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 Feature Story                                                                               Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Saints and Swimmers

BC Aquasonics team picks up bronze at US Open Synchronized Championships

Released by RaeAnn Rose, BCAS


The BC Aquasonics swim team show Canadian pride after taking home bronze from the US championships.

he BC Aquasonics Combo Team won the bronze medal at the US Open Synchronized Swimming Championships today in Henderson, NV, scoring 76.5333 with their “Atlantis” routine.

“Bronze at the US Open topped off a very successful season for the BC Aquasonics,” says Head Coach Susan Kemper. “The Aquasonics push the boundaries of what is possible in synchronized swimming and the US Open is a great opportunity to showcase that talent, with teams from 9 countries around the world competing at the event.”


The BC Aquasonics Combo Team members are: Courtney Armstrong (Surrey), Cameron Blades (Langley), Alexia Iten (Anmore), Kalista Iten (Anmore), Emilie Sadler (Langley), Anna Seiler (Surrey), Madyson Stickley (Surrey), Amy Whitton (Aldergrove), Erin Williams (Surrey), Nancy Zhang (Surrey), Lani-Marie Carbonel (Coquitlam), and Jessica Friesen (Surrey).


Read more and see the photos here  »



What do the stars have in store for us this week?

Read Georgia Nicols' weekly here. She writes like she knows you.


This Week

July 27th to August 3rd

All Signs:

Because there's so much happening lately, let's do a brief recap: Jupiter has moved into Leo for the first time since 2002-03, where it will stay for a year boosting everyone's good fortune in a new way. Glory Hallelujah! Mars has finally left Libra where it has been since December. That's eight months of jackhammer energy focused in one place! Normally Mars is in a sign for six weeks once every two years. So that's a relief! (Ya think?)


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horoscope here

~ Posted with permission ~

 The Stellar Voice 






May 2014


Real Estate Report 

Stats courtesy of CADREB


Chilliwack & District Real Estate Board Residential Sales Stats


There were 278 residential real estate sales in Chilliwack during  May 2014 which is way up from May 2013 when 228 were sold. There were 516 new residential listings in May this year compared to 471 in May 2013. Total listings in May 2014 were 1,754 which is down slightly from May 2013 when 1,832 listed.



Single Family Homes (SFH)

CADREB reports that there were 165 single family detached homes sold in May 2014,  way up from May 2013 when 131 were sold. Currently, there are 298 new  SFH's listed compared to 247 listed in  May 2013. There were 876 listings in May this year compared to 970 in May 2013.



Town Homes

There were 63 Townhome sales in May 2014 compared to 44 that sold in May 2012. There were 115 new listings in May this year compared to May 2013 when there were 111 listed. A total of 370 were listed for sale in May 2014 which is up slightly from May 2013 when 360 were listed.




There were 30 apartment units sold in May 2014 compared to 33 that sold in May 2013. There were 44 new listings in May 2013 compared to 59 listed in May 2013. The total apt listings for sale this year to-date are 246 compared to 265 listed in May 2013.



Mobile Homes

There were 10 mobile home sales in May 2014 compared to 12 that sold in May 2013. There were 21 new listings in May this year compared to 26 listed for sale in May 2013. There were 99 active listings in May 2014 compared to 88 listed in May 2013.



Homes with Acreage

A total of 10 homes with acreage were sold in May 2014 compared to 8 that sold in May 2013. There were 38 new listings in May compared to 28 listed in May 2013. In total, there were 154 listings compared to 149 in May 2013.



The Bottom Line

Total residential sales in Chilliwack for April 2014  was $85,537,469 compared to last year when $67.117,060 changed hands.


For more information visit


July 30th, 2014

This is the 211th day of the year
There are 154 days left in 2014


1932 Premiere of Walt Disney's Flowers and Trees, the first cartoon short to use Technicolor and the first Academy Award winning cartoon short.


1975 Jimmy Hoffa disappears from the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. He is never seen or heard from again.


1960 Over 60,000 Buddhists march in protest against the Diem government in South Vietnam.


1986 RCA had dropped John Denver from its roster after the release of his single, ‘What Are We Making Weapons For’. Variety Magazine said the song upset the record company's new owner, General Electric.


