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Betty Krawczyk's

This Dangerous Place

While jailed for contempt, Betty wrote about her life from Louisiana to the Law Courts of BC. Her book is for sale. Click photo for link.

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What do the stars have in store for us this week?

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This Week

Nov 16th to Nov 23rd

All Signs:

This week the Sun moves into Sagittarius, which means that in the month ahead, we will shift from Scorpion energy into Sagittarian energy. A considerable change! Scorpio is intense, willful, passionate and secretive. Sagittarius loves to travel is freedom loving and optimistic. Everyone will suddenly want to blow town. ("Give me sunshine and white sand!") Since Sagittarians are future oriented, people will start making plans for the next year. 


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October 2014

Real Estate Report 

Stats courtesy of CADREB


Chilliwack & District Real Estate Board Residential Sales Stats


There were 232 residential real estate sales in Chilliwack during  October 2014 which is way up from October 2013 when 177 were sold. There were 327 new residential listings in October this year compared to 312 in October 2013. Total listings in October 2014 were 1,548 which is down from October 2013 when 1,582 listed.


Single Family Homes (SFH)

CADREB reports that there were 142 single family detached homes sold in October 2014,  up from October 2013 when 89 were sold. Currently, there are 178 new SFH's listed compared to 152 listed in  October 2013. There were 750 listings in October this year compared to 790 in October 2013.


Town Homes

There were 48 Townhome sales in October 2014 compared to 43 that sold in October 2013. There were 71 new listings in October this year compared to October 2013 when there were 79 listed. A total of 318 were listed for sale in October 2014 which is up slightly from October 2013 when 330 were listed.



There were 24 apartment units sold in October 2014 compared to 30 that sold in October 2013. There were 43 new listings in October 2014 compared to 43 listed in October 2013. The total apt listings for sale this year in October was 239 compared to 248 listed in October 2013.


Mobile Homes

There were 7 mobile home sales in October 2014 compared to 8 that sold in October 2013. There were 12 new listings in October this year compared to 17 listed for sale in October 2013. There were 81 active listings in October 2014 compared to 80 listed in October 2013.


Homes with Acreage

A total of 11 homes with acreage were sold in October 2014 compared to 7 that sold in October 2013. There were 23 new listings in October compared to 21 listed in October 2013. In total, there were 160 listings in October compared to 134 in October 2013.


The Bottom Line

Total residential sales in Chilliwack for October 2014  was $71,801,712 compared to October 2013 when $49,377,178 changed hands.


For more information visit


November 20, 2014

This is day the 324th day of the year
There are 41 days left in 2014


1820 The American whaler Essex is attacked by an 80-ton sperm whale 2,000 miles from the western coast of South America.


1923 Garrett Morgan a 46-year-old inventor and newspaperman gets a patent for his three-position traffic signal.


1928 Mrs. Glen Hyde becomes the first woman to dare the Grand Canyon rapids in a scow (a flat-bottomed boat that is pushed along with a pole).


1947 In a lavish wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London, Princess Elizabeth marries her distant cousin, Philip Mountbatten.


1967 Strawberry Alarm Clock were at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Incense And Peppermints'.


1969 Occupation of Alcatraz: Native American activists seize control of Alcatraz Island until being ousted by the U.S. Gov't on June 11, 1971.


1976 Paul Simon hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live where he performed live with George Harrison on ‘Here Comes The Sun’ and ‘Homeward Bound’. Paul McCartney and John Lennon were both in New York City watching the show on TV.


1980 Lake Peigneur drains into an underlying salt deposit. A misplaced Texaco oil probe had been drilled into the Diamond Crystal Salt Mine, causing a whirlpool that sucked the drilling platform, several barges, houses and trees thousands of feet down.


1989 Velvet Revolution: The number of protesters assembled in Prague swells from 200,000 the day before to an estimated half-million.


1992 In England, a fire breaks out in Windsor Castle, badly damaging the castle and causing over £50 million worth of damage.


