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Sat May 2

Black Dress



What do the stars have in store for us this week?

Read Georgia Nicols' weekly here. She writes like she knows you.


This Week

April 19 to April 26

All Signs:

On Monday, the Sun moves into Taurus to stay for four weeks. Taurus has domain over many things, and one of them is money. For example, many bankers are Taurus. So who is surprised that April is the month so many of us are thinking about money and taxes?


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February 2015

Real Estate Report 

Stats courtesy of CADREB


There were 255 residential real estate sales in Chilliwack during  March 2015 which is up from March 2015 when 183 were sold. There were 455 new residential listings in March this year compared to 380 in March 2014. Total listings in March 2015 were 1,488 which is down from March 2014 when 1,528 were listed.


Single Family Homes (SFH)

CADREB reports that there were 137 single family detached homes sold in March 2015,  up from March 2014 when 111 were sold. Currently, there are 247 new SFH's listed compared to 203 listed in  March 2014. There were 720 listings in March this year compared to 748 in March 2014.



There were 72 Town home sales in March 2015 compared to 43 that sold in March 2014. There were 95 new listings in March this year compared to March 2014 when there were 92 listed. A total of 286 were listed for sale in March 2015, which is down slightly from March 2014 when 327 were listed.



There were 22 apartment units sold in March 2015 compared to 15 that sold in March 2014. There were 50 new listings in March 2015 compared to 48 listed in March 2014. The total apt listings for sale this year in March was 253 compared to 238 listed in January 2014.


Mobile Homes

There were 9 mobile home sales in March 2015 compared to 8 that sold in March 2014. There were 19 new listings in March this year compared to 15 listed for sale in March 2014. There were 78 active listings in March 2015 compared to 90 listed in March 2014.


Homes with Acreage

A total of 15 homes with acreage were sold in March 2015 compared to 6 that sold in March 2014. There were 44 new listings in March compared to 22 listed in March 2014. In total, there were 142 listings in March compared to 125 in March 2014.


Multi-Family (plex's)

There are 9 listed for sale in Chilliwack in this new category.


The Bottom Line

Total residential sales in Chilliwack for March 2015  was $80,979,790compared to March 2014 when $56,340,234changed hands.


For more information visit


April 25,2015

This is the 115th day of the year

There are 250 days left in 2015 


1719 Daniel Defoe's fictional work The Life and Strange Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is published.


1901 New York became the first state to require automobile license plates.


1926 Puccini's opera Turandot premiers at La Scala in Milan with Arturo Toscanini conducting.



1954 The first practical solar cell is publicly demonstrated by Bell Telephone Laboratories.


1960 The U.S. Navy submarine USS Triton completes the first submerged circumnavigation of the globe.


1965 Teenage sniper Michael Andrew Clark kills three and wounds six others shooting from a hilltop along Highway 101 just south of Santa Maria, California.


1972 Polaroid Corp. introduced its SX-70 folding camera, which ejected self-developing photographs.


1983 The Soviet Union releases a letter that Russian leader Yuri Andropov wrote to Samantha Smith, an American fifth-grader.


1990 The Hubble Space Telescope was deployed from the space shuttle Discovery.


1996 A pair of skin-tight trousers owned by Queen singer Freddie Mercury was sold at a pop memorabilia sale in London.


2003 The Human Genome Project comes to an end two and a half years earlier than expected.


2005 The final piece of the Obelisk of Axum is returned to Ethiopia after being stolen by the invading Italian army in 1937.


With files from Wikipedia, the History Channel, Historynet, This Day in Music and other sources.

Fri May 8

Chwk Walk

Sat April 25


May 16 & 17

Art Show

Sat April 25

All-Star Bowl

Mon Sept 28

Jesse Cook

Sat May 9


June 27

The Cultch

Apr 23-May 2

UFV Theatre


April 25, 2015







Today 13C

Low 5C

POP 60%

Sunday Outlook

Cloudy 15C

The Finest Car Dealer in the Upper Fraser Valley

Thurs April 30

Abba Tribute

Sat May 2

Jimmy D Lane



Save a tree

Get your news online


Sat April 25

Sto:lo Food

Sat July 25

Treasure Chest

  Local Police News 


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

RCMP Investigate Patten Ave Stabbing 

Two injured, one seriously in Patten Ave fight. Suspect still at large, victim released from hospital. Mounties look to the community for leads.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rural Community Mailboxes Easy Targets 

Mail thefts continue to plague the community. RCMP seek tips and offer advice to residents.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Store Thieves Commandeer Taxi

Chilliwack RCMP look to the public for tips after store theft and attack on cabbie.


