Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014


Local Water Group  Chosen for Funding Campaign

NFF to match donations up to $5K

Submitted by Ian Stephen, WWP/Voice file photo Ian Stephen


elected from among nationwide applicants, the non-profit WaterWealth Project is facing an exciting crowdfunding opportunity.


Small Change Fund and the Canadian Freshwater Alliance chose five organizations across the country to take part in the inaugural National Freshwater Fund campaign. Winning organizations today launched campaigns on the Small Change Fund website that will see every $1 of their online crowdfunding matched with $2 from the National Freshwater Fund, up to $5000 total.

WaterWealth has been funded mainly by grants from a variety of foundations, however increasingly there is a focus to grow the proportion of funds raised from grassroots donations. “Ideally an organization with an entirely local focus can be funded by the community it exists to serve. In our case at WaterWealth, community members are investing in us because of a shared vision for effective long term protection of our most precious home waters,” explains Natalie Jones, a Community Organizer with WaterWealth. “Our existing donors in the community now have the opportunity to see their investments have so much more impact during this campaign.”

“Anyone who has ever worked in the non-profit sector, or known someone else who has, knows that fundraising for a service-oriented organization is a full-time job. Opportunities to have your funding efforts amplified by a 2:1 ratio are basically unheard of - and very welcome!” explains Ian Stephen, interim director of the WaterWealth Project.

The WaterWealth Project’s campaign on Small Change Fund launched today and can be found at

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