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February 2019 Archives






  Thursday, February 28, 2019  

Published at 3 am


Federal Fisheries Losing Touch With Reality

West coast herring food base link for salmon and orca at risk

David Hancock/Website image



he Liberal Party will make a huge mistake if it allows the Pattison (Canadian Fishing company) roe herring fishery in 2019 in the Salish sea at Hornby and Denman islands in early March.


Chinook, an over 2 billion dollar sport fishery, are now listed as endangered and the Liberal government will now have to take real science steps such as no longer allowing the fishing of HERRING. All the herring, a "keystone" species, are now needed by Chinook, which are in turn are needed by Orca.


• Herring are the main food of Chinook

• Chinook are the main food of Orca

Nobody in the over 2 billion dollar sport fishery (in their right mind) believes herring are at "historic high levels" as now claimed by Liberal Party "science". The Jimmy Pattison lobbyists have penetrated the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

The main lobbyist for Pattison actually worked for the DFO for many years. His name is Mr. Rob Morley. Do Google. He is able to play the DFO like a fiddle.

The Orca issue is huge in BC and is now supported on a day-to-day press basis by the Press and the BC public and the huge BC environmental networks and the roe herring fishery is considered by them to be an assault on Orca/Chinook. West coast people are highly versed in ecological detail. To learn more, visit here.



  Thursday, February 28, 2019  

Published at 5:30 pm


EBus Builds on Interior Runs

Added times make trips to interior flexible

EBus/Voice file photo


New runs added to existing Kelowna schedule. Each seat comes with wifi.

fter 4 months of service in BC, Ebus is excited to announce that we’re increasing our weekend service between Vancouver, Kamloops, and Kelowna. We’ve learned a lot in our time in BC and in an effort to provide the communities more travel options, we’re adding additional departures on Fridays and Sundays to support the travel needs of our existing and potential passengers. 

“We’ve been monitoring our ridership closely and to assist in increasing our post-secondary student passenger base, we think these extra trips will aid in that effort,” says Dean Wright, Vice President of Motorcoach. “We’re fortunate that in our operations, we have the opportunity to be nimble and respond to the needs of the marketplace, strategically setting our times to answer the call of our passengers and what we believe are their reasons for using our service.”

Effective tomorrow, March 1, we’ll have three departures on Fridays and Sundays on both our Vancouver <> Kamloops and Vancouver <> Kelowna routes. The intention is to provide increased access for student travelers as well as those weekend warriors who want to head out for their winter weekend getaways.


Expanded service will begin on March 1, 2019. Complete schedule information and reservations for this route are available now at www.myebus.ca or by phone at 1-877-769-3287.




  Thursday, February 28, 2019  

Published at 5 pm


BC Gov't Rolls Out Promised Maintenance Program

ICBC can cancel driver's licenses immediately for unpaid support

BC Gov't Caucus/Voice file photo


Program will allow parents to collect and negotiate back child support payments.


hildren and families will have greater support following changes to the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) that come into force March 1, 2019.


The amendments, introduced in April 2018, benefit families needing support by allowing the FMEP to instruct ICBC to now cancel, as well as refuse to renew, the driver’s licence of someone with more than $3,000 in arrears for child or spousal support payments.


Previously, the FMEP could only direct ICBC to refuse to renew the driver’s licence of someone with arrears over $3,000, and the effectiveness varied as licences are only renewed every five years. Changes will also help paying parents reach repayment arrangements sooner and will increase opportunities to create a manageable payment plan by preventing arrears from accumulating for up to five years.



  Wednesday, February 27, 2019  

Published at 11 am


Getting Your Ducks in a Row Before You Dive

Some tips to consider before taking on a 30-year fixed mortgages

DANI KENT/Bulletin Comm/Handout photo


Katy Mackenzie is a Mortgage Broker with TMG The Mortgage Group and has over 19 years of experience backed by a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Personal Financial Planner Designation and a Reverse Mortgage Specialist certification.


fter a very quiet (and snowy) three months, local Mortgage Professional Katy Mackenzie is predicting a busy and competitive Spring for the real estate market in Metro Vancouver. Several factors, including flat home sales and steady interest rate increases, will be putting the pressure on real estate professionals and potential sellers to act quickly and close deals. And to add more fuel to the fire: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has just announced that his party is now calling for a re-introduction of 30-year terms for CMHC insured mortgages.

To “Spring Ahead of the Competition” this year, Katy has put together her Top 5 Tips for Early Home Buyers who are considering hopping into action.


These include:
1. Getting your documents in order
2. Calling your Mortgage Broker & Realtor
3. Making your “Must Have” and “Would Like to Have” lists
4. If also selling - start fixing up and cleaning your property
5. Be prepared to pay the price - markets have been slack but properties will be well priced in a busy spring market


Watch an interview on Breakfast TV here. Visit her website here.



  Wednesday, February 27, 2019  

Published at 11 am


If It's Broken...

Protecting the rights of vets and cops

JOHN LABELLE/Voice file photo



John Labelle, CP01, RET'D is coordinator of the Veterans and RCMP Super Annuity Campaign


oday Veterans are surprised to hear that less than 30% of our personnel are not re-engaging in our Forces. Many veterans in Canada believe that our listed comments are most important and need to be seriously addressed to better increase the Forces capability of retaining their personnel for a career.

Government Responsibilities
• The Prime Minister needs to terminate his Political appointment of the Forces CDS position. A 4-year rotation of the most Senior Officer of the Navy, Army, Air Force must be followed.
• Replace the Forces Equipment on a regular basis. The rental of a Supply ship makes us the laughing stock of the world.

Senior Command Officers Responsibilities
• Terminate the corrupted promotion system. Promote from an accumulation of points and post the merit list.
• Ensure that the posting preference system is fair.
• Unaccompanied mission such as HMCS Toronto should only last 3 months and be replaced by another ship.
• Our main task is to train for war. This can be achieved with more local training with less disruptions to our families. Spend less time visiting the world.
• Close the bars in ships. These are War Ships not night clubs. Use the space to install more electronic family communication systems.
• We have too many shore billets filled with civilians personnel.

This is Canada! Canadian Forces/RCMP personnel are prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice to our country Canada. Often they face dangerous conditions, health hazard, extended family separation with elevated level of stress. When they come home broken, the government employs every possible tactic to save money and cheat them and their families out of the Disability Pension Act benefits provided to them a short time ago. When Veterans arrive at age 65, they are notified that their CPP pension that they have paid for all their lives will be clawed back from their service Annuity. Shamefully, the new recruits are seeing the constant broken promises and lack of replies to our Veterans by the Liberal, Conservative and NDP Leaders.




  Tuesday, February 26, 2019  

Published at 4 pm


Shooting on Victor Street

Unconfirmed death

STAFF/Voice photos


A cop patrols Tuesday with a high-powered rifle.


ate Tuesday morning RCMP moved in on a house in the 9400-block of Victor Street after reports of shot (s) fired.


