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Manhunt for Killer Continues

Residents evacked, no sign of Aaron Douglas

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RCMP officers were armed to the teeth on Yale Road Saturday afternoon and evening. Police would not confirm it was Aaron Douglas they were after but they did say that he wasn't there. Below, police begin to open the road up after the stand-off went on for hours.


cting on a tip that a suspect was holed-up in a residential motel in the 46600-block of Yale Rd., Saturday, Chilliwack RCMP closed Yale Rd at Menzies Ave. to traffic and evacuated nearby residents while Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) moved in to effect an arrest.

It was rumored at the scene that triple shooting suspect Aaron Douglas was there. Heavily armed IHIT members surrounded the largest of the units and slowly extricated the people inside over the next few hours.


Douglas has been on the lam since the shooting deaths of two men and a woman who survived the violence that terrible night at Hawthorne Apartments April 8.


Mounties weren't taking any chances in case Douglas happened to be there. When caught he faces a lengthy prison term.

According to locals, some members of the Herrling family and a Commodore were inside.

One person who lives in the area, called them the worst people in Chilliwack causing all kinds of grief in the neighbourhood.


"They stole my work tools a while back," he said "I know it was them and I can't do anything about it. They're the worst bunch around."

The neighbourhood wants Douglas off the street as quickly as possible. People aren't speculating where he might be. One woman who knew him did not have kind words for the suspected murderer.

Police shut the 46600-block of Yale Rd. down for hours. The road is a main arterial route into Chilliwack.

"He acts tough, but only when he's got a gun or a weapon. Otherwise, he's a wimp," she told The Voice. "I hope they shoot him."

RCMP Sgt Dave Eidet said late Saturday night in a phone call, that the person they were looking for was not in the residence.

"We had a police incident and we took the appropriate action and resources, and there was no danger to the public. As a result, we confirmed that the subject we were looking for was not there and nobody unfortunately was taken into custody."

A Chilliwack RCMP officer had eyes on the motel unit for hours.

Somewhere around 50 people, including seniors and kids, were displaced for several hours. Emergency Social Services was not called, nor did the Salvation Army attend with any food or water.

Last week, in hopes of locating Douglas, RCMP released a series of new photos showing his tattoos. They can be see here.

Watch The Voice for more details as they emerge on the hunt for Aaron Douglas.



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