Read More Crime and Police News here

May 2-3

Plant Sale

Apr 22-May 7

Hope Artists


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Live Music

Rockabilly's Back

Petunia & the Vipers May 2 at Harrison Memorial Hall 

By Mel Dunster, HFS  


ancouver-based, Petunia & the Vipers, will be returning to Harrison with their swingin country...


Read more here



 Feature Story      April 18, 2015


The Volunteer Way

Bread & Roses event thanks locals

By Patti MacAhonic

n Friday, Ann Davis Transition Society (ADTS) of Chilliwack hosted this iconic event that...


Read more here



Longest Ride

Mon May 11

Colin James

Sat April 25

Sto:lo Food


Our Readers Write


April 17, 2015

The Art of Being Nice

Loretta Douglas, Harrison Art Show

The poster looks great! Thanks for all you do.


April 17, 2015

Sharing Shots

Dino Goh, Envr Canada

Environment Canada that helped organized the Chilliwack open house that happened on March 12th, 2015. Could I kindly have your permission to use some photos of the open house. Thank you for letting me use the pictures from the webpage!


More letters here




 Chilliwack acting mayor Sue Attrill (L) and Woman of the Year Lucy Fraser at City Hall last week. More later.


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Twilight Drive-In

The Gunman

See more April news and photos here

Sat May 2



 Feature Story   April 20, 2015


And They Smiled

Local dentist reaches out to Chilliwack's less fortunate

By Julia Croll, Dental Corp


e have a partner dental practice in Chilliwack, Promontory Dental Centre, that opened their office...


Read more here



Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Rockslide Ready!

Kids, curling and camping July 7-10

By Ellie Lambert, Curl BC 


elowna is set to go curling crazy this summer as hundreds of kids take part in a summer camp that includes...


Read more here



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BC Gov't News

Bumping into Cash

MLA paves the way to highway infrastructure project

Released by the BC Gov't Caucus 


ighway 1 users will welcome a $3.4 million repaving project between Bridal Veil Falls and Hope. The project will improve the safety conditions...


Read more here



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BC Gov't News

Smart Money

Chilliwack MLAs literally reel in $100k for Community Services program

Released by the BC Gov't Caucus/MLA John Martin 


hilliwack Community Services is receiving $100,000 in support thanks to Community Gaming Grants announced Chilliwack MLA John Martin...


Read more here



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Federal Gov't News

Budget Bennies

Veterans, seniors and business among MP Stral's budgetary favs

Released by R. Pearasall, PA to MP Mark Strahl 


ark Strahl, MP for Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon applauded Economic Action Plan 2015 which includes a balanced budget; new tax relief measures for families and seniors...  


Read more here



Tuesday, April 21, 2015


A Long Eye

RCMP to hold Agri-Watch community meeting May 5

Released by Chilliwack RCMP


roperty owners in the Columbia Valley, Greendale. Rosedale, Ryder Lake, and Yarrow are invited to an Agri-Watch information session being hosted at the gymnasium of Greendale Elementary School, 6621 Sumas Prairie...


Read more here



Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Misfortune Cookie

MacDonald talks about how factory food is unhealthy

By Myrtle Macdonald, Chilliwack


like the taste of many of Dare products but I rarely buy them because of poor nutrition. Even your Digestive biscuits and oatmeal cookies are not nutritious. I read labels carefully. 


Read more here



Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The Business of Political Donations

Times Colonist newspaper tied into BC Liberal Party donations says reader

By Kathy Read, Agassiz


he federal government is not allowed to receive donations from corporations, so, why is our provincial government allowed? It is surely time that rule changed.


Read more here



Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fire Dept News

Reign of Fire

Two more vacant houses targeted by arson

Released by Asst. Chief M Bourdon/Voice photos


t 5:50 a.m. on April 22nd 2015, firefighters from Chilliwack fire halls 1 and 4 responded to... 