Once the area was secured, detectives and other RCMP members attended the scene, just a stone's throw from The Newmark Apts., to investigate what were unconfirmed reports that there was a death involved. The street was taped off. Cops could be seen walking around with high-powered guns.


A K9 unit was dispatched to try and get a track on a suspect (s) but that appeared fruitless.


Google Street View image of the house where the incident took place.


Watch for more information as it becomes available. Expect that block of Victor St. to be shut down for quite some time as IHIT  detectives attempt to sort things out.


  Tuesday, February 26, 2019  

Published 4:30 am


Operation Projection

Royal Navy deploys to Africa's west coast

Dept. of National Defense/Gov't website photos


The Shawnigan will be one of two ships looking for inspections and searches for illegal cargo.


er Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Kingston and Shawinigan, both Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs), are set to arrive in West Africa on 23 February. The ships departed from Halifax in January 2019 and have now completed their trans-Atlantic crossing, arriving in the Gulf of Guinea region of West Africa to conduct Operation PROJECTION West Africa.


Their deployment will include engagements with West African nations to build partner capacity, promote maritime security, and foster relationships in the Gulf of Guinea region by conducting stakeholder engagements and community relations activities. See More here.




  Tuesday, February 26, 2019  

Published 12:30 am


CFIA Updates Fall Short Says MFA

European Union animal handling more humane

Kenny Torella, MFA/Photo Dr. Mary Richardson


ast week,  the Canadian Food Inspection Agency published updates to its livestock transport regulations, which still fail to address the leading causes of suffering and death for millions of animals during transport each year. See more here.




  Sunday, February 23, 2019  

Published 5:30 am


Comedy's Best Remedy For What Ails You

'Panic Squad' features top notch comic actors for one night only March 1

Ken Hildebrandt, exec. art. dir., Gallery 7, Abbotsford, BC/Submitted photos

Entertainment will feature 'clean comedy'.


ilarious mayhem is coming to the Gallery 7 Theatre stage as Panic Squad & Friends Comedy Improv returns to regale Fraser Valley audiences with their unique brand of super-clean, super-funny comedy improv March 1 at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium.


If you have watched the hit TV show, Whose Line is it Anyway? you will know exactly what’s in store for this entertaining evening of fun. However, there will be one distinctive difference: the comedy will be totally clean! See more here.



  Sunday, February 23, 2019  

Published 5am


'What Need Be '

A poem about love and happiness

Diane Dillon, School teacher, Port Hardy



iane Dillon, a BC Native who lives and is a retired elementary school teacher in Port Hardy. She sent this Saturday to share with Voice readers.

Dillon has her finger on the pulse there and is an advocate for a safe community.

"I still volunteer with kids and founded a social justice group in 2009 called "Standing Tall" when I lived outside of the Victoria BC area," explains Dillon. "I have a large portfolio of my education, references, awards and volunteering." 

Click on the image to enlarge and read the entire poem.



  Saturday, February 16, 2019  

Edited 2pm, Friday, Feb 22


It's A Big World Out There

BC, Canada and the US are always welcome

C Hill, Certified Publisher, Chilliwack BC


Some papers I produced and covers I wrote beginning in 1992. These stories and the issues then are no different than what Chilliwack is facing now — dumpster diving, crime and poverty, homelessness etc. Below, is a sampling of the publishing industry that I've had a hand in over the last 30 years in the Lower Mainland. Some items (not shown) go back to the early 80's at BCIT and PVI.


he SOGI 123 issue has been beaten to death on both sides on The Voice. True leadership would say: "Okay, let's make a compromise" instead of forcing their opinion on others in the community. There is a compromise to be made, like including some of it to the curriculum prior to graduation from secondary school such as in grade 12.

Presently, the Chilliwack School Board is providing a very poor example of that true leadership and it's incumbent on them to approach the issue as adults instead of warring factions. It looks bad across the country.

It's spun out of control. The kids don't know what's going on except that the people at the top are discombobulated. SOGI 123 is something the kids can work out for themselves as they grow older. So it's time to get back to what the Chilliwack School Board agenda is all about.

There's always a lot of news rolling in from all parts of Canada and they're always welcome. If you read down a few stories and you'll see a mix. Other parts of the country are constantly reaching out to you via The Voice.

Has a nice ring to it: The Kootenay Bark.

I may move The Valley Voice to another BC community in the future. It will be a tough decision because I've grown older together with many passionate and caring people here.

A couple of business cards I designed and set the type for Pavel Bure. He was a great guy and came in and gave me a jersey. Did anyone say some old Boston Bruins players were playing a local bush league. I never heard about that one.  Above, former NDP leader Adrian Dix holds a small paper I produced.

It's not easy to get up and out of bed at 3am to cover news but it's just something you need to do in order to give the community perspective on what's happening and answer questions they may have.

Some various publications I produced. The one on the right was for the BC gov't for new Spanish speaking immigrants in 1993 including a Squire Barnes' sports mag.

It's been a challenge and a lot of fun working with members of the Chilliwack community over the years and I've enjoyed that.

An interview with David Suzuki in 1994. Below, some items written for an Asian publication in 1992.

I've set type in numerous languages which is always a challenging task. Here my stories were in Chinese for the Asian community.


I went into Chilliwack City Hall one day and this was sitting there. Below, a story about a guy living in a treehouse! I hiked through creeks and up a 50' high tree to get to two levels. Insanity. I blew the roll of film.

I live alone on disability. Mind you I had a semi tractor-trailer scream over my legs and had to spend thousands of dollars just to get it to court and then lost and had to pay both side's legal fees.

An interview with Chief Leonard George "The Healer" and other mastheads with some familiar names.

Add to that years of seizures. But rather than sit around saying woe is me, eating chips, sipping pop and watching TV, I'm much happier doing something I like to do and something for the community. I hope that makes sense. It costs a lot of money and time spent to produce a quality news service and I've paid thousands of dollars over ten years, burned out 3 cars and 5 cameras to do that. Chilliwack deserves and expects no less.

I've had my rent jacked up over $120/mo in less than a year after living in the same apartment for 21 years. Rather than continuing to pay to live above a boom car with a CB radio from a house next door suddenly blasting cuss words out of my speakers day and night, I'll move.

A story about Ginseng brandy that appeared in a Spanish paper in Vancouver. I made regular contributions to an Asian publication as well. This item was a big hit in downtown Van because it was a huge issue in 1992.

I'm confident that I've taken the best photos of Chilliwack even though I'm not a photographer. I just take pictures. I'm not a journalist. I just report and the community is the "media". 

I'm 61-years-old and can barely hold a cup of coffee now because I shake and so the photos have become a little less in quality than I'm used to and what Voice readers have come to expect, but I'm positive we'll all deal with it until I move on.