1991 A police officer was forced to tear up a traffic ticket given to the limousine that Axl Rose was travelling in after it made an illegal turn. Rose threatened to pull that nights Guns N' Roses gig if the ticket was issued.


1999 The Blair Witch Project, a low-budget, independent horror film that will become a massive cult hit, is released in U.S. theaters.


2003 The last of the uniquely shaped "old style" Volkswagen Beetles rolls off the assembly line in Mexico.


2005 A new book published to mark the 35th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix claimed the guitarist pretended to be gay so he would be discharged from the army.


2006 The world's longest running music show Top of the Pops is broadcast for the last time on BBC Two. The show had aired for 42 years.


2012 A power grid failure leaves seven states in northern India without power, affecting 360 million people.


With files from Wikipedia, the History Channel, Historynet, This Day in Music and other sources.


Our Readers Write

Our readers always have a voice with us and their opinion matters.


July 9, 2014

Community Linked

Joyce, Chilliwack Quilter's Guild

Could you please put the Guilds link under Clubs and Associations. I enjoy checking your Voice - keeps me up-to-date
with Chilliwack news. Keep up the good work!


June 27, 2014

She's Not Happy

Carrie Leonard, BC

"Did Jeff Kooyman write this article himself? Very insulting of you to downplay this extremely serious issue. How much did the Kooyman family pay you? Shame on you! It's unfortunate you have such a slanted view and you write for a public newspaper. I'm glad other people are taking this issue seriously. The only thing more sickening than the videos and abuse is you defending it. "


June 13, 2014

A Growing Opportunity

Lisa Peach, Chilliwack Farmers Market

Thank you for all of your help, we really appreciate the support. *See Chilliwack's Greenheart.


June 13, 2014

We Create Change

Andrea Guernsey, We Create Change

I just wanted to touch base over email and thank you for coming out today.

More letters here  »


Chilliwack River Valley COPS Volunteers Needed

CRV Citizens on Patrol are looking for volunteers. Check for stolen cars, neighbourhood problems, or other police matters. Cars are marked so people will know we are out there. Needed for May to September on Fridays and Saturdays in particular.


For more information call Joe at: 604-745-7915


Chilliwack Gas Prices This Week


July 26th

134.9 Shell -Yale Rd.


Last Week

128.9 Husky - Young Rd.



15¢/gal Venezuela

S. America

Today's Crude Oil Price

 $102.09/bbl  Friday July 25

$105.15/bbl last week

Courtesy of Bloomberg


Fri Aug 15

Party in the Park

Central Park

July 30

Open Door Art Show

Members Only

Tarps for everything!

Contact Ryder Lake resident Jamie Irwin at 1-778-808-4104

Non-paid advertisement


Recommended Reading

Steve Covey's

Grey Redemption

Colonel Simon Alexander, a famous African mercenary, languishes away in Black Beach Prison. Failing health makes an unsupported escape impossible, and the diplomatic process is failing as fast as his health.


Covey is a local Chilliwack author.

Empowered by Horses



Leadership for Girls


August 28

Golf Fore CCS

Chilliwack Golf Club

Health Contact Centre

If you or someone you know needs help click the poster

for more information

Sat August 2

Grand Opening!



Sept 20-21

FV Food Truck Fest

• Beer • Music

Heritage Park

Sept 16

Chicago Tribute

Chwk Cultch

Thirsty Thursdays


The Zoo

Fri July 25


The Stage

Sept 20-21

Food Truck Fair

Heritage Park

Sun Sept 14

Terry Fox Run


Every Sunday

Free Drum Circles

Yarrow Cmny Ctr

August 23

Cash & Carter

White Rock

Food, Music Fun

Every Week!


July 30, 2014







Today 29°C

Low 14°C

POP 0%

Thursday Outlook

Sunny 32°C


Courtesy of

Environment Canada and

The Weather Network

Fri August 8


Chilliwack Fair

Aug 16-17

Flight Fest

Chwk Air Show

Mon Sept 22

Chicago Tribute



Save a tree – and maybe an owl

Get your

news online

Public Service Ads

A local treasure tracker Jamie Watson won the Early Bird Hunt at the FVTH 2nd Annual Treasure Chest last weekend at Heritage Park.


