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Harrington Back on the Hustings

Former municipal candidate to take another shot at Chilliwack City Hall

Released by the Campaign to Elect Richard Harrington/Voice photos


Richard Harrington declares his intention to run for Chilliwack City Hall at the Clover Room at the Landing Sports Centre Tuesday.


n a packed room full of supporters at the Landing Leisure Centre, the straight-talking, energetic senior Dick Harrington formally announced his campaign for Chilliwack city council.

“Too many decisions are made behind closed doors, with no public debate. That’s wrong. I’m a straight-talking, energetic senior, and you will always know where I stand,” said Harrington to supporters Tuesday.

“It’s time to give Chilliwack a clean sweep,” said Harrington.

Harrington spoke of the need to bring back transparency to city hall, and ensure that all decisions are made only after public debate.

“When all decisions are made behind closed doors like they are now, new ideas don’t get a chance,” he said.

“My proposal to build a fast and free municipal WiFi network for Chilliwack is a new idea that would help entrepreneurs build new businesses and create jobs just as much as it would help seniors and students,” explained Harrington.


Dick Harrington is a retired educator and small businessman. He has taught students all over Canada, including Nunavut. He lives in Chilliwack and spends most of his time with his grandchildren or volunteering with the Chilliwack Huskers football team.

Contact Richard Harrington here for comment or inquiries. For more information, visit www.dickharrington.ca



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