For a few of the reasons I mentioned above, I'm at a crossroads about continuing to spend the rest of my life paying to cover news in Chilliwack. I'll be reassessing my role in the community over the coming months.

Chilliwack Lion's Certificate for a story about an injured Afghan veteran, Francis.

Thank you very much to local supporters and emergency services over the years.

Contrary to what some in the community think, I'm not full of myself but I am damn sure of myself.



  Thursday, February 21, 2019  

Published Thursday, 8am


Down Home Friendly

The Home Depot's new and easy to use 'Text-to-Apply' for job seekers

Kaelynn Frankish, Home Depot/Voice file photos


The Home Depot® on opening day in Chilliwack April 15, 2011. They are now looking for sales associates.


he Home Depot® Canada is currently hiring more than 940 sales associates, cashiers, overnight freight, lot and garden centre associates in British Columbia to support its busy spring season.


The stores are seeking enthusiastic associates who are looking to join a winning team and who share its eight core values like: Respect for All People, Excellent Customer Service and Giving Back. Now, the company is making it easier than ever for interested candidates to apply.

"We know convenience is key when applying for a job,” says Aliana Rozenek, vice president, human resources, communications and sustainability, The Home Depot Canada."


"This spring our new Text-To-Apply will make it easier than ever for people with a passion for delivering an excellent customer experience to join our values-driven team."

Simply text “Home Depot Jobs” to 97211 to apply. Interested candidates can also apply online or view roles and upcoming job fairs at ​www.homedepot.ca/jobs​. 

The Home Depot Canada’s Text-To-Apply feature saves applicants time during the recruitment process allowing them to apply, self-schedule phone screens, receive job fair invitations and interview reminders.

• Available positions include: sales, cashiers, overnight freight as well as lot and garden centre associates.
• More than 75 per cent of The Home Depot Canada store managers started as hourly associates.
• Eligible full and part-time employees have access to competitive benefits, including company-paid health and dental benefits, profit-sharing programs, tuition reimbursement and employee assistance programs.
• Giving Back is one of the eight core values and through Team Depot, associates contribute more than 60,000 hours each year in support of local community projects, or partners of The Home Depot Canada Foundation which is committed to preventing and ending youth homelessness in Canada.

The Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement specialty retailer, with 2,287 retail stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, 10 Canadian provinces and Mexico.




  Thursday, February 21, 2019  

Published Thursday, 9am


Sealed With A Kiss on Valentine's Day

The best part of losing is reading about the winners

BCLC Lottery Corp./Handout photo


Erich Schmidt hold an oversized cheque of his winning.

t was an extra special Valentine’s Day for Erich Schmidt and his wife after purchasing a winning Set for Life Scratch & Win lottery ticket at Willowbrook Mall. They will now receive $1,000 a week for the next 25 years. See more here.




  Thursday, February 21, 2019  

Published Thursday, 8am


Fire Crews Save Mobile Home From Ruin

CFD urges caution when doing metal cutting, welding or other torch work

Chris Wilson, Assistant Chief, Emergency Preparedness, Chilliwack Fire Dept /Google image


Residents displaced but trailer wasn't gutted.


n February 20th, 2019 at around 12:15pm the Chilliwack Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a fire in the 5700-block of Unsworth Rd.

Fire crews from Halls 1, 4 and 6 responded to the scene and upon arrival discovered smoke showing from underneath a double-wide mobile home structure. Fire crews aggressively removed the skirting from around the structure and extinguished the fire before it spread into the interior of the structure. The structure received some fire damage in the crawl space and also received smoke damage inside the structure.

All occupants were able to safely exit the home and are in the care of the Chilliwack Emergency Social Services team.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries as a result of this fire.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by fire officials and is believed to be accidental in nature. The Chilliwack Fire Department would like to remind the public to use extreme caution when conducting any hot works such as metal cutting or welding and to ensure this work is carried out a safe distance away from any nearby combustibles.




  Wednesday, February 20, 2019  

Published Wednesday, 8am


Bentley & Me

An interview with Canada's most popular dog

Steph Troughton, LBMG, Submitted photos


Bentley's going to be doing selfies at the show so don't forget to bring your camera or phone.


o most of Bentley the Bulldog’s closest human and pooch pals, he is just a regular dog who does not let his stardom status faze him and is every bit as sensible and content as the next four-legged friend who lives down the street.


But for the tens of thousands who follow him online, (300,000 followers on Instagram alone), and have a sort-of adoring love-interest with Vancouver’s helicopter-flying sensation, Mr. Bentley is a celebrity in his own right and deserves all of the attention stardom inherently produces. See more here.




  Wednesday, February 20, 2019  

Published Wednesday, 8am


The Fabulous T-Birds

Fraser Valley Thunderbirds Minor Midget Team clinches spot in the playoffs

K. Bourdon, FV Thunderbirds /Matt Brooks photo, Frank Crane Arena, Naniamo


Thunderbirds were all over North Island Silvertips in game one of a three game series.

he Fraser Valley Thunderbirds were on their last road trip of the regular season this past weekend. The weekend’s results insured booking of the T-Birds’ spot for the upcoming playoffs in the BC Hockey Minor Midget League beginning March 1st.

The T-Birds were in Nanaimo, Feb 16-18 to play the North Island Silvertips in a 3-game series. This was the first time that both teams had met during the 30-game regular season. See more here.



  Tuesday, February 19, 2019  

Published Tuesday Noon


Fire in the Hold!

Fire Department overrun by space heater calls, advise safe use

Andrew Brown, Asst. Chief, Training /Submitted image

n the past week Chilliwack Fire Department has responded to structure fires on Wellington Avenue, Old Yale Road, Prest Road, and Mc Naught Avenue all related to the use of portable heaters.

Fortunately there was no firefighter or civilian injuries or deaths at these incidents.

Chilliwack Fire Dept. wants to remind the public to:

Follow manufactures recommendations when using, installing, and caring for portable heaters

Not leave portable heaters unattended with children and livestock

Ensure manufacturer recommended clearances are maintained between portable heaters and any combustible materials

Check on the heaters and surroundings frequently to ensure they are not posing a fire hazard

It's a particular sad day to learn that dispatcher Zelda is leaving the Chilliwack Fire Department. She thanked all the halls with a special message for keeping the community safe over the years and said how great it's been working with all of the firefighters. Zelda's always thanked crews after a particularly tough job. "Thanks guys, good job" she would say. "You're there every time that call goes out and I'm so proud to be your dispatcher. You have been unreal to work with, take care of each other out there. You're incredible. You guys are so exceptional. I just wanted to say goodbye and farewell, You're so terrific. Be safe on the front lines. You're always in my heart."



