow Steps.

bbotsford community and campus radio station CIVL Radio 101.7 FM is getting into the record business. Out today, Shadow Steps is a split 12” vinyl LP of new, original material by Fraser Valley mainstays Stephen Carl O’Shea (You Say Party) and The Sylvia Platters.

“CIVL had hundreds of artists apply for Fraser Valley Music Awards over the past two years,” says CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy. “We are so excited to provide two of the highest rated artists our judges reviewed, and two of the most active artists in our community with the opportunity to produce the music that they love. We can’t wait to see who gets this treatment next year!” See more here.



  Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018  


Mum's the Word

Family connects to the community through Sardis program

Chilliwack Community Services/Handout photo


Family welcomed to Chilliwack with CCS I Care Program.

young woman, new to Chilliwack, was seeking to get connected in the new city she called home. She was raised in Ministry care. As long as she can remember she had a social worker. This prior experience led her to seek out community programs at CCS where she found out about Sardis Family Place. See more here.


  Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018  


I Care Campaign Kicks Off!

Community tailgate party Oct 28

Chilliwack Comm Services/Handout photo


Chiefs host a community get together Sunday.

n partnership with the Chilliwack Chiefs, we will be hosting a tailgate party at Prospera Centre before the Chiefs game Sunday ,October 28, 2018 (12 - 2 pm). Come with family and friends and enjoy a hot dog before going to the game! #chilliwackcares and #sharecarebelong

There will be face painting, kids games, a live band, and an opportunity to take a picture with the Chiefs' mascot. Get your tickets to the Chiefs vs. Cowachin Valley Capitals here.



  Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018  


Healthy Equals Happy

Wide-ranging field of experts at show October 27-28

Steph Troughton/Submitted photos


Nutritional expert Orsha Magyar MSc, BSc, CHN. will be giving a presentation.


he Vancouver Health Show is back for its 28th year and is bringing a number of experts to Vancouver to speak on the latest trends and hottest topics in the health world at the Vancouver Convention Centre on October 27th and 28th 2018.

Vancouver Health Show

WHEN: Sat, October 27 and Sun, October 28

WHERE: Van. Con. Centre East Facility Hall B

SCHEDULE: 10 am – 6 pm and 10 am – 5 pm

MORE INFO: www.healthshows.com

See more here.



  Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018  


Smith Fraser Duo

Get a free specialty drink at Acoustic Emporium when buying tickets early

AE/Handout photo


oin us at the Acoustic Emporium on Saturday, October 27th, 2017 to listen to the talented Smith Fraser Duo! Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

Fabulous folk jazz fusion with our old friend Andrew Smith and master musician Neil Fraser. An evening of stellar musicianship and delightful tunes with a very high 'wow' factor as they bend our imaginations and blur genre definitions. Buy tickets here.



  Monday, Oct 22, 2018  


A League of Their Grown

Vancouver Kids Fashion Week is about more than just clothes Oct 27-28

Steph Troughton/Submitted photos


Kids will be showing off the latest fashions and learning things like public speaking.


he Vancouver fashion scene has long since been recognized on the national stage for its distinctive look and West Coast Vogue appeal but the models burning up those runways are not just adults.



WHEN: Saturday Oct 27 and Sunday Oct 28

WHERE: Van. Conv. Centre East Facility Hall A

SCHEDULE: 10 am – 6 pm and 10 am – 5 pm




See more here




  Monday, Oct 22, 2018  


Trio of Earthquakes Rattle the West Coast

No damages, injuries or tsunami alert

USGS/Website image


Port Alice was the closest city to the epicentre.

ive days after the Great Shakeout preparedness day, three strong quakes struck within approximately a half hour of each other off of Vancouver Island late Sunday evening.

The first, a M6.6 struck 201km WSW of Port Alice at 11:16 PM, a M6.5 - 174km WSW of Port Alice at 11:22 PM and a M6.8 - 208km WSW of Port Alice. at 11:39 PM.

Fortunately, there were no injuries. According to Earthquakes Canada, there were only a few reports of light shaking.
"There are no reports of damage, and none would be expected. No reports of this earthquake being felt. No tsunami expected," said John Cassidy, Earthquakes Canada.

Are you ready for a M6.8 under the Fraser Valley? For information about what to do in the event of a quake, visit here.



