Monday, Sept. 1, 2014


Between the Lines

Conservative survey chicanery

Submitted by Myrtle MacDonald, Chwk


filled out your survey as carefully as possible. Many of the questions included hidden assumptions that could have tricked me into agreeing to dangerous policies. The smooth generalities vaguely cover up allowing non-democratic actions. Naive people are deceived.


What are the Conservative party going to do about the real issues, as follows:

1. Government must control multinational corporations. At present the conservatives are intimidated by them, and beholden to them.

2. The government seems powerless to prevent payment of massive salaries and bonuses to executives, in both the civil service and the private sector.

3. Whistle blowers are ostracized from the civil service.

4. The senators who have been caught misspending are just the tip of the iceberg. Graft is very common by all government employees, not just senators. Make the TA forms easy to fill out quickly. No clerical staff is able to do so honestly because she/he was not present at the time. A minimum flat rate for each day is simple. No receipts are needed. There should be a sentence to state whether the person had private accommodation rather than a hotel and restaurants. When I worked in Health and Welfare Canada often colleagues charged for food and hotel when they had actually stayed with family or a friend.

5. Stop complex omnibus bills with a variety of issues in Parliament. It is impossible for MPs to vote yes with integrity to many issues at once. Individualize them.

6. Allow freedom to MPs to vote according to their own conscience.

7. Monsters have been allowed to control our food processing, as follows:

Genetic modification of grains, tomatoes, sweet corn, strawberries and other food has been forced secretly on Canadians.
Labels on food must start to admit it.
Synthetic glucose/fructose has been added to almost every packaged food.

8. The obesity problem is not honestly faced. It is probably due to GM canola and glucose/fructose in all our food.

9. Air, water and land pollution are serious. Stop the use of fossil fuels and stop fracking. Subsidize simple, small scale solar energy and geothermal energy.

10. Promote small family farms and marketing of fruit and vegetables locally and between provinces. The imports from California and Mexico are hard and tasteless. Heavy trucks make potholes, crowd the highways and hide the scenery with smog. Therefore tourists stop coming.

11. Build a network of rail lines to serve everyone with light passenger trains. The cost for 100 km would equal that of 4 km. of sky train.

12. Increase taxes for the super rich and lower them for the poor and the lower middle class.

Your survey seems either unaware or secretive about all these issues. Wake up Conservatives!



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