  Tuesday, February 19, 2019  

Published Tuesday 2:30pm


BC Budget Misses Long-Term Low-Income Financial Realities

Families, jobless, those on income assistance will see minimal benefits

Trish Garner, BC Poverty Reduction Coalition/Voice file image


Trish garner has been working toward reducing poverty for a at least a decade. In the photo above she was protesting at Five Corners in 2010.

n terms of investments in the first-ever poverty reduction strategy in the 2019 B.C. Budget, the new B.C. Child Opportunity Benefit will significantly impact families in poverty in British Columbia but there needs to be far more for individuals in poverty in this budget, according to the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition (BCPRC). See more here.



  Tuesday, February 19, 2019  

Published Tuesday 2:30pm


A Thoughtful Budget

BC Budget waives student loan interest

Terri Van Steinberg, Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC/Voice file image


FPSE Teachers show solidarity.

oday's provincial budget continues to make life more affordable for British Columbians. The government has eliminated student loan interest and increased funding for tuition-free Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English Language Learning (ELL). They’ve also introduced a historic First Nations revenue-sharing agreement as part of their work in advancing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. For too long, many British Columbians have been denied the opportunity to succeed. Budget 2019 removes barriers to opportunity and helps working people across our province. See more here.



  Monday, February 18, 2019  

Published Monday 8 am


Power Tripping

Pushback over new Galaxy 5 phones

Janis Hoffman, Parents For Safe Schools/Submitted image



Transmitters will be on every street pole

e should be extremely concerned about the 5G (fifth generation) technology needed to build Smart Cities or the Internet of Things (IoT) because to implement this plan the wireless industry will need to install thousands of small cell towers on electric utility poles in front of our homes, on public buildings and schools, on bus stop shelters, in public parks, etc.

This doesn’t mean the new 5G technology will replace the 2G, 3G and 4G layers of radiation that we are currently exposed to, but in addition the 5G frequency will use beams of microwaves to follow the user and the device, while emitting 10 times more power than 4G.

There has been absolutely no studies or testing for public safety and yet the launching of 20,000 satellites to orbit around the Earth to broadcast 5G microwave radiation over every square foot of ground on our planet has been approved and no living thing will be able to escape this exposure.  Does this sound like something the public has a right to know? For more information, visit here. Connect on Facebook here.



  Monday, February 18, 2019  

Published Monday 8 am


Langley Trapped in Game 3

Abbotsford Pilots closing in on sweep over Langley Trappers

Justin Sulpico/Abbotsford Pilots


Abbotsford Pilots lead Langley Trappers series 2-0.

ust over 24 hours after Game #1 was played, the Abbotsford Pilots repeated their winning ways over the Langley Trappers on Saturday night, defeating them 4-3 in Game #2 of their first round playoff series. A raucous crowed was on hand at MSA Arena as Keaton Dyck made 27 saves in the win.

Kristian Lyon was credited with the loss however, backup goaltender Noah Masog had to step in for 13 seconds in the second period while Lyon had an equipment malfunction. Abbotsford now leads the series 2-0 as the play will shift to Langley on Tuesday and Wednesday night for Games 3 and 4.


  Sunday, February 17, 2019  

Published Sunday 3 pm


Not Kidding Around Here

Gina Lam in line for a possible 2019 Juno award for her children's Album of the Year

Kari Kylo


Gina Lam aka. Ginalina has been nominated for a Juno for Album of the Year

ina Lam, known for her stage name and character Ginalina, is a West Coast singer-songwriter and has been nominated for a 2019 JUNO award in the category of Children’s Album of the Year for her album “It Takes a Village”. Her first JUNO nomination was in 2016 for “Forest Friends’ Nature Club”, which features educational music that airs regularly on Kids’ Knowledge Network television. Ginalina is popular for her multi-lingual songs inspired by nature, healthy families and strong communities.

This year, the 48th Annual JUNO awards will take place in London, ON, on March 16 and 17. The JUNO Awards are presented annually to Canadian musical artists, bands and professionals to acknowledge their artistic and technical achievements in all aspects of music. See more here.



  Friday, February 15, 2019  

Published Friday 10am


Wonderful Words of Life

Nine ways to serenity

Myrtle Macdonald,  B.Sc., U of Alberta, M.Sc.A., McGill University, Author/Voice file photo


1.  Production and sale of honey and other skills should be promoted. 

2. Supporting of small family farms to sell produce all year round,  by hiring of agronomists, horticulturalists and home economists, in cooperation with faculty on all branch campuses of UFV, SFU, Kwantlen and Trinity universities.  All are near the Interurban railway line.  Peaches, Nectarines, Kiwi, Apricots and Cherries would thrive again and be a little less work to grow and harvest than strawberries and raspberries.

3. Banning of RoundUp.

4. Opening of passenger rail service every 20 minutes from Scott Road at Patullo bridge on the old interurban rail line to Chilliwack, serving all the farm communities and universities.  BC government owns the right of way.

5.  Funding of refrigerator cars to run on the railway, stopping for a day in six locations to buy and sell locally grown fruits and vegetables Freezing the surplus and marketing it across Canada.

6. Arrange internships and apprentices with businesses and technologies for students, so that they will have job skills.

5.  Stopping the sale of fruit and vegetables from California and Mexico, by charging tariffs and taxing long distance refrigerator trucks.

6.  Subsidizing thousands of skilled people to develop and produce alternate energy.

7. Legislating for reciprocity between provinces for recognition of credentials of professionals and technologists.

8.  Reviving of the 4H Clubs would bring back happiness and sense of accomplishment to rural children.

Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of life.



  Friday, February 15, 2019  

Published Friday 10am


Wright Can Do No Wrong

Pilots wrap up the season with a win

Justin Sulpico, Abbotsford Pilots/Melody Fast photo


The Abbotsford Pilots pile off the bench to congratulate Baylee Wright who scored his record-breaking 122nd point of the season, with an assist against the Port Moody Panthers Friday night at MSA Arena.


n the final home game of the 2018-19 PJHL season, the Abbotsford Pilots (27-14-1-1) defeated the Port Moody Panthers (15-26-1-1) by a score of 5-1 on Friday night. Pilots captain Baylee Wright re-wrote junior hockey history in front of family and fans as he notched his 122nd point of the season, breaking a 41-year old PJHL record for most points in a single season. Wright recorded four points on the night. Keaton Dyck made 22 saves for the win. See more here.



  Friday, February 15, 2019  

Published Friday 2am


Hydro Rate Increases Kept to a Minimum

BC Hydro says eight per cent increase over 5 years

BC Gov't Caucus/website image



fter years of rate hikes and billions in deferred costs at BC Hydro piled up by the previous government, the B.C. government is taking action to keep electricity rates affordable for customers by cutting costs and developing new revenue streams at the Crown corporation.

2019-2020 Rate Increases
Subject to BCUC approval, electricity bills for ratepayers are forecast to increase by 1.8% effective April 1, 2019, and 0.7% effective April 1, 2020.