  Monday, Oct 22, 2018  


House with a History

Small fire in troubled Princess Ave house

Staff/Voice photos


Firefighters removed plywood covering the front door in order to gain access.

ust before 10 PM Friday, firefighters responded to reports of smoke coming from a vacant house in the 46000-block of Princess Ave. Fire Halls No. 1 and No. 4 were on hand.

Crews couldn't locate the source of the smoke on the outside. When the plywood was removed from the front door, a light cloud of black smoke came out and firefighters entered the house with a heat sensor in order to locate where the smoke was coming from and extinguished it by hand. Afterward they boarded up the building again. The house has been the scene of previous problems in the past. Anyone with information can contact the CFD at 604 792 8713.



  Saturday, Oct 20, 2018  


Three Maxmillions Sold on Vancouver Island 

The best part of losing is reading about the winners

BCLC/Handout photo


Richard Allen Kraeker of Victoria who matched all 7 numbers.

here was not one, not two, but three Maxmillions winning tickets sold on Vancouver Island in the Lotto Max draw held Friday October 5, 2018. The three tickets were purchased in Victoria, Ladysmith and Sidney.

The first winner to come forward is Richard Allen Kraeker of Victoria who matched all 7 numbers to win a $1 million Maxmillions prize. Kraeker will split the prize with another winning ticket purchased in Quebec and will take home $500,000. See more here.



  Saturday, Oct 20, 2018  


Vehicle Hits the Ditch

Driver walks away from crash but located shortly after

Staff/Google image



round 2 AM Friday a vehicle crashed into a ditch in the 7000-block of Chilliwack River Rd.

"The occupant of the vehicle left the scene prior to police arrival." said UFVRD RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Mike Rail in an e-mail Friday. "SAR attended and searched the immediate area surrounding the vehicle. The occupant was later located by police."

There were no injuries. Reports that firefighters discovered an owl that needed help so an individual was brought in from Abbotsford to take the animal.



  Friday, Oct 19, 2018  


Home is Where the Parcel Is

Canada Post offering free shipping to troops overseas during the holiday season

Paige LeClair/Cpl Simon Dushesne, Cpl Ken Fenner pics



anada Post is continuing with free delivery of letters and parcels to deployed troops from their family and friends during the 2018 holiday season.


"We understand how important these messages are to uplift the spirits of Canadian men and women serving overseas," said Nicole Lecompte, media relations Canada Post. See more here.



  Friday, Oct 19, 2018   


Hilarious and Moving

Gallery 7 calls for Beau Jest actors

Ken Hildebrandt/Gallery 7 photos


Ken Hildebrandt is the Artistic Director of "Beau Geste".

allery 7 Theatre is looking forward to holding open auditions for its next production of their 2018/2019 “Back to Classics” Theatre Season, Beau Jest, a comedy about family by James Sherman. The audition will be held on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 6:30 PM at the theatre’s rehearsal hall located at #100 – 34595 3rd Ave, Abbotsford.  See more here.



  Friday, Oct 19, 2018   


In Praise of Railroads

Tracks a great route to fishing grounds

Toner Mitchell/Trout Unlimited photos



onservation-oriented anglers have at least a foggy idea of what American landscapes and waterways have gone through on their way to their current state. Since Europeans first landed here, we have generally grazed, logged, mined, drilled, dammed, channelized, polluted and otherwise dewilded our natural estate to within an inch of its life. See more here.




  Friday, Oct 19, 2018   


Where Are You Going?

First Nations come together to call for an accord to ensure survival of grizzly bears

Judy Wilson, UBCIC/Wikicommon image



he Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) stands in solidarity with the 31 Tribal Nations that recently submitted a joint testimony to the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW), on the future of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and particularly the survival of the sacred grizzly bear. See more here.



  Friday, Oct 19, 2018   


Group Challenges RCMP 

Surrey Protest Dec 19

AAD/Maddie Chafer illustration



group of Surrey residents has come together under the banner Anti Police Power Surrey (APPS) to call for the City of Surrey to divest from police and invest in communities.  See more here.



  Thursday, Oct 18, 2018   


Ready to Roll

Ebus routes to Okanagan including Chilliwack stops to begin by Nov 1

Leigh Abra

Kelowna <>Vancouver
Kamloops <> Vancouver
Kelowna <> Kamloops


Watch for more soon.





  Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018   


Election Day Do's and Don'ts

Cast your vote Sat Oct 20

Elections BC/Google image



lections BC is reminding candidates, elector organizations, advertising sponsors and media that election advertising is not allowed on October 20, 2018, General Voting Day for local elections. This includes online news, newspapers, television or radio advertising, internet and social media advertising and automated phone calls or text messages to promote candidates or elector organizations.

Candidates, elector organizations and advertising sponsors are allowed to do:

• free posts on social media
• live person-to-person telephone calls
• advertising on the Internet for the sole purpose of encouraging voters to vote in the election
• campaigning activities*
• door-to-door canvassing
• handing out brochures
• placing election or advertising signs or posters
• “mainstreeting” and “sign-and-wave”

Media cannot publish any election advertising online or via newspaper, radio or television.

Media may publish, without charge, news, editorials, interviews, columns, letters, debates, speeches or commentaries within their bona fide publications, television programs and radio shows. This includes interviews and stories about candidates.



  Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018   


Canada Has One of the Highest MS Rate Worldwide

Women Against Multiple Sclerosis Luncheon Nov 22 in Vancouver

Steph Troughten/Voice file photo


Volunteers at the 2010 MS Walk in Chilliwack.

he Women Against Multiple Sclerosis (WAMS) Luncheon is back at the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel on November 22, 2018.  An initiative of the MS Society of Canada, WAMS is a powerful network of prominent and determined female leaders who are the backbone of this annual event with a keen desire to use their knowledge and influence to inspire others in support of the fight to end MS.  See more here.



  Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018   


Neufeld Note

Free speech at issue more than anything 

Staff/Google image


Trustees Barry Neufeld (centre) and Heather Maahs lay a wreath on behalf of School District 33, Nov 2014.


t would be difficult to believe the only voters out there are on the anti-Neufeld bandwagon. Aside from anything Neufeld writes, he's allowed free speech. He's being accused of things that haven't happened on the School Board. The guy's a Baptist minister. His views haven't changed or interfered with his ability to function as a SD33 trustee for 20 years.  


Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) supporters are militant and suffocate free speech. Personally, I'm not going to do with deal with militant al-left people who want to stifle free speech. They can send in items to The Voice but they haven't. It doesn't take much intelligence to Google Chilliwack News.


At any rate, the SOGI crowd has been relentless with their Hitler campaign against him. Obviously he's prodding them with remarks and they're biting.


From a person point of view, if you sat down and had a coffee with him, I spoke with him on the phone for an hour, and have run into him over the years, you'd see a real person who believes in being able to express himself not some ogre. Sometimes before you do things you ask people what they think and he asked me what I thought he should do? I said to stick to your guns. He said he was being attacked by the SOGI people for his viewpoints. Incumbent trustee Heather Maahs doesn't agree with the alternative agenda. They represent a segment of the community that don't agree with SOGI in schools.


Neufeld's  going to be reelected. Get used to it. There's no real campaigns in SD33 elections. A little bit, some flyers. But no all-candidates meeting, forums. SOGI is going to be in a meltdown. And I won't feel sorry for them.


But above all — Neufeld's got to be allowed to speak his mind.




  Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018   


Barn Fire Went Unnoticed by Homeowners

Passerby noticed and called 911, CFD urges caution with heaters as we head into winter months

Staff/Google image


There were no injuries to firefighters, residents or animals in the barn fire Monday.


n Monday, firefighters responded to reports of a fire in a barn in the 5000-block of Lickman Rd. at 9 pm Monday.


"Firefighters responded from Halls 1, 2, 4, and 6 and on-arrival, reported heavy fire and smoke venting from the structure. Occupants were home but unaware of the fire, which was called in by a neighbour," said Andrew Brown, Assistant Chief, Training, Chilliwack Fire Dept. "Fire crews setup a defensive attack bringing the fire under control and ensuring no extension to other structures."

Brown said the fire appears to be accidental caused by a heater that was left alone.


Crews worked into the early morning hours and later brought in an excavator to tear down and break up what was left so firefighters could get at any hot spots that may have been remaining.

"Chilliwack Fire Dept. wants to remind the public that animals are unpredictable and can knock heat sources over. Please follow the manufacturer recommendations when using portable heat sources to keep areas warm," said Brown.



  Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018   


Prohibition Ends at Last

New marijuana laws have teeth effective Oct 17

BC Gov't/Wikicommons image


A marijuana bud


ew and amended regulations are now in place to support British Columbia’s legal cannabis regime and prioritize the health and safety of British Columbians. See more here.



