Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014


'Heart of a Hoofbeat'

Local author Evans to speak about horses  Sept 13

Submitted by Ron Denman for the Chilliwack Museum


riter Margaret Evans will give a talk at the Chilliwack Museum on Saturday, September 13 at 12 noon.


The talk, Horses from the Mists of Time, will explore the evolution of horses in North America over a 55 million years span.


“Horses,” she explains, “have an amazing ability to adapt to changing climates as they co-evolved with their changing habitats. Modern horses, both wild and domestic, continue to depend on ancient behaviours to survive”. The talk will include a multi-media presentation with video, still photography and music.

Her book, Heart of a Hoofbeat, is on sale at the Chilliwack Museum. Her exhibit, Horses from the Mists of Time, will be on display at the Museum until September 25.


Evans' book can also be bought online at Amazon here.

For further details contact the Chilliwack Museum at 604-795-5210.




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