This is part of a cumulative rate increase of 8.1% over the next five years, which is:

• almost 40% lower than the 13.7% cumulative increase for the same period under the previous government’s 10-year rates plan, and
• 20% lower than the 10.7% forecast rate of B.C. inflation over the same period.



  Thursday, February 14, 2019  

Published Thursday 9:30am


No New House For Winners, But...

The best part of losing is reading about the winners

Jessica Thiessen, Prospera Credit Union, Abbotsford BC


Port Alberni winners plan vacations. hot Volkswagen, vintage Jaguar and more goodies.


Port Alberni husband and wife are B.C.’s newest multi-millionaires. Harold Thomas and his wife Madelaine matched all six numbers in the February 9, 2019 Lotto 6/49 Draw to win the $5-million jackpot.


“The biggest thing about this is being able to help the kids and grandkids out and make their lives a little easier,” said Madelaine. “Maybe one of our sons won’t have to go away to work anymore.”


The first question Harold asked his wife when they found out they were the jackpot winners was if she wanted a new house. Madelaine quickly turned that prospect down. “No way! That’s where we raised our kids,” she said. “Plus we have the best view in the city.”


Beyond helping the kids out, they plan to get new cars and update their home. A Volkswagen Tiguan for Madelaine, and a 1966 Jaguar XKE for Harold. However, in the immediate future, they plan to head to Mexico for some much-needed sun.


“It’s surreal,” said Harold. “When the clerk at the store checked the ticket, the machine froze and lit up $5,000,000.”


“It’s crazy! It’s still sinking in,” said Madelaine.


Harold and Madelaine purchased their winning ticket at the A-1 Convenience Store on Redford Street in Port Alberni.




  Thursday, February 14, 2019  

Published Thursday Midnight


Bank On It

New machines for businesses scan cheques for deposits without the lineups

Jessica Thiessen, Prospera Credit Union, Abbotsford BC


Prospera Credit Union is offering a new service with their cheque scanner.


rospera Credit Union is pleased to announce the launch of a new electronic cheque deposit service for business members dubbed, “Advanced Business Deposit,” or ABD. This new service allows business members to remotely scan and deposit cheques without having to make a trip into the branch. See more here.



  Thursday, February 14, 2019  

Published Thursday Midnight


Let's Talk About Free Speech

Law set to pass in May

BC Gov't Caucus


afeguards to protect British Columbians’ freedom of speech and expression have been reintroduced with proposed legislation.

David Eby, Attorney General, tabled the protection of public participation act, which will protect people from strategic lawsuits against public participation, known as SLAPPs, that limit or stifle criticism or opposition on matters of public interest by imposing exhaustive and potentially costly legal actions. The legislation was first introduced in May 2018.

“This bill reflects what we’ve heard from many British Columbians, including several leading legal figures,” said Eby. “They’ve told us that this legislation is key to protecting and advancing freedom of speech and expression in our province. Our government is listening and we are committed to protecting these freedoms.”

In 2001, British Columbia was the first jurisdiction in Canada to enact this kind of legislation. It was repealed the same year. This new legislation reflects successful legislation in Ontario and is a fairer, more effective legislative model than B.C.’s previous legislation.

If passed, the act will apply to lawsuits started on or after May 15, 2018, when the legislation was first introduced. 



  Thursday, February 14, 2019  

Published Thursday Midnight


Veterans and Taxes

Making sure you're getting claims right

John Labelle, Veterans CPP Annuity Campaign Coordinator, Nova Scotia


Dear Veterans,
The following information is enclosed for your consideration.

1. This year don’t forget to include your medical expenses on line 330 of schedule 1 of your Federal tax form T1-2018. You may choose to include your claim on yours or your spouse schedule form to calculate your claim.

2. You may claim amounts pertaining to self, spouse or common-law partner, and your dependent children born 2001 or later.

• Travel Insurance Premiums,
• Medical Insurance Premiums,
• Dental Insurance Premiums,
• Amounts not paid for by insurer,
• Prescription Drugs,
• Dental Expenses

Retirement Tax Free Saving account
1. The limit for year 2018 is $6,000.00 per person. The deposits and interest are always tax free. You can accumulate unused portions. The plan has no termination age limits.

1. You will be required to withdraw or purchase a RIF annuity at age 71 and pay taxes. The best time to withdraw from an RRSP is when your income is lower.

We hope that the above information provides a little assistance to our Veterans.



  Wednesday, February 13, 2019  

Published Wednesday Noon


Rock of the Westies

Can-Am troops take part winter skills avalanche training in Manning Park

Hans Muldar, Second Lieutenant Royal Westminster Regiment


BC and Oregon troops stop for a photo while learning snowshoeing and sled-dragging skills in late January.


he Royal Westminster Regiment hosted 37 soldiers from the Oregon National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry Regiment, 41st Infantry Combat Brigade for winter training from January 24 to 28.  The snowy conditions in Manning Provincial Park provided an excellent opportunity for the 93 Canadian Army Reserve soldiers and 8 Canadian Rangers to practice and pass on winter survival skills and conduct light infantry tasks during EXERCISE WESTIE AVALANCHE. See more here.



  Tuesday, February 12, 2019  

Published Tuesday 8:00 am


David vs. Goliath

Groups seek court action against chemical giant Monsanto

Meg Sears, PhD Chair, Prevent Cancer Now with comment from Myrtle Macdonald, B.Sc., U of Alberta, M.Sc.A., McGill University, Author//Voice file photo


Roundup has been proven to cause cancer but is still being used.


oronto, February 12th – Safe Food Matters Inc. filed an application in federal court yesterday, challenging the re-registration of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-up herbicide. In 2017 it filed a notice of objection (“NoO”) to the re-registration decision and asked that an independent review panel be established. Eight NoOs were filed in mid-2017, and all were rejected on January 11, 2019.


“We have no choice but to go to Court on this issue” said Mary Lou McDonald, President of Safe Food Matters (and also a challenger in her own right).  “We point out to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (“PMRA”) exactly how this poison is concentrating in certain foods, and all they do is tweak the labels. The feds’ own data shows that label details aren’t followed or enforced.  It is not right.  They are completely ignoring the issue.”

From Myrtle Macdonald, Chilliwack
For many years I have been against the use of Round-Up produced by Monsanto. and forced on all Canola, soya, cotton, etc. It has even caused indigenous crops in Africa and cotton in India to be destroyed. Farmers starved and had to eat up all their grain stored for the next years’ planting. Then they seeded Monsanto grain and it would not grow.

All our Canola is genetically modified to be dependent on Round-up. If crops are not sprayed by it they get sick and die.

Some years ago farmers in Saskatchewan were prosecuted by Monsanto for stealing their seeds. Large fines were paid under protest. What really happened was that wind and insects carried pollen from crops treated by Round-up and contaminated them. See more here from Prevent Cancer Now.