Agassiz Author Carol Sawyer


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BC Politics

A Look at the Books

BC Conservatives political finance report now online 

Released by Elections BC


he 2014 BC Conservative Party leadership contestant financing reports are available for public inspection at the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Suite 100 – 1112 Fort Street, and on the Elections BC website.

Read more here  »



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Local News


Senior hit by car downtown, receives minor injuries  

Staff/Voice photos


n Tuesday, an elderly female pedestrian was somehow knocked down by a passing car on Spadina.

Read more here  »



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Upcoming Event

Opening the Door to Art

CSCL artists to showcase July 30th  

Submitted by Mary Chalmers Main


e are pleased to announce that artists from Chilliwack Society for Community Living will be sharing their artwork with the community in an exhibit entitled “The Open Door” at the Chilliwack ...

Read more here  »



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Smart Meter News

More Questions

Exactly how dangerous are meters?  

Submitted by Lori Giesbrecht, Mission


have a question about smart meter safety; if smart meters are as safe as hydro wants their customers to think, then why is this ...

Read more here  »



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Community News

Erosion Concerns

Canada Lands to reinforce Rotary Trail at River's Edge

Released by Sunny Chiu, DPR/Voice file


his week Canada Lands Company begins work on a project to reinforce a 600-metre section of the Rotary Trail between the ...

Read more here  »


 Feature Story  Thurs., July 17, 2014


Hostage Crisis

RCMP negotiator gets peaceful resolution

Released by Cst. Tracy Wolbeck, UFVRD Chilliwack RCMP/Voice photos/UPDATED

n July 14, 2014 at approximately 10:35 AM, the Chilliwack RCMP were called in response to an uttering threats ... 

Read more here  »


Friday, July 18, 2014

Business News

Dancing to the Loonie's Tune

Devalued dollar the new norm for small business

Released by Jason Brown, FWCU, Langley image


ith now more than six months of a lower Canadian dollar in the marketplace, it appears a weaker loonie is here to stay for some time ...

Read more here  »



Friday, July 18, 2014

Community News

Rally 'Round the Flag

Third annual United Empire Loyalist Day July 22

Submitted by Shirley Dargatz, UEL


here will be a flag-raising ceremony at Chilliwack City Hall on ...

Read more here  »


 Feature Story   Sun., July 20, 2014


Facing the Music

Local bands provide big entertainment at Party in the Park

Staff/Voice photos

his year, Party in the Park (PITP) can be described in simple terms as a small town friendly outdoor music event.  

Read more here  »


Monday, July 21, 2014


Tasteful Cycling

Agassiz, Chilliwack Summer Tours August 2-3

Released by Tashon Ziara, PCU


he Fraser Valley Slow Food Cycle Tours are back and they have a new lead sponsor: Prospera Credit Union. Gather your family and friends and cycle ...

Read more here  »



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Op Ed

Barging In

Did Mission City Hall pull a fast one with toxic waste rezoning?

Submitted by Wendy Bales, FVRD Dir Area C


t its March 3rd meeting, Mission Council unanimously carried to third reading an end to our community’s moratorium on barging, and also the industrial rezoning of a ...

Read more here  »



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fed Gov't News

Fueling Infrastructure

Chilliwack, Fraser Canyon riding to get Gas Tax Funds

Released by Robert Pearsall, PA to MP Mark Strahl


n behalf of the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities, and Intergovernmental Affairs, Chilliwack-Fraser ...

Read more here  »



Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Call of the Wild

Society cautions against feeding local wildlife

Released by Tricia Leslie SPCA Van


eeding wildlife may seem like an enjoyable way to connect with nature, but it can often lead to serious problems for species like ...

Read more here  »


 Feature Story     Thurs., July 24, 2014


Feeding the Need

Local Envision employees raise big dollars for Salvation Army

Staff/Voice photos


mployees from Envision Financial’s Chilliwack locations were proud to make a meaningful difference in their local community recently—presenting the ...

Read more here  »



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cycling News

The Race

Fraser Valley Granfondo draws 1200 riders

Released by Tashon Ziara, PCU Abby


he rain on Sunday might have been threatening, but thankfully it didn’t put a damper on a sold out Prospera Valley GranFondo ...