With files from Wikipedia, the History Channel, Historynet, This Day in Music and other sources.

Chilliwack River Valley COPS Volunteers Needed

CRV Citizens on Patrol are looking for volunteers. Check for stolen cars, neighbourhood problems, or other police matters. Cars are marked so people will know we are out there. Needed for May to September on Fridays and Saturdays in particular.


For more information call Joe at: 604-745-7915


Chilliwack Gas Prices This Week


November 9

110.9 Shell -Yale Rd.


Last Week

112.9 Husky - Young Rd.



15¢/gal Venezuela

S. America

Today's Crude Oil Price

 $75.82/bbl  Sat, Nov. 15th

$77.80/bbl last week

Courtesy of Bloomberg


Fri - Nov 28

Movember Mo-Off

The Biltmore

Tarps for everything!

Contact Ryder Lake resident Jamie Irwin at 1-778-808-4104

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Recommended Reading

Steve Covey's

Grey Redemption

Colonel Simon Alexander, a famous African mercenary, languishes away in Black Beach Prison. Failing health makes an unsupported escape impossible, and the diplomatic process is failing as fast as his health.


Covey is a local Chilliwack author.

Recommended Reading

by Glenda Standeven

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Nov 6 - Dec 20

Colours of Life

Chilliwack Cultch

Fri Nov 21

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Thurs Dec 4

Schmusic Networking

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Nov 29 10-3

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Saturdays Oct-Nov

MH First Aid

Family Hope Clinic

Every Sunday

Free Drum Circles

Yarrow Cmny Ctr

Sat Dec 13

Santa Breakfast

Ryder Lake

Sun Nov 23

Beekeeper Seminar



Movember 20, 2014







Today 8°C

Low 5°C

POP 40%

Thursday Outlook

Cloudy 8°C


Courtesy of

Environment Canada and

The Weather Network

The Finest Car Dealer in the

Upper Fraser Valley

Sat Nov 22

Keith Mullins

Memorial Hall

Mon Jan 19

Aaron Prtichett



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Patti MacAhonic smells a rose she was given on election night Saturday.


Agassiz Author Carol Sawyer


Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

Community News

Pizza for Breakfast

RCMP partner with Jim's Pizza for Christmas fundraiser Nov 24

Released by Cst. Ashley St. Germaine, Chilliwack RCMP UFVRD


he Chilliwack RCMP have partnered with Chilliwack Community Services and local business, Jim’s Pizzeria, to hold a Christmas Pancake Breakfast for ten deserving families.

On December 14, 2014 RCMP members will volunteer their time to host, cook, and serve ten community families ... 

Read more here  »



Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

Community News

Ballroom Blitz

Black tie Masquerade Ball fundraiser Nov 21 at the Coast Hotel

Submitted by Laine Ogilvie, Memory Laine


ome join us for a fun new event, The Masquerade Ball! Held at the Coast Chilliwack Hotel on ...  

Read more here  »



Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

Community News

Calling All Angels!

Youth Angel tree Project to put smiles on 100 Abbotsford kids this Christmas

Submitted by Erin Nesci, PCU


rowing up can be tough and there are many youth in our community who struggle to find their way through the teenage years and into adulthood. Facing the holidays when you’re feeling vulnerable or forgotten can sometimes feel like the last straw.

Read more here  »



Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

Civic Elections


Candidates draw full house in Yarrow

Submitted by Carol Bell, YRPA/Photo courtesy of Brian Chillibeck


tanding room only. Each
and every one of the council and mayoralty candidates were in attendance, most of the school trustees as well as a few of the Cultus Lake ...

Read more here  »



Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

Local Politics

Stó:lō a 'Sleeping Giant'

Gardner talks about lack of First Nations in municipal politics

Staff/Voice file photo


ast year, Stó:lō elder Eddie Gardner, expressed dismay with local journalists and reporters, saying he'd lost faith in their ability to get the correct story out. At that time, I suggested he take control of the information and send ...