  Tuesday, February 12, 2019  

Published Tuesday 8:00 am


It's Going to Bee Great

Backyard bees bylaw finally one step away from being a reality

Staff/Voice file photos


Local beekeepers bring hives into local blueberry farms to pollinate the plants. Below, coun. Chris Kloot, Agriculture Rural Advisory Committee chair.



o produce 1 pound of honey, 2 million flowers have to be visited. A single hive has to fly 55,000 miles to produce a single pound of honey. One bee colony can produce 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year. An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.


In 2016, Chilliwack city council agreed to take a look at regulating apiculture as a backyard hobby. See more here.


  Monday, February 11, 2019  

Published Monday Noon


'Venezuela and Us'

How to lose control of a nation

Betty Krawczyk, Author, Cumberland, BC/Voice file photo



he rapidity with which Prime Minister Trudeau recognized Juan Guaido as the new president of Venezuela left me breathless. Wow. Talk about shooting first and asking questions afterward. Was there any public discussion of this, or even any warning? If there was, I missed it. How could our Prime Minster recognize a minor member of the Venezuelan government (Juan Guaido) as the real president of Venezuela when there was already a democratically elected president (Nicolas Maduro). Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said earlier this month that the recent presidential election that gave Maduro another six year term was fraudulent and anti-democratic. See more here.



  Monday, February 11, 2019  

Published Monday 6:30am


'One-Two Punch'

Environment Canada issues snow warning

EC/Voice file photo


Expect roads to be slippery. Drive BC says to drive accordingly.


nother snowstorm for the BC south coast late Monday and Tuesday.

A one-two punch for the south coast of BC as another low pressure system is poised to move towards Vancouver Island on Monday and stall for 12 hours before dissipating.

Snow will fall for all areas south of Port Hardy to the U.S. border beginning Monday afternoon for Port Alberni, late afternoon for Greater Victoria and early evening for Metro Vancouver.

Current assessment suggests 10 to 15 cm of snow with locally higher accumulations for parts of the Island by midday on Tuesday.

Outflow winds will continue through Howe Sound and the Fraser Valley Monday and Tuesday which may result in poor visibility in snow and blowing snow for those areas.



  Monday, February 11, 2019  

Published Monday 6:30am


Stoking the Fire

The biggest mistake is underestimating the capabilities of your adversary

Staff/Voice photos


Kari Simpson, pres. Culture Guard, speaks with media at the anti-SOGI 123 rally Thursday.


he elderly crowd coalesced Thursday, filling the 100 chairs laid out at Evergreen Hall. They came armed with morals and opinions, flying in formation knowing what they wanted before they arrived. They knew what the system wanted to do with the kids. They needed someone to lead them in the resistance. A voice in the wilderness.

That person is the self-ordained leader, Kari Simpson, president of Culture Guard. She paused between fiery statements to allow the crowd time to cheer and applaud. Her litany of statements were enunciated with scruples, morality and values. Backed by the right, those against SOGI 123 — sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.  See more here.




  Sunday, February 10, 2019  

  Published 6:30am


Wood Stove Fire

CFD cautions users not to pile wood too close

Mike Bourdon, Fire Chief, Prevention/Pexel image


Wood stacked too close lit on fire Friday.

t 10:30pm on February 8th firefighters from fire halls 1, 4 & 6 responded to a structure fire in the 8300-block of Chilliwack Mtn. Road.

Upon arrival, fire crews found light smoke venting from the roof of this 2-storey single family residential house. Fire crews were met by the occupant who indicated that the fire was on the first floor by a wood pile next to a wood burning stove.

Firefighters entered the home and quickly suppressed the fire. Fire damage was contained to the immediate area around the wood burning stove as well, the fire spread up the wall and into the 2nd floor and attic space.

There were no firefighter or civilian injuries. Cause of the fire is accidental.

Chilliwack Fire Department wants to remind homeowners to keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet (1 metre) away from heating equipment and also that chimneys and vents need to be cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year.



  Friday, February 8, 2019  

  Published Saturday 6:30am


High Winds Slam Chilliwack

Power out in many regions Friday night through Saturday morning and it's not over yet

Staff/Voice photo


A gas pump at the Shell Station at Hocking and Yale blew over around 5:30am.

hilliwack firefighters were so busy closing off roads with trees coming down and power lines whipping around they couldn't get to this right away. There was no immediate danger and gas wasn't leaking.

BC Hydro crews were scrambling as transformers came down. A power pole was snapped and a building collapsed off of Camp River Rd. Reports also were that the Tim Horton's Sign at Cottonwood corners blew over.

Traffic was diverted around Vedder Road for 4-5 hours between Spruce Ave and Manuel Ave.  after three trees came down across wires, the city that were barricaded and closed to traffic.

Most people opted to stay at home unless and gave emergency workers a chance to get in and fix incidents.

Environment Canada says to expect clearing this afternoon and wind northeast at 60 km/h gusting to 90 km/h. High minus -5°C. Wind chill -20°C in the morning and -14°C in the afternoon.

Saturday evening expect a few clouds. More wind with a low of -9°C. Wind chill -14°C in the evening and -19°C overnight with the risk of frostbite.

Sunday, mainly sunny with increasing cloudiness in the afternoon then 40 per cent chance of flurries late in the afternoon. Windy with a high of -4°C. Wind chill -19°C in the morning and -8°C in the afternoon. Sunday evening expect cloudy periods with 40 per cent chance of flurries. Windy with a low of -5°C.



  Saturday, February 9, 2019  

  Published Saturday 6:30am


Blaze Brings Down House

CFD investigates cause

Mike Bourdon, Asst. Chief, Fire Prevention/Voice photo


Fire shoots of a ground floor room of a house in the 800-block Wellington Ave. Friday morning.

n February 8, 2019, at approximately 6:30 am the Chilliwack Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire located in the 800-block of Wellington Avenue. Firefighters responded from Halls 1, 4 and 6. On arrival fire crews reported seeing flames coming out of the first floor corner bedroom of a two-storey residential home.
The fire was well established within the interior of the home, so fire crews had to fight the fire from the outside of the structure. The interior of the home sustained major damage and the roof system was destroyed in the fire. The residents were home at the time of the fire and are currently in the care of Emergency Social Services.
There were no civilian or firefighter injuries.
The cause of the fire appears to be accidental and is still under investigation by the Chilliwack Fire Department.


  Friday, February 8, 2019 


Legal Cannabis Grow Razed

Second of two major fires Monday in bitter cold

Mike Bourdon, Asst. Fire Chief, Prevention/Voice photo


What was once a cannabis grow grow structure is still smoking after burning to the ground the night before.

t approximately 8pm, February 4, there was a report of a 2nd industrial structure fire in the 8000-block on Aitken Rd.

When crews arrived they found a single-storey industrial building fully-charged with heavy black smoke and fire at the rear and into the roof system of the building.