Read more here  »



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Upcoming Event

A Fair with Flair

Chilliwack Fair set for August 8-11

Submitted by Sonia Ghag, Chwk Fair


riday Night we will have legendary rockers "Trooper" performing on the 89.5 The Drive stage! Saturday Night we will have an outdoor movie on a jumbo screen in the back field. Vote for your favourite movie on our Facebook page "The Chilliwack Fair".

Read more here  »


 Feature Story   Sun., July 27, 2014 

Oils and Water

H2O Under Attack exhibit to feature paintings with an environmental message August 2 - Sept 13

Submitted by Mary Main, Chilliwack Visual Artists Association


he Chilliwack Visual Artists Association is set to host their next big exhibit at the Cultural Centre ...

Read more here  »



Sunday, July 27, 2014

BC Politics

Don't Leave Home Without It

Armed with gov't plastic

Released by Dermod Travis, Integrity BC


all it the orange juice syndrome. Bev Oda, former federal minister responsible for the Canadian International Development Agency, knows it well. Her $16 glass of orange juice at the Savoy Hotel in London in 2011 was the tipping point that precipitated her ...

Read more here  »



Monday, July 28, 2014

Federal Gov't News

In Layman's Terms

Give your input on national food labeling plan

Released by Robert Pearsall, PA to MP Mark Strahl


ark Strahl, MP for Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon is encouraging area residents to have their say on the Government of Canada’s proposed changes to Nutrition Facts Table located on prepackaged foods.

Read more here  »



Monday, July 28, 2014

Sports News

Chiefs Add Grit to Defense

Rizzolo says to expect his "hard-nosed" style moving puck

Released by Barry Douglas, Chilliwack Chiefs


he Chilliwack Chiefs are pleased to announce that defenseman Darren Rizzolo (1998) has committed to the Chiefs for the 2015-16 season.

Rizzolo, who calls Mission BC home,  is the second ...  

Read more here  »



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Native News

Removing Barriers to Employment

Strahl talks skills and training with Seabird Island youth

Released by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada


oday, Mark Strahl, MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, met with youth from Seabird Island who are receiving personalized ...  

Read more here  »



Wednesday, July 30, 2014


A Catastrophe!

Argument over cat leads to feline in the freezer

Staff/Voice/ Submitted photo


f no one claims me in 30 days, I'm yours. That would be the case, if the rightful owner could not be found for this lovely feline.

        According to RCMP spokesperson Cst. Tracy Wolbeck, a dispute arose earlier this week between ...

Read more here  »



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Local News

Cyclist Down

Rider suffers minor injuries after collision with vehicle

Staff/Voice photos


driver had the misfortune of running into a moving cyclist at Corbould and Kipp just after 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

        Luckily, the rider, who was wearing a helmet ...

Read more here  »




Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BC Politics

The Trouble with Mike de Jong

Three strikes in the game of politics

Released by Dermod Travis, Integrity BC


f cabinet ministers had theme songs, Finance minister Mike de Jong's would likely be Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen, because when there's a misstep in government it's a safe bet he'll be troubled by it.

Read more here  »





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  Local RCMP and Crime News 


Monday, July 28, 2014

Police Arrest Sexual Assault Suspect

Update: Police have arrested a 45-year-old East Indian male in connection with this case. Read Cst. Ian MacDonald's report here.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Knife Attack

Four people receive serious injuries after they were stabbed with a knife in Abbotsford. Police later arrest 30-year-old male suspect. Read about it here.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Motor Vehicle Accident Fatal

Abbotsford police investigate Marshall Road motor vehicle accident after a 46-year-old man died from injuries he sustained in an accident late Thursday afternoon. Read more here.


See more Chilliwack crime news here  »     



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Chicago Tribute

Chwk Cultch

Fri Sept 5

Aaron Pritchett

Brigade Days

Sun Sept 14

Terry Fox Run


August 23

Cash & Carter

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Fri Aug 15

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The Stage



August 21


Watson Glen Park

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Twilight Drive-in

Deadline Sept 15

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FV Health Care Fdn

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