  Monday, Oct 15, 2018   


Best Buds

New online dating website hooks up marijuana smokers

CannaMatch/Website image


Marijuana smokers can hook up online.


ike a lot of people, Glenn Wells, CEO & Founder of Mission, BC based

 CannaMatch.ca, a friendship and dating website aiming to connect lovers of the cannabis plant of all kinds to each other, is looking forward to October 17th.  


With the proverbial clock on Parliament Hill about to count down to a permanent 4:20,  Canada is taking the historic step of federal legalization in just a week.  The seismic change is expected to impact all aspects of Canadian society - from workplace law to driving regulations.  


But there’s something else that has had a huge impact on the personal life of cannabis users for years that has rarely been effectively addressed.   And that’s the effect of cannabis on the love lives of people across North America. See more here.



  Saturday, Oct 13, 2018   


Coming Down to the Wire

Voters size up Chilliwack mayoral candidates

Staff/Voice photos


Chilliwack mayor candidates discussed their focus on issues Thursday at the Cultural Centre.


n Thursday, about 500 people crammed into the Culture Centre for a full-on cinematic experience with five mayor candidates.

At the beginning an e-poll from the audience showed no seismic shift: 51% already knew who they were going to vote for and 43% were undecided.

We're in uncharted waters because of the contenders and vote stealers.

Will incumbent councillor Popove and the other hopefuls take away enough votes to make it a razor-tight race between incumbent mayor Sharon Gaetz and incumbent councillor Sam Waddington?

Talking points for all have centred around transportation including bicycles and bike lanes. It doesn't matter about bicycle lanes if no one uses them though. There weren't any locked up out front of the Culture Centre Thursday. See more here.



  Thursday, Oct 11, 2018   


Disarming Alarming

Gun owners urged to take online questionnaire

Alexi D.K./Voice file photo



Gun owners unhappy with a possible ban on handguns and assault rifles


n late August of this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a mandate letter for Bill Blair.


For those of you not familiar with Blair, he’s the ex-Toronto cop turned Member of Parliament who was recently appointed to a brand new Ministry and given the title “Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Prevention”.  See more here.



  Thursday, Oct 11, 2018   


Fairytail Wedding

Chilliwack couple tie the knot in Bosley's

Staff/Voice photos


Randal Cook and Violet Tipping exchange vows Wednesday at Bosley's Pet Valu store on Yale Rd in Chilliwack.


ost people have weddings in churches with pews lining the aisle. Randall Crook and Violet Tipping's wedding aisle was lined with dog food.

It's not everyday you get to see a wedding where there were more dogsmaids than people—almost. But when Randall Crook and Violet Tipping tied the knot Wednesday at Bosley's Pet Valu on Yale Rd in Chilliwack it was in the presence of about of about three dozen people and a dozen dogs, eight of them Bernese Mountain Dogs. See more here.



  Thursday, Oct 11, 2018   


Giving Up Some Ghost

Canales and Nolan highlight new album at Bozzini's Oct 14

Mano Asprakis, Bozzini's/Handout photo


Popular three-piece The Flood play Bozzini's Sunday.


o excited for this show! Last year Lance, all the way from Fresno, Ca. performed solo and was fantastic but this time it'll be even better with the Flood featuring Daniel Burt on Snare and Stomp Box & Jake Finney Up Right Bass. Joe Nolan performed at Bozzini's a few years back and is one of the finest Roots & blues singer songwriters in Canada. Two hours of great music with California’s Lance Canales & the Flood with very special guest, Edmonton's Joe Nolan.



  Tuesday, Oct 10, 2018   


Huskers Head to Cullen

Chilliwack football team play final season game vs VI Raiders Oct 13

Blake Roberts, BCFC/Crazy Bee photo


Punt Returner Brandon Poulin was chosen for his 2nd BC Lions Player of the Week designation this season.


ne of the biggest stories in the BCFC this season has unquestionably been the on-field collapse of the Westshore Rebels, or is it the on-field surge of the Valley Huskers? On second thought it is the Huskers but still, what happened in Westshore is pretty head scratching stuff.


The minute the early season coaching change took place I think most of us looking in from the outside assume Rebels 2.0 would be born, a more disciplined version. In many of our minds the biggest issue with Charly Cardilicchia is a flamboyant head coach style such as his isn’t conducive to keeping junior football players focused and in checked.