Crews went into a defensive mode to fight the fire. BC Hydro and Fortis were called into disconnect hydro and gas and because the building was completely destroyed an excavator could safely bring the building down.

The cause of the fire appears to be accidental and is under investigation by Chilliwack Fire Department.

The Chilliwack Fire Department would like to thank the Abbotsford Fire Rescu
e Service for their ladder response in helping fight the fire.

The CFD thanks the Salvation Army for providing hot meals to crews.




  Friday, February 8, 2019  


Mired in Machinations

Several retail locations are pending approval from city hall to special C9 zones

Staff/Google images


One of the proposed cannabis retails sales outlets on Yale Rd. in Chilliwack.

hree cannabis retail stores are currently listed as being in the process of getting a licence to operate in Chilliwack and one in Yarrow.

In 2017, the City of Chilliwack fined Wee Medical $44,000 for what they said was an illegal retail operation.

Former mayor Sharon Gaetz at the time said she felt they were "jumping the gun" before the law was changed October 17, 2018 to allow recreational marijuana use in Canada. See more here.




  Thursday, February 7, 2019  


Anywhere Anytime

Achieve Anything Foundation – The Sky’s No Limit – Girls Fly Too! free show March 9-10

Kirsten Brazier, AAF/Submitted photos


Former astronaut Heide Piper will be at the Girls Fly 2!Abbotsford show March 9-10.

ASA Astronaut Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper to join the world’s largest gender diversity outreach event on March 9-10, 2019 at the Abbotsford International Airport.

Aside from NASA Mission Specialist and fixer of space stations, Stefanyshyn-Piper is a 30-year veteran of the US Navy as Dive Officer, Salvage Officer, Engineering Duty Officer, Surface Warfare Officer, Underwater Ship Husbandry Operations Officer with numerous special honours and commendations to her credit. See more here.




  Thursday, February 7, 2019  


A Date to Skate

Abbotsford Pilots Hockey Club are looking for new recruits at evaluation camp April 13-14

Justin Sulpico/Website photo


The Abbotsford Pilots are looking for talent.

he Abbotsford Pilots Junior Hockey Club have announced the dates for their 2019 Prospect Evaluation Camp. The camp will take place over two days on Saturday, April 13th and Sunday, April 14th. Registration is now open for players born between the years of 1999 and 2005. The Pilots look to identify and evaluate players who have a potential future with the club, and want to welcome hockey players to the organization and familiarize them with the next level of hockey.

The camp will be held at the Matsqui Recreation Centre in Abbotsford. The camp will consist of four on-ice sessions and a goalie session on Saturday, an All-star game on Sunday, and individual evaluations by coaches and scouts throughout the weekend at Matsqui Rec Centre - 3106 Clearbrook Rd., Abbotsford.

Visit the Pilots’ website here or via e-mail here.



  Thursday, February 7, 2019 


For A Few Good Women

BC Liberal reach out to the community for party nominations

NC Liberal caucus/Website photo


The BC liberals are reaching out for diverse candidates in the community

or the first time, the BC Liberal Party is embarking on a brand new, wide-open, proactive recruitment drive for potential candidates from all corners of British Columbia.

Women, millennials, and BC’s diverse communities are still under-represented in the Legislature. The BC Liberals want to change that by taking their recruitment efforts, Ready to Run BC, to the public, and reaching out to talented, passionate, free-enterprise individuals who may have considered running for office before, but didn’t know how to get involved. See more here.



  Wednesday, February 6, 2019 


Blaze Levels Building

Fire crews work in bitter cold wind

Staff/Voice file photo


The Arrow Truck building was a write-off Monday. Below, Assistant Fire Chief Any Brown directs his crews.

eople pointed and watched from their cars in the big gravel lot next to the fire like they were at a drive-in watching firefighters in the "Spartan" movie as flames shot out of the roof of the Arrow Truck building Monday afternoon.

Inky smoke blotted out the clear sky.

"Look at that," said a middle-age man in a pickup holding his cell phone up how a painter holds a brush. "Wow, the colours, black and white and blue, what a picture."

On Monday, around 3 pm, the call went out that the Arrow Truck repair building on Industrial Way was burning. By the time dispatchers got the call, and Chilliwack Fire Department (CFD) firefighters were on the scene a few minutes later stretching out their hoses in the blistering cold, the yellow corrugated metal structure was completely engulfed.

CFD threw all available equipment at the blaze  with fire halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 responding. 

The Tower Ladder truck hits the fire from above.

According to Mike Bourdon, Assistant Fire Chief, Prevention, crews attacking the blaze were tasked with ensuring that any nearby buildings and vehicles were not affected.

"Crews immediately went into defensive mode," he said in a release Tuesday. "The fire moved into the entire roof system making it unsafe for an interior attack."

Meanwhile, BC Hydro crews were called in to shut the electricity off and Fortis closed off gas lines.

Working with numb hands, crews set up hoses as fast as they could in the brutal -20°C wind chill and started work on the front while the ladder truck was brought in and set up as quickly as possible and began soaking the fire from above.

Meanwhile engines were moved around back to the north end where muted thuds were heard going off inside.

"One person was taken to hospital with minor smoke inhalation," said Bourdon.

Other than that there were no injuries to crews or bystanders.

The cause of the fire is believed to have been accidental and is under investigation.

An excavator was brought in later to tear down what was left of the building so crews could get water onto any remaining hot spots.

Levers are down and the Tender truck is fully engaged.


The CFD thanks the Salvation Army for providing hot meals to crews.




  Wednesday, February 6, 2019 


Get Mammograms

Councillor says she has breast cancer

Staff/Voice file photo


Sue Attrill on the election trail last year.

adly, popular councillor Sue Attrill announced at the Chilliwack City Hall meeting Tuesday evening that she has breast cancer and will be missing some future meetings. She urges women to get mammogram screening. We're looking forward to her complete recovery.



  Wednesday, February 6, 2019 


Redefining Lifestyles

A letter to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Myrtle Macdonald, B.Sc., U of Alberta, M.Sc.A., McGill University, Author/Voice file photo


hat I have written is valuable information because I worked as a professional nurse in 6 provinces from coast to coast in Canada and 20 years overseas.  Dec 1988 I settled in BC to help my aging mother and two disabled siblings. My work experience included direct care, administration, classroom and clinical teaching of nurses in hospitals, universities and public health, and of Community Health Workers in Saskatchewan, India, Pakistan, Lesotho (southern Africa) and Hmong refugee leaders in a camp in Thailand.  See more here



  Tuesday, February 5, 2019 


Look Who's Talking 2

Final four speakers for TEDxChilliwack April 1

Michael Berger, TEDxChilliwack/Corissa Fir Photography


Natella Isazada (l to r), Jon Morrison, Reen Rose, and Fatima Zaidi celebrate their selection to the TEDxChilliwack 2019 event April 13.