Read more here  »



Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

Community News

Stuff the Cruiser

Mounties collect donations for food bank Dec 6

Released by Cst. Ashley St. Germaine, Chilliwack RCMP UFVRD


CMP members of the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment will once again volunteer their time to
support Community Food Banks.

Read more here  »



Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

Crime News

Hard Take-Down

Suspect resists arrest after allegedly stealing a scooter

Staff/Voice photos



scooter rider went in to the Tim Horton's on Yale Rd. at around 8:30 a.m. Friday. By the time they came out, their yellow 1981 Honda scooter was nowhere in sight.

Read more here  »



Friday, Nov. 14, 2014


Never Forgetting Fallen Officers

Surrey Mounties unveil new public memorial

Released by Surrey RCMP


n Friday, November 14th, the Surrey RCMP hosted a special ceremony to unveil a new public memorial cairn that was recently rebuilt outside the Surrey RCMP’s Main Detachment.

Read more here  »



Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

Business News

Best in BC

Three Chilliwack businesses nominated for awards

Released by Mark Blendheim, SBBC


ritish Columbia: The 2015 Small Business BC Awards opened for nominations on October 1, 2014...

Read more here  »



Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

Community News

One Good Turn...

Nominate a good deed doer in Chilliwack for big prizes by Dec 31

Released by Emily Kiloh, RAMMP


R MIKES® SteakhouseCasual is kicking off the holiday season with their “Deeds Well Done” community program. Between November 17 and December 31, guests in Chilliwack are encouraged to nominate fellow community members ...

Read more here  »

 Feature Story    Mon, Nov. 17, 2014


Chilliwack Chooses

Battle of the ballots 2014 elections held some surprises

Staff/Voice photos


t was an exhilarating climax to Chilliwack politics Saturday as 14,883 voters made their way to the polls to elect 17 City Hall candidates...

Read more here  »



Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Fire News

Garage Gutted

Firefighters battle early morning blaze

Staff/Voice photos


fire broke out in an unoccupied garage in the 46000-block of First Ave. just before 7 a.m. Saturday.


Read more here  »



Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Community News

Feed the Need

Envision launches the Full Cupboard food drive until Dec 13

Submitted by Sara Pederson, ECU


nvision Financial is proud to launch the Full Cupboard Holiday Program for a fifth consecutive year to help spread some holiday cheer to those in need in our local communities. Last year over 1,800 gifts and ...

Read more here  »



Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Crime News


Wire thief suspects seen on Curling Club roof

Staff/Voice photos


ome mothers watching over their kids in the playground behind the Curling Centre noticed a man and a woman climbing around on top of the roof Monday afternoon.

Read more here  »



Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Actors Call

Positively Primeval

Local company seeks talent of all ages

Submitted by Megan Mackenzie, TJ


heatre Junkies Anonymous Fine Arts is seeking a cast of 16 actors (aged 6 - 65 years old) for their upcoming adaptation ... 

Read more here  »



Monday, Nov. 17, 2014


Those 'Blasted Ghosts'

A Christmas Carol entertains at UFV Theatre Dec 10 - 21

Released by UFV Theatre


s it possible to turn a life around? To change oneself completely? To find hope in the darkest hours? More than 160 years after it first captured imaginations, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol  ...

Read more here  »



Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014


It's Been a Slice

Richard Harrington says thanks

Submitted by Richard Harrington


wish to thank all those  people who supported me in the recent municipal election. To the more than 3,000 people who placed their confidence in me- a special "Thanks".

        Even though the final result was a disappointment; it was obvious that many conscientious people are looking ...

Read more here  »



Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014

On the Road

Tired of Bad Advice?

BCAA offers winter driving tips starting with tires

Released by Lennea Durant, BCAA/Voice file photo


rivers in British Columbia are only a third of the way through the winter driving season.  

Read more here  »



Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014

Smart Meter News

Itron Troubles

Calling for implementation of smart meter removal program

Submitted by Lori Giesbrecht, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


onourable Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines, has asked me to respond to your email regarding fees under BC Hydro’s Meter Choices Program. The Meter Choices Program fees are not just meter reading fees.