Read more here



Thursday, April 23, 2015


Fresh Faces

Is it time for a new Chilliwack CAO?

By Dermod Travis, Integrity BC


ocal elections across B.C. were supposed to be buried and done with last November, but some of the fallout from a few races is still coming home to roost and there's a few lessons to learn from it. 


Read more here



Thursday, April 23, 2015


Football Frenzy

Lower Mainland luminaries set to play Star Bowl April 25

Staff/Voice photos


he grid iron gang were back at Exhibition Park in Chilliwack last Saturday for the Valley Community Football League's (VCFL) 2015 Starbowl.


Read more here



Thursday, April 23, 2015


Ribbon Sisters

Aquasonics continue to dominate, Chilliwack swimmer excels By R. Rose


he BC Aquasonics ran the board at this weekend’s Lower Mainland Regional Synchronized...


Read more here



Friday, April 24, 2015


Listen to the Land

Species at Risk, medicine wheel, Silverdale and more

By Tracey Lister, Footprint Press


e are very happy to release our 14th Issue of the Footprint Press ecoarts magazine. The magazine and back issues can also be viewed on line at

Read more here



Friday, April 24, 2015


Hit Hard by Measles

BCCD says 400 confirmed cases last year in the Fraser Valley

Released by the BCCDC


ational Immunization Awareness Week (April 25 - May 2) kicks off tomorrow to celebrate the...


Read more here



Friday, April 24, 2015


Winner of a Dinner

Blacktie Jeanfest night raises $17k

Released by CRJYAA


hilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Advocacy Association are pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Blacktie...


Read more here



Friday, April 24, 2015


Wholesome Stroll

Move for Health Day walk in Chilliwack May 8

By Asma Farooq, CHC


ove for Health Day is an international event created in 2002 by the World Health Organization to promote physical activity. 

        The BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA), with support from...


Read more here



Saturday, April 25, 2015


Promotion in Motion

BIA hosts 1st Fridays

By Sheena Durflinger, DBIA/Voice photos


oes your business do special events to provide extra value to loyal customers...  or to attract new ones?


See more here



Saturday, April 25, 2015

Live Music

Bona Fide Blues

MacLean plays Bozzini's May 14

By Mano, Bozzini's Restaurant


oc is a weathered, wily, but infinitely likeable storyteller/performer and he’ll be bringing his brand of Delta Blues to the intimate Bozzini’s...


See more here




Saturday, April 25, 2015


Power to the People

Free day of speakers and workshops designed to empower May 9

By Sue Federspiel, City of Abbotsford


he City of Abbotsford is hosting a free one-day symposium which will provide a unique training and networking opportunity to help local non-profit, sports, arts...  


See more here



Sat May 2


Sat April 25


Apr 2-May 9

Art Show

May 16

Glass Sale


 Feature Story                                                                          Friday, April 24, 2015



Police take-down house occupants after gun call, an RCMP officer hit by a car and more this week

Staff/Voice photos


An RCMP ERT member gives directions to a suspect after receiving a call that a residents had a handgun in a house at Woodbine and Maple. Below, a woman wearing a "spit hood" is escorted to Chilliwack General Hospital.


n Thursday, April 17, police received reports that a woman with drug or mental issues, living at the Chilliwack Health Contact Centre on Hodgins Ave., had barricaded herself in her unit and was smashing things up.


Police got by the barricade and used a conduced electrical weapon (Taser) to subdue her.


Because her behaviour was so erratic, a bag was placed over her head commonly known as a “spit hood” to protect responders from being spat on. She was then taken to Chilliwack General Hospital.


The following Friday, at around 1:30 p.m., police responded to a gun call at Woodbine and Maple.


Read more and see the photos here



Friday, April 24, 2015


A Less Taxing Time

Search and Rescue members to get 2015 credit Staff with notes by H& R Block



ith the Canada Revenue Agency still waiting for more than 11 million returns, H&R Block...


Read more here




Wed May 6

Bill Henderson


Run All Night

Wed April 29

Film Fest

Mon May 11

Colin James


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