EDxChilliwack held its second Applicant Showcase Night on January 31. Fifteen people from this year’s applicants took the stage for four minutes each. In their time on stage, they explained what their “idea worth sharing” was, why they are qualified to speak on it, and how it would encourage TEDxChilliwack attendees to take action. Following their 4-minute synopsis, each speaker was posed a question from one of the emcees. See more here.




  Tuesday, February 5, 2019 


Mystery Truck Fire

Unknown cause, no injuries

Staff/Voice photo


A truck fire in the early morning in the 46000-block of Princess Ave. There's no word on how it started but the truck was barely visible through the smoke.


rews get on these right away because they may spread to cars parked next to it or adjacent buildings. Once the fire is out they de-power the vehicle and cut the battery cables to stop the fire from starting again. There were no injuries to firefighters or anyone in the community.




  Tuesday, February 5, 2019 


Homeless Camp Fire off Highway 1

Squat located across from industrial lowland 

Staff/Google Satellite image


The area of a homeless encampment where fire crews were called to extinguish Tuesday morning off Highway 1 across from industrial lowland.


ust before 8:30 am, Chilliwack firefighters responded to a homeless camp fire after reports of thick black smoke on the industrial lowland off highway 1 and Industrial Way just past Lickman Rd.

An engine was set up to block traffic on Highway 1. A pair of RCMP cruisers were also on hand. There were no reports of injuries. Salt sand was ordered afterward for water on Highway 11

This furthers The Voice's conversation with Mayor Ken Popove last week regarding homeless people starting fires and underlines the need for locations of help centres. A large parcel of industrial lowland lies in the area north of Industrial Way across from where the fire was.




  Tuesday, February 5, 2019 


The Best Choice

Children's Hospital Lottery tickets on sale now 

Kari Kylo, Soma Concepts/File photo


Tickets are on sale now which include seven homes.


C Children’s Hospital Foundation has announced that the tickets for the 2019 Choices Lottery are now on sale until Thursday, April 11, 2019. The Choices Lottery supports the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the money raised goes to funding research that leads to innovative discoveries and treatments, which in turn directly helps improve BC Children’s care for kids.

The grand prize winner of the lottery can choose one of seven luxury home packages or have the option of $2.2 million in tax-free cash instead.


For more information regarding ticket packages and online purchasing, visit here.




  Monday, February 4, 2019 


Another Epic Storm Hits the Fraser Valley

Agassiz takes the brunt with gusts to 76 km/h and -20°C wind chill

Staff/Google satellite photo


Agassiz lost power in many areas overnight Sunday and Monday.


n Sunday, Environment Canada issued a snow warning, but rescinded that and put out a wind warning instead for the Fraser Valley with gusts up to 76 km/h.

The wind was relentless all night and into Monday. Chilliwack and Sardis proper were hit with the strong winds but remained largely unaffected. However it was clear on Sunday that Agassiz was taking the brunt of the storm with trees falling like matchsticks on Pioneer Ave and other roads such as Morrow Rd which also had to be barricaded after several trees tumbled down with the potential of more falling.

Overnight Sunday and into Monday, Agassiz and Chilliwack fire crews scrambled to keep ahead of the melee going from one felled tree to the next maintaining safe roads while waiting for city crews, who were stretched thin, to set up barricades before moving on to the next trouble location.

Once again the unsung heroes were BC Hydro and Telus crews who worked for hours with numb hands in order to restore electricity and communication lines.

Late Sunday evening ambulance paramedics spotted what looked like flames shooting out of the ground on Hwy 7 near Agassiz and it was later determined to be a gas line break.

Camp River at Gill Rd. were also hammered and needed to be barricaded around 7 am. At 10 am, Hackbrown Rd was blocked to traffic. Around midnight, wires came down on Majuba Hill which needed to be barricaded and around 9 am Kitchen Rd was also shut down in both directions.

Temperatures are expected to be sub-zero all week with sun Tuesday and Wednesday and lows approaching -9°C overnight. Some snow flurries are forecast Thursday and Friday.



  Sunday, February 3, 2019 


What Do You Do About Homelessness?

A conversation with Mayor Ken Popove

Staff/Voice file photo


Looking for some perspective with the homeless issue.


ast week, I had a hackneyed conversation with Mayor Ken Popove that swirled around homelessness. Every possible idea or solution offered was abruptly shot down for various reasons. We had to move the conversation along as I had 15 minutes. In the past I had an open line of communication with the former mayor. Sometimes I found myself e-mailing with her after 10pm. Understandably, any mayor would be extremely busy and especially those running a business, so it's hard to imagine how they can function properly. But after two requests over a month I was lucky enough to arrange a meeting. See more here.



  Friday, February 1, 2019 


Hello FreshCo

Safeway downtown will close May 25

Jacqueline Weatherbee/Submitted photo


Expect FreshCo to be open for business in Chilliwack September or October.

reshCo will bring the best discount grocery experience to shoppers in B.C. Our FreshCo stores reflect our customers’ growing demand for fresh, quality food at discount prices. FreshCo stores will feature a bold brand and clear tagline: “Lowering food prices”.

The following five Safeway locations will be temporarily closed for a four-to-five month period for renovations and construction. We will share opening dates in the coming months.

Closing May 25, 2019 for renovation to reopen as FreshCo:

• Safeway Aldergrove
• Safeway Downtown Chilliwack
• Safeway Maple Ridge
Stores closing July 13, 2019 for renovation to reopen as FreshCo:
• Safeway Ladner (Trenant Park) Closing September 7, 2019 for renovation to reopen as FreshCo
• Safeway Abbotsford

We’re committed to ensuring these conversions do not impact our pharmacy customers. We will continue to operate temporary pharmacy locations while renovations and construction are underway. The FreshCo locations will open with pharmacy departments where our customers can expect the same great service from our pharmacy teams. There will be no interruption in patient care or customer files. The company was contacted for more information so watch for as it becomes available.



  Friday, February 1, 2019 


Pair of Small Fire Incidents Wrap Up January

Vehicle and warehouse incidents minor in nature

Staff/Voice photos


A van caught fire (above) and a warehouse (below) didn't injure bystanders or fire crews.

he weekly roundup involved a van fire Tuesday around 8pm in the Yale and Charles area. Firefighters were on it quickly before it spread to adjacent vehicles. The owner was contacted. The cause of the fire isn't known but it could be assumed to be electrical in nature and didn't appear to be malicious.

Another incident was in the 41000-block of 5th Ave at around 6am January 25th, where fire crews were called to a warehouse with smoke coming from an stairs area where apparently there is a residence. The person who called it in told The Voice that he saw lots of smoke. "It smelled like cedar," he said. "Like what I smoke my fish with. These old buildings are all made with cedar." There were no injuries to bystanders or fire crews in both incidents.



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