Read more here  »



Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014

Money Matters

Tips Target Teens 

Life skills include managing money

Submitted by Sarah Pederson, Envision


roper money management may not be the first thing that comes to mind when parents think about essential life skills to pass along to their teens. But according to Envision Financial expert Steven Gillespie, learning about finances ....

Read more here  »



Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014


New Territory for Value Village  

Mission store grand opening Nov 20

Submitted by Nick Stubberfield, Value Village


alue Village, the national thrift chain with more than 330 locations across North America, is celebrating the opening of its first store in Mission and a continued partnership with ...

Read more here  »



Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014


It's Cold Outside  

SPCA cat adoption sale

Released by Tricia Leslie, BC SPCA


inter is coming to British Columbia, and as temperatures across the province start to drop, the BC SPCA is encouraging people who are thinking about adopting a furry family member to consider cats, and is offering 50 per cent off adult cat adoption fees from Nov. 21-30.


Read more here  »



Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014

Christmas News

Gettin' Jingle With It  

Highstreet Holiday Show and tree-lighting Nov 22

Submitted by Kira Stevens, RPR


et some jingle in your holiday season! The holiday spirit is returning to Highstreet, starting...

Read more here  »


 Feature Story      Thurs, Nov. 20, 2014


Remembering Heroes

Huge crowd assembles at downtown cenotaph

Staff/Voice photos


remier Christy Clark has issued the following statement marking Remembrance Day:

Read more  here  »



 Feature Story                                                                                Thurs, Nov. 20, 2014


New Kid on the Blocker   

Goalie still untested in Chilliwack uniform after Chiefs trounce Spruce Kings 5-1

Released by Barry Douglas, Chilliwack Chiefs/ Photos


David Poirer, 19, has played 17 games with the Brockville Braves and should see ice time this weekend. Photo courtesy of


hot Aidan Pelino closed the door Wednesday night at Prospera Centre stopping 10 out of 11 shots and helping propel the Chilliwack Chiefs to a 5-1 win over the Prince George Spruce Kings.


On Wednesday, the team announced that they acquired the CJHL playing rights to goaltender David Poirer (1995) from the Brockville Braves of the CCHL in exchange for future considerations.


Coaching staff indicated they may play Poirer against the Kings, but left a solid Pelino in net for the full 60 minutes instead.


Poirer, a six foot, 170 pound native of Kirkland Quebec, appeared in 17 games for the Braves this season, earning eight wins with a goals against average of 4.04 and a save percentage of 86.4.


Read more about the game and Poirer here  »



Our Readers Write

Our readers always have a voice with us and their opinion matters.


Nov. 19, 2014

Value at the Village 

Nick Stubberfield, Value Village

Appreciate the heads up that your team posted news of the new Value Village coming to Mission. We're very excited for the grand opening tomorrow and can't wait to say hey to everybody that drops by the new store. :)


Oct. 22, 2014

You're in the Movies 

Cathy Rayner, Cottonwood 4


Thank you for the article.

Thank you so much for your support, its truly appreciated :0

But in all honesty I sent my newspaper listings this week to newsletter group instead of newspaper group, oops! Sorry for the bother!

See you at the movies,
Kind Regards


Oct. 22, 2014

Rings and Things 

Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters

Thank you for the article. 

More letters here  »





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  Local RCMP and Crime News 


Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014

Do You Know This Guy?

Chilliwack police are looking for this suspect in a bait car activation. See his photo and read more about this from Cst. Ashley St. Germaine here.


Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014

Hiles Faces Attempted Murder Charge in Cold Case

Chilliwack Mounties arrest and charge Gregory Hiles after beating woman to within an inch of her life. She later made a miraculous recovery. Read Cst. Ashley St. Germaine's report here.


Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014

Missing Girl Located

Update: Chilliwack RCMP are pleased to confirm that 16-year-old female, Kaylin Paul, reported missing on November 13, 2014, was located safe and sound. Read more here.

See more Chilliwack RCMP news here  »     



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