Monday, Sept. 29, 2014

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Motel Melee

Police respond to reports of multiple stabbings at the Shamrock

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Chilliwack RCMP and BCAS paramedics respond to calls of a stabbing at the Shamrock Motel on Yale Rd. Two people may have been transported to Chilliwack General Hospital with knife wounds. More details later as they emerge.


woman was allegedly stabbed by a man during a fight involving several people at the Shamrock Motel in the 46600-block of Yale Rd. Monday afternoon at around 4:30 p.m. A male may also have been stabbed.


The fight continued after the first Mounties arrived and then some people scattered. One allegedly got into a vehicle. It's not known if any suspects were arrested.


A search for weapons was conducted of the area by a police K-9 unit.

A 55-year-old man, known to police, and somehow involved in the motel altercation, was stopped later while on foot at Nowell Street.


Reports were that the man appeared to have some minor facial wounds, however he was too intoxicated to give police any details about what happened at the motel.

Police are called to the much-maligned motel frequently which has seen better days. Now, it's used as low-income housing.

Watch here for updates from RCMP as they become available.

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