This year’s version of the Huskers is way better and way more dangerous than better Huskers teams of the past.



  Tuesday, Oct 10, 2018   


Detecting Danger

Twice as many pedestrian-MVAs in the fall-winter than spring-summer months

ICBC/Voice photo


Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere as was the case Friday, Oct 5, on Yale Rd.


lmost double the number of pedestrians are injured in crashes from October to January as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease.

That's why today, ICBC is launching a pedestrian safety campaign with police to urge pedestrians and drivers to stay safe as crashes with pedestrians spike at this time of year. See stats and more here.


  Tuesday, Oct 10, 2018   


Setting BC Poverty Precedents

"Basket Measure Mark" sets the going rate for basic income

Trish Garner/Voice file photo


he BC Poverty Reduction Coalition (BCPRC) congratulates the government for introducing poverty reduction legislation for BC. After years of waiting, the Poverty Reduction Strategy Act (Bill 39) could, if passed, ensure the foundation for the first ever poverty reduction plan for BC. See more here.


  Monday, Oct 9, 2018   


Prodigious Pianists

CSO "Extravaganza" opens concert season in Chilliwack Oct 13 with 17 pianos

Lynne Preston/CSO


Show to feature 17 young pianists.

he Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus are proud to begin their 2018-19 concert season with the return of their ever popular PIANO EXTRAVAGANZA at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on October 13 at 7:30 p.m. and at 3:00 p.m. October 14 at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium in Abbotsford. 

This concert marks the eighth Piano Extravaganza to be held by the CSO & C.  And this time, seventeen gifted, young piano students hailing from Chilliwack and throughout the Fraser Valley, and even as far away as Vancouver, are coming to Chilliwack and Abbotsford to demonstrate their amazing piano skills.
These young musicians will be accompanied by Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra.  Last spring, each musician was carefully selected through an audition process by music director Paula DeWit.  “It was tough to choose because there were so many deserving players,” recalls Ms. DeWit. See more here.



  Monday, Oct 9, 2018   


You're Being Tailed

Adopt your pet 50 per cent off from anywhere in BC from your location Oct 13

Ria Hall/Handout photo


Every SPCA animal needs to be free.


very animal deserves their furry-tail ending! That’s why the BC SPCA is teaming up with Hill’s1 Pet Nutrition on Saturday, Oct. 13 to present “Fall Head Over Tails in Love.”

During this one-day event, animals in our care will be able to go to a loving home at a reduced fee. Domestic animals, like dogs, cats, kittens, rats and rabbits will be eligible for 50% off the adoption fee and pet registry fee. Discount rates for any farm animals will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The discount will be honoured at branches across the province where adoptable animals are staying. See more here.



  Monday, Oct 9, 2018   


Will the Bank of Canada Save Us?


The Liberal gov't could use public bank to the avoid plummet of the petro dollar

Betty Krawczyk/Voice file photo



’ve talked about how the Petro dollar has been ruling the world of commerce since the 1944 Agreement of Bretton Woods which made the US more or less the world’s reserve currency. At the time the US currency was backed by gold. But in 1971 the US dumped gold and chose to use a fiat dollar with nothing to back it except the strength of its workers and the US military. This meant that when nations wanted to trade with the US they must first buy US dollars. See more here.



  Friday, Oct 5, 2018   


Shooting Death  

Incident targeted say Mounties, dashcams sought

Staff/Voice photos


An IHIT investigator kneels next to the shooting victim's car while going over the scene Thursday evening.


peculation swirled around a shooting death that took place about 2:20 PM in the Chilliwack IGA parking lot in the 46000-block of Yale Rd. and confirmed later a male died later in hospital.

"Officers arrived and located a male suffering a life threatening injury," said RCMP UFVRD spokesperson Cpl. Mike Rail in a release Thursday. "The victim was transported by BC Ambulance to hospital where the victim succumbed to their injury."


Dash cams sought. Anyone with information regarding this investigation can call the IHIT information line at 1-877-551-IHIT (4448) or by email here. Should you wish to remain anonymous contact Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222 TIPS (8477). 



  Friday, Oct 5, 2018   


Easy Does it This Long Weekend

No injuries in T-bone accident

Staff/Voice photo


Two vehicles were piled up on a lamp standard around 9 PM Tuesday.


irst responders dealt with minor injuries after two vehicles, each with 3 people aboard, collided in the intersection at Spadina Ave. and Main St. on Tuesday. Police were also on hand trying to sort out who was at fault.



  Friday, Oct 5, 2018   


Decriminalize Street Drugs

BCCDC says the carnage needs to stop

BC Centre for Disease Control/Handout photo


The ODAX meeting in June discussed the legalization of street drugs.


rgent action is needed to provide a safer supply of drugs in B.C., and to reform outdated drug laws, according to participants of the third annual Overdose Action Exchange meeting.


The meeting, held in June, brought together more than 160 participants who are actively working to respond to the overdose crisis including people with lived experience. See more here.



  Thursday, Oct 4, 2018   


Let the Games Begin

US and Canadian teams face off Oct 4-8

Jonathon Roth, Challenge Cup/Website photo


The coveted trophy

he 33rd annual Chilliwack International Bantam AAA Challenge Cup ice hockey tournament takes place this Thanksgiving weekend, October 4-8, 2018.  Recognized as one of western Canada’s premier hockey tournaments, it features elite U14 talent from across British Columbia, Alberta, Arizona, California, Colorado and Washington. 

This year the heavily scouted tournament will feature 24 teams in 2 divisions.  For many players, this will be their first opportunity of the season to impress scouts from the Western Hockey League, British Columbia Hockey League and various other junior leagues.

Games will be played at the state-of-the-art Prospera Centre and Twin Rinks Ice Arena in Chilliwack.

The community remains strongly behind the annual event.  Sponsors include SelectRealEstate.ca, The Jolly Miller Pub, Clearview Demolition Ltd., Venier Dental Group and the WHL.

Updates will be available online at www.cmhachallengecup.com


  Thursday, Oct 4, 2018   


Yee-Haw or No-Way

Twice as many are opposed than supportive, local candidates were asked

Peter Fricker,VHS/Voice file photo


A bronco rider is tossed at the 2017 Chilliwack Fair.

he Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) has asked candidates for Chilliwack mayor and council to state their position on the controversial Chilliwack Fair rodeo, as a new poll reveals that most Chilliwack residents are opposed to rodeos.

The poll, commissioned by VHS from Research Co., found that 52 per cent of Chilliwack residents are opposed to rodeos, with 40 per cent in favour.  VHS has provided each candidate with the poll results.

The poll also found that 62 per cent of B.C. residents are opposed to rodeos, with 29 per cent in favour.  It also found that 70 per cent of B.C. residents aged 18 to 34 are opposed to rodeo, with 25 per cent in favour.

“The poll shows that most people in Chilliwack don’t agree with rodeos and we’d like to hear the candidates’ response to that,” said VHS spokesperson Peter Fricker.  “It also shows that there is little support for rodeo among younger people in B.C., suggesting rodeos will become even more unpopular in the coming years.”

Fricker said that VHS hoped candidates would be forthcoming with their views, given the public controversy over the Chilliwack Fair rodeo during the summer.  “We think people running for office should be willing to give their position on a matter of public interest,” he said.  Each candidate was contacted by email on September 25.


  Thursday, Oct 4, 2018   


Crossroads of Safety

Running yellow lights are a big contributor in crashes

Matt Rhoney/Klein Lawyers


Matt Rhoney photo

ore than 30 percent of car crash fatalities and 40 percent of car crash injuries take place at intersections. Although, the statistics are alarming there are helpful ways in which motorists can increase their level of safety.

To know how to be safe is to know the contributing factors of reported cases. In recent years, most of the crashes were noted as a result of speed, a form of impairment, and distracted driving.

A recent study of hard data was able to highlight some of the major intersections in Canada and deem them as dangerous to drivers. As a result of recent studies, drivers are being asked to be more conscious as the make their commute each day. An initiative to improve road safety is a cause that all drivers can take part in as they strive for their safety and the safety of others.


Matt is a member of a community outreach campaign to help promote safety and awareness amongst commuters in and around the Chilliwack area.



  Wednesday, Oct 3, 2018   


Another Vacant Home Burns

Fire crews got on it fast

Staff/Voice photo


Firefighters got this fire out quickly before it spread.

he Chilliwack fire department were called to the 45000-block of Henderson Ave Monday afternoon after reports of smoke issuing from the top of a vacant house.

They had to rip the boards off to access it. Thankfully no one was injured. The firefighters all got back safely.

Next door is another vacant house also boarded up.


  Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018   


Unforgettable You

Workshops series for Alzheimer's caregivers Oct 12-26

Ben Rawluk, Alzhemier's Soc./Voice file photo


Jillian Armitz (l) at the 2012 Alzheimenrs Walk.

n increasing number of Chilliwack residents are finding themselves caring for a family member.

The reason? Dementia, the medical term for a set of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the brain.

"The physical and psychological toll on family caregivers is considerable," says Cyndi Mcleod, the Alzheimer Society of B.C. Support & Education Coordinator for Chilliwack. See more here.


  Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018   


Better With Age  

Rolfe House awarded heritage status from the City of Chilliwack

Staff/Voice photos


Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz presents Rolfe House owners Anthony and Gerry Britton the Heritage House designation plaque.


ill Rolfe would be smiling if he knew the home he had built in 1921 at 45621 Wellington Avenue received the city's highest heritage honour last Friday when Mayor Sharon Gaetz presented the current owners, Anthony and Gerry Britton, with the City of Chilliwack Heritage House designation plaque. It represents a plan to foster awareness of the city's cultural heritage as part of the Official Community Plan.  See more here.



  Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018   


Playing Around

CATT Fund volleyball

Sarah Mouritzen, Odlum Brown/Voice file photo


Each year Volleyball players and friends collect toys and cash for kids at Christmas.


ATT organizers say registration is now open for the games Nov 23-24.

"Thanks to caring people like you, since 1986 we have collected over 12,500 toys and over $350,000 which has brightened the holidays for so many children within our community. All proceeds go to the Christmas Sharing Program and the Children’s Foundation." Register here.



  Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018   


Musician Call

Organizers say July 2019 MetalFest line -up the best yet, deadline to apply Nov 14

Jon Asher, Asher Media/Handout photo


Rock musicians will be tearing up the stage in Armstrong.


ubmissions for Armstrong Metal Festival are now open and all bands are welcome to submit themselves to play Western Canada’s longest running metal festival. For 10 years running, West Metal Entertainment and Armstrong Metalfest has not only fostered the talent of hundreds of local bands, but brought in well-known, international acts to the sleepy, little Canadian town of Armstrong, British Columbia. The 2019 edition of the festival will take place on July 12-13. See more and links to apply here.



  Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018   


Homeward Bound

Community rescues stranded sturgeon

Cpl. Mike Rail, Chilliwack RCMP/Submitted image


Mounties, fishermen and community members transport the 300 lb sturgeon vie stretcher back to the Fraser River.


patrol along the bank of the Fraser River took a twist from investigation to river rescue for RCMP First Nations Police (FNP) officers.


On the afternoon of September 20, 2018 FNP officers located a sturgeon stranded in a pond of low water on the bed of the Fraser River near Wahleach Road.  The officers quickly recognized the fish was in danger and could not survive in its environment.  


The RCMP immediately reached out to community partners and a plan was made for the safe capture and release of the stranded fish.


Early the next morning FNP officers accompanied by biologists from the BC Ministry of Forest Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, Lower Fraser River Guardians  and a volunteer from the community travelled to the site.  The 75 year old sturgeon -measuring 8’ in length and weighing an estimated 300 lbs – was safely captured by the team and released back into river.


“All in a day’s work – just one of the things we do,” says Sergeant Gerry Hansom of the RCMP.  “Strong community ties are important. The rescue was completed with the combined efforts of a number of resources pulling together.” 


To view video of the event we invite everyone to click onto sturgeon rescue.



  Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018   


Huskers' Dawson Fired Up

Two games left in the regular season

BC Football Conference/Website image


Davis was a key player in the win against Kelowna's Westshore Rebels.

C Lions Player of the Week for Huskers defense goes to Dawson Davis who had 8 tackles / 1 sack / 1 interception in his teams win over the league-leading Kelowna Rebels.

"The Valley Huskers' Dawson Davis went into the weekend tilt against the Westshore Rebels already leading the conference in tackles and he had another big afternoon as his team came out on top in a critical game."

"If he wasn’t making life difficult in the pocket for Rebels QB Mason Brown, he was making tackles just across the line of scrimmage."

The Huskers next game is against the Rebels at Westshore Stadium in